Moffat, AFP, and those BLOODY FOREIGNERS!

Aged-care worker and veteran bigot John Moffat is standing for the seat of Cronulla in the upcoming NSW state election on March 24. The fifty-something(?) Moffat is standing as an ‘independent’, but is campaigning with the endorsement and full support of the Australia First Party — a deregistered (2004) political party established by former ALP (1980–1995) MP Graeme Campbell in 1996, dedicated to reconstructing a White Australia, and currently led by the neo-Nazi Dr. James Saleam. (One of the more, er, curious facts about Saleam is his ancestry, widely speculated among local fascists as being… Lebanese!) As noted by Roberts (below), the first anniversary of the ‘Cronulla uprising’ was marked by Moffat and his mob by attending Cronulla beach and pestering locals with badly-written racist pamphlets:

[On December 11, 2006] the only people looking for a repeat was the Australia First Party, whose members were hoping for a big rally. They were disappointed by the poor turnout, and without an audience to address, the 20 [?] supporters — including the former Australian National Socialist Party deputy director, Ross May (also known as The Skull)* — could only hand out leaflets for John Moffat, the party’s hope to defeat the incumbent Liberal MP for Cronulla, Malcolm Kerr, in the election in March.

Mr Moffat, who waited on the beach for about 90 minutes to address any spontaneous rally before leaving when the crowds failed to eventuate, said Australia First would still attempt to build on the momentum of concerns about multiculturalism illustrated by last year’s riot.

“Of course, we would have liked a crowd, but we’ll hold some public meetings around Sutherland after Christmas,” he said.

The Cronulla anniversary — aside from highlighting the clash between Saleam’s political ambitions and reality — was a much milder affair than fascists were otherwise dreaming of, whether in Brunswick or Cronulla. As The Daily Telegraph reported:

The only race clash yesterday came between Australia First’s Dr Jim Saleam and Mat Henderson-Hau of the anti-racist Fight Dem Back group.

The two had a fiery vocal exchange.

Mr Henderson-Hau later laughed it off, saying it was “fun” winding up Australia First members. However he said he wasn’t there to cause any trouble. “I came down to have a swim and to see how many of them turned up and who they were,” he said.

“They were saying they would have tens of thousands down here again and by 8pm they would have overthrown Macquarie St.

“Looking around I’m not seeing that, are you?”

Still, the pathetic level of support for AFP in Cronulla must also be measured against the party’s success in Adelaide, where accountant Bruce Preece obtained a seat on Prospect City Council in October, having secured 341 votes. Moffat himself previously stood for the AFP in March 2003, and received 814 votes for his trouble. (Oh, Moffat also stood for another racist mob called Australians Against Further Immigration in the NSW seat of East Hills in 1995 (receiving 2,460 votes or 7.3%) and again, this time halving his vote (1,369 votes or 3.4%) in 1999.) Based on Preece’s performance, AFP only require another 11,208 votes to equal the ALP’s effort at the 2003 election, or — if they’re truly ambitious — 18,328 votes to equal sitting MP Malcolm Kerr.

And looking around I’m not seeing that, are you?

    Note: Ross May is an old school neo-Nazi whose heyday, like Saleam’s, was in the 70s and 80s — though he remains one of Saleam’s closest comrades. In addition to his height, bald head, and pathological hatred of Jews, May is (was) known for employing stand-over tactics towards leftists (and other ‘degenerates’), as well as for wearing Coke-bottle glasses. On which point, it is surely a measure of the gentlemanly demeanour of leftist builders’ labourers that when, on one occasion some years ago, May found himself sharing a police lock-up with several of these gentlemen, they asked him to first remove his spectacles before the group then proceeded to engage in a full and frank discussion of May’s political beliefs…

    Oh, and Moffatt wants your mail! Write: [email protected]


Cronulla candidate campaigns for race hatred
Greg Roberts
The Australian
January 5, 2007

NSW election hopeful John Moffat has stepped up his attacks on Muslims, posting messages on extremist right-wing websites claiming young Lebanese hate Australia.

In a posting on National Vanguard, which is linked to well-known Holocaust denial and white supremacist groups, Mr Moffat said Australian women were at risk of “racially motivated pack rapes” perpetrated by Lebanese Muslims.

He said Sydney had become a dangerous city because of Lebanese immigrants; young Lebanese gangsters “hate Australia and Australians with an intensity that would peel paint”.

The postings by Mr Moffat, whose poll campaign in the Sydney seat of Cronulla is backed by the Australia First Party, prompted a united response from Lebanese and Jewish community leaders.

Lebanese Muslim Association spokesman Jihad Dib said he was disturbed by the messages published by Mr Moffat and the nature of the websites he was using.

