Greece : Still the One!

From the Department of And One Of The Ladies Actually Said “I Didn’t Know What Was Going On But It Sure Was Exciting!”:


Greece goes to the polls.

“Greece has been dogged by political turmoil and persistent social unrest since the police shooting of a schoolboy sparked mass protests and [i]ndicatively[?], the elections were called hours after two bombs blasts, believed to be the work of far-left militants, rocked Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki.”


“A bomb in a small van has exploded outside the Athens stock exchange, slightly injuring a passer-by and causing extensive damage to the building and parked cars, police said. A second bomb outside a government building in the northern city of Thessaloniki caused minor damage. Both attacks were preceded by anonymous warning calls to Greek media but there was no claim of responsibility. Police said a far-left militant group called Revolutionary Struggle was suspected. In 2007 it fired a rocket at the US embassy in Athens.”

After the Greek Riots for more… Glenn Beck on The Coming Insurrection (July 3, 2009) for lulz.

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