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AnonymousLefty has drawn my attention to yesterday’s editorial in The Australian. And I don’t care what he thinks: I think it’s brilliant.*

Editorial: Reality bites the psychotic Left

By refusing to face modern realities, the Australian Left has dealt itself out of the national debate

FOR evidence, if any more were needed, that the intellectual Left has become completely divorced from reality, turn to page 14 of the latest edition of The Monthly, where Clive Hamilton describes the therapeutic effect of bushfires at Christmas. “As the orgy of spending reaches a climax we begin to wonder whether we have become decadent,” the [social democratic] Australia Institute executive director writes. “The firies who battle the elements on our behalf remind us of our ‘true’ selves.” …

Intriguingly, a commentator claims that it’s “No coincidence that Teh Australian picks out The Monthly magazine for criticism, given that this month’s issue features the Eric Ellis profile of Murdoch’s sexy young Chinese-born wife, Wendi Deng. For anyone not up to date with the background story here, Murdoch forced Fairfax to spike the Ellis story (even though they had commissioned it at considerable price), but The Monthly bravely picked it up. Murdoch sold his minority share in Fairfax shortly afterwards, suggesting a deal may have been made.”

Oh, and I’ve also run across a new (February ’07) blog called The Partisan, authored by The Happy Revolutionary. It’s neat. As is The Australian Index: Exploring Australian Blogs.

    *That is, as a demonstration of The Australian‘s witless polemicising at its very best/worst, it is of surpassing excellence.

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4 Responses to Bloggy stuff…

  1. Thanks for the link!

    Impressive blog, by the way.

  2. @ndy says:

    Thanks Happy.

    Don’t go changin’, y’hear?

  3. lumpnboy says:

    If I move from your blog’s main page to a post, and then click to go backward, I go to your blog’s main page again but to an earlier version of it, maybe a day old. This seems odd: can this only be me?

  4. aketus says:

    Yes, most likely it’s just you.

    Try clearing your history/data in your browser and try again, you may have some cached data. Also, if you click on an actual comment via the ‘Recent Comments’ links in the main page’s sidebar (and not the post itself), clicking ‘backward’ takes you ‘back’ to the start of those comments. But not an earlier version of the blog, no.

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