Traitors! Boo!

    Australia First Spits The Dummy Over Australians Against Further Immigration: Another bunch of wankers decides to split racist vote in Cronulla and entertain the people of New South Wales

Oh dear.

While “Extreme Right party One Nation has been effectively wiped out of NSW politics after it failed to nominate a single candidate for the state election”, according to The Daily Terror (‘One Nation out of NSW’, March 9, 2007), it appears that the racist vote in the up-coming election (March 24) in the seat of Cronulla will now be split: between the Australia First Party (John Moffat), on the one hand, and Australians Against Further Immigration (Warren Feinbier), on the other. Dr. James Saleam, Führer of the AFP, is not happy, and has accused AAFI of stabbing AFP in the back. Worse: “In not being tighter with our investigative functions, we were deceived by a spiv”!

A spiv!

The ‘spiv’ in question, according to Saleam, is some wanker called Edwin Woodger: he, apparently, constitutes the leadership of AAFI, and, oddly enough, like AFP councillor Bruce Preece in Adelaide, is an accountant. There’s obviously no love lost, then, between AFP and the 56 candidates AAFI will be fielding in the election. But “…[a]s for Edwin Woodger himself, we go one step further: there will be no place where the wrecker will rest in peace”. Exactly what Saleam means by this is difficult to say, although it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll organise another shotgun attack — as he did on ANC representative Eddie Funde‘s house back in 1989 — on Woodger… at least, that’s what one hopes!

Finally, I can now reveal — thanks to ZOG — the contents of a very special addwess Herr Doktor recently made to a public gathering at Cronulla:

    CROWD: [cheering]
    SALEAM: People of Cwonulla!
    CROWD: [chuckling]
    SALEAM: Democwacy is your fwiend.
    CROWD: [laughing]
    SALEAM: To pwove our fwiendship, it is customawy at this time to ewect a wacist.
    CROWD: [laughing]
    GOON #3: [chuckling]
    SALEAM: For whom would you like to vote?
    AGENT GERBIL: Vote for Woodger!
    CROWD: Yes! Vote for Woodger! Vote for Woodger! [laughing]
    SALEAM: Vewy well. We shall vote for Woodger!
    CROWD: [cheering]
    NEWMAN: Führer, uh, we don’t have a ‘Woodger’, Führer.
    SALEAM: What?
    NEWMAN: Uh, we don’t have anyone of that name, Führer.
    SALEAM: Ah. We have no ‘Woodger’!
    CROWD: Ohhh!
    AGENT GERBIL: Well, what about Wawwen, then?
    CROWD: Yes! Vote for Wawwen! Vote for Wawwen!
    SALEAM: Newman, why do they titter so?
    NEWMAN: Just some, uh, Jewish joke, Führer.

See also : ‘Pressure to assimilate won’t work, leader warns’, Richard Kerbaj, The Australian, March 5, 2007, in which Waleed Aly of the Islamic Council of Victoria makes the obvious point that ‘assimilation’ requires that new citizens of a state — in this case, referring specifically to Muslims in Australia — be provided with the opportunity to do so; ‘But co-founder of Australia First Party Denis [“The Racist Menace”] McCormack [ex-AAFI] argued that Muslim immigration into Australia was problematic and that the nation was set up to “remain predominantly white”. “This is an immigration problem that has gotten out of control,” he said. Mr McCormack later told The Australian some Muslims exploited the West to “advance their own agendas”. He said the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim birthrates in Australia would only be exacerbated by immigration’. Mike Steketee (‘Facts and figures punch holes in the fear of veils’, The Australian, March 8, 2007), on the other hand, tries hard to at least sound like a nice liberal (even if “True, most terrorists these days are Muslims”!), opining that “it is useful to keep these things in perspective”. My take? It’s a Joooish conspiracy! To avoid tackling the real issue! Which is the pernicious spread and influence of Buddhism! They’re taking over! AAARRRGGGHHH!

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  1. Darrin Hodges says:

    Jim Saleam is loving every minute of this, hes reveling in it. Its a paranoid fantasy come true. It has all the elements: the betrayal, the grubby politics, the lies, the joooooos. And best of all, from Saleams perspective, it provides a handy scapegoat on which to lay the blame for any failure of the Cronulla Campaign as it may unfold on the 24th.

    As for the meeting yesterday (Sunday 10th) [?] at the SUS club; yet another failure. Twenty-four people attended — and they were the usual suspects — even after a half-page advert in the local paper. The presence of Ross [The Skull] May, of course, indicates that Saleam is neither serious nor dedicated to the true Nationalist cause in Australia. He is still rusted on to a failed and reactionary ideology — Nazism. The fact that he knew May would be present — even after being told that Ross presence can no longer be tolerated (at party meetings) — indicates the complete lack of regard Saleam has for the future of this nation and his own party.

    The main reason nobody attends these public meetings is because nobody wants to be associated with a criminal neo-Nazi, nor be in the presence of somebody who was [is?] the 21stC [equivalent?] of the Australian Nazi Party: Ross May. This meeting and the potential failure at Cronulla is just another failure in a long list of failures that AFP NSW has suffered under the direction of Jim Saleam.

    I dont like liars and I dont like being lied to.

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