“It worries me that we have got to the stage where people do this kind of thing and it is just accepted as OK,” Mr Dib said. “People are working hard to provide solutions to problems we have had, and these divisive ideologies are not helpful.”

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Michael Lipshutz said Australian Muslims and Lebanese should not be subjected to the kind of attacks being mounted by Mr Moffat.

“It’s not a matter of free speech when what you are doing is inciting racial hatred,” Mr Lipshutz said.

“He is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator by feeding on the fear of people.”

Mr Moffat said the southwest Sydney suburb of Cabramatta was known to locals as Vietnamatta, and drive-by shootings were common there. In another posting, Mr Moffat described as a “half-breed” the part-Filipino Australian model Michelle Leslie, who served three months in an Indonesian jail in 2005 for drug possession.

He said: “She looks better – that is to say, more European – than many such mixed women.”

Mr Moffat has based his campaign for the March election on support for what he describes as a “civil uprising of the Australian people” – the December 2005 riots at Cronulla, when Lebanese youths were attacked by drunken young white men.

His election manifesto says the riots were “spontaneous” in contrast to the “ruthlessly cold and malicious” retaliatory attacks on Sydney neighbourhoods by Lebanese gangs.

Liberal MP for Cronulla Malcolm Kerr said Mr Moffat risked further undermining the area’s reputation by making “ridiculous” claims about the Lebanese community.

But Mr Moffat is unrepentant. “I, along with many others, am concerned about the survival of the white race,” he told The Australian yesterday.

“It is true that Sydney is becoming dangerous because of these people. There is widespread community support for what I am saying.”

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  1. Darrin Hodges says:

    Yeah, Jim Saleam is not the ‘leader’ of the Australia First Party, he is the NSW state councillor, Diane Teasdale is the head of the party.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that these racists will go to in order to demonise people. Late last year when Israel attacked Lebanon and was killing and destroying the country a few activists set up stalls to highlight the shameful acts that were being committed.

    Sure enough it caused quite a stir on campus with the Jewish Club taking particular issue with the campaign despite the fact that the activists were calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to hostilities. People of Lebanese background were targeted as \’pack rapists\’ and \’murderers\’. It was a disgusting sight to behold.

    It all worked out well in the end with students and academics alike condemning the racist posters and stickers going up around the campus. Nonetheless it highlights that racism is alive and well in modern Australia.

    We can thank our leaders for bringing out this unsavoury aspect of Australian culture. Racism has seemed to increase over the last ten years and Howard\’s reign has done everything to fuel the fires of racism in this country.

    I hope the people of NSW have more sense and do not vote for this tosser.

  3. @ndy says:


    I’m well aware of the fact that Diane Teasdale is the titular head of AFP (President), and has been since 2001, when former President and founder of AFP, Graeme Campbell, pissed off to unsuccessfully contest a Senate seat for One Notion in WA.


    In reality, Saleam does the thinkin’ for AFP (that is, providing the party with ideological guidance), while Teasdale — as the self-described ‘grand-mother’ — provides a more media-friendly (if radically inarticulate) img. That is, Teasdale is occasionally dragged out of hiding to provide soundbites —

    — but is otherwise a token presence.

    Another example of the party’s workings:


    ‘Country matters’
    Peter Browne
    Eureka Street
    July-August 2002

    “…By the time I visited Young late last month, the good news had begun to unravel. According to a report in early May in the *Sydney Sun Herald*, Mrs Gay Maxwell, a long-term resident of the town, didn’t want to be tarred with the tolerant, multicultural brush, so she’d begun collecting signatures on a petition opposing the presence of the [Afghani refugees]. ‘The media has been reporting that we all welcomed them with open arms,’ she was quoted as saying, ‘but we’ve never had a chance to put the other side of the story.’ But when I asked Mrs Maxwell for an interview she didn’t want to discuss the issue and doubted that any of her supporters would want to speak to me either. She did say that the men were ‘illegals’ — they aren’t — and that they had taken jobs away from locals — which the local employment agency, Mission Employment, denies.

    Although support for the men was strong among the people I met in Young, there are reports that at least some of them have been threatened and abused in the streets of Young. A group of the men, it seems, want to leave the town.

    Their distress would have intensified in early June when a leaflet began circulating in Young calling on the locals to act to ‘save’ the town from ‘the blight’:


    What’s in store for Young very soon? Rape-gangs, shootings of police officers, drugs, muggings, house-breakings, murders and unemployment? It starts with contract labour at Burrangong Meat Processors. Some call it multiculturalism. Ordinary people know it’s the takeover of our towns, our country!


