Boofhead Goes to Court. Again.

    You want lies with that?

Man admits racist graffiti role
Ryan Pedler
The West Australian
May 22, 2007

A second member of racist group the White Devils yesterday admitted his involvement in a graffiti campaign across Perth three years ago.

Benjamin Weerheym [a/k/a Benedict Williams] told a District Court jury that he and several other men met Australian Nationalist[s] Movement leader Jack van Tongeren and his deputy John Anthony Van Blitterswyk to discuss the campaign in June 2004.

Mr Weerheym, who was recruited to the ANM in 2003, said Mr van Tongeren gave instructions to put up only “politically motivated” posters at various locations throughout Perth.

But Mr Weerheym said graffiti was incorporated when he and others put the posters up a week or two later.


Mr Weerheym was giving evidence at the trial of Mr Van Blitterswyk on a charge of conspiring with other ANM members to fire-bomb four Chinese restaurants in Perth in mid-2004.

Opening the trial last week, prosecutor Alan Troy said the fire bombings were due to be carried out in mid-2004 just before the release of Mr van Tongeren’s book The ANM Story but were postponed.

White Devils founder Daniel Tyrone Klavins [a/k/a ‘Donk’], who has admitted his group was racist, has told the court that Mr van Tongeren gave instructions to put posters up promoting the ANM but he and others decided to add racist posters and graffiti.

Mr Klavins confirmed the graffiti campaign included spray painting the slogans “Jews out” and references to six million at a synagogue and food mart in Menora and messages including “we will bomb you all” at a Chinese restaurant in Southlands.

Posters put up featured messages including “The ANM Story, read it now” and “Jack’s back”.

The court was played a telephone conversation intercepted and recorded by police in which Mr Weerheym threatened a fellow White Devils member named “Occy” with a $50 fine if he did not attend a mid-week meeting at the group’s “clubhouse”, at Mr Klavins’ home.

[As Boofhead himself might exclaim: “Ha ha ha ha ha!”]

Mr Weerheym confirmed that Mr Klavins later yelled at Occy by phone.

Mr Weerheym agreed that Mr Klavins liked to run the White Devils with an iron fist [Seig Heil!] and had insisted that people wanting to join do something that “made the news” as an initiation.

The trial continues today.

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