    It’s a fair bet that, coming from the *Australia First Party*, these views reflect only a small body of opinion in Young. When I called the mobile phone number on the leaflet I was greeted by a man in Sydney who didn’t want to give me his name. He said that the leaflet was written by a group of people in Young whom he couldn’t name, and that he couldn’t comment on its contents either. He told me he’d ask the president of Australia First, Diane Teasdale, to phone me to discuss the leaflet. Ms Teasdale lives in Shepparton, Victoria, even further from Young than the unnamed man in Sydney. She hasn’t phoned back yet.

    Since then, the *Sydney Morning Herald* has revealed that the man on the mobile phone is Jim Saleam, a former leader of the far-right organisation, National Action. According to the paper, ‘Dr Saleam was jailed for 31/2 years in 1991 for possessing a firearm and organising a shotgun attack on the home of the African National Congress’s Sydney representative.’

    Tony Hewson thinks the leaflet is so ludicrously extreme that it will actually increase support for the men in the town. But the Afghans in Young — and the other 8000 temporary protection visa-holders around Australia — deserve a much stronger show of political support. They are, after all, refugees — and are accepted as such under Australian law. The local federal MP, Alby Schultz, is hostile towards anyone who’s arrived by boat. Premier Bob Carr is a vocal supporter of a tough stand against refugees and asylum seekers. And the federal ALP is still floundering around, unable to summon the courage to reject the failed pragmatism of the Beazley years. Despite the warm welcome they’ve had from many people in Young, Mohammad and his friends have good reason to feel uncertain about their future in Australia.


    Miss P,

    Moffat will undoubtedly attract a small number of protest votes, but there is zero possibility of him winning. Instead, like other minor parties, AFP will be using the election as a form of cheap publicity, and hoping to consolidate some kind of electoral and activist base in the area as a result.

  4. Indeed you are correct. It will be a small group of people. Still, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

  5. KinkyBoy says:

    Amusing it is that the “Anti-Racist” quotes and links without conscience to the quintessential racial supremacysts at the Bnai Brith. These so called Jews, but really Pharisees, have codified hatred for, and genocide of the Goyim, as an essential and integral part of their religion. It is their religion. Narcissism through bipolar differentiation and the promotion of failure in others.
    These Jewish “Nazis” also link to the Bnai Brith.
    The genocidal, or DeRacination imperative manifests as reality when the brutish Goyim, of any race, refuse to believe and pay homage to the Jewish claim that only they are a people Chosen by their G_d, who they so discourteously choose to conceal behind their religious robes. We Goyim have yet to see the Rabbi walk on water, or do anything remotely intriguing or exceptional in either the moral or physical realms. They do seem to excel at telling lies, censorship, suppression of others and attempts at making the Gentile feel generally unworthy of his existence. Except of course in the context of Noahide law, where the kissing of Kike arse is a mandatory requirement.

    An imperative of the Globalist and the Pharisee is DeRacination. In that context, your advocacy for “Anarchy” appears little more than just another finger on the hand that seeks to molest and defile the ordered results of evolution in the human.

    Would you actively promote the disappearance of diversity in the big cats in the same manner that you advocate for humans?

  6. KinkyBoy says:

    B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Michael Lipshutz said Australian Muslims and Lebanese should not be subjected to the kind of attacks being mounted by Mr Moffat.

    “It’s not a matter of free speech when what you are doing is inciting racial hatred,” Mr Lipshutz said.

    “He is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator by feeding on the fear of people.”

    Check out the fallacious urgings of this disingenuous huckster. The Pharisee appeals to the highest a[s]pirations of the Gentile in order to destroy or defile him. These ideals are a presumed to be [a] reciprocal desire to be “good” and honest in the things that we do. The Pharisaic S[c]hlockSpider pisses all over that innocence to[o] because it is oh so easy to do. Defilers of innocence, nothing more.
    The “Jew” is a fraudulent charlatan.

    Ironic again that a self awarded “tolerant” take[s] advice from these malevolent Troglodytes who fear critical exposure like the vampire fears the light of day.

  7. @ndy says:

    Hi Kinky!

    “Would you actively promote the disappearance of diversity in the big cats in the same manner that you advocate for humans?”


    Yes I would.



    But then again, I AM evil: just another finger on the hand — or perhaps toe on the foot? — that seeks to molest and defile the ordered results of evolution in the human.

    But tell me.

    What do you REALLY you think of the Joos?

    Amusing it is.

    In fact, TOO funny.

    Big fat antifa kisses,


    PS. If pain persists, see your doctor.

  8. AnnoyinglyRepetitiveBoy says:

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