Oh noes! Yarra National Anarchists go splat!

The Yarra National Anarchists — http://yarranationalanarchists.wordpress.com — appear to have had a change of heart!

Play them off, keyboard cat!

…and they’re back!

…This website has in the past and will continue to publish news and information relevant to National-Anarchists and those that may be interested in our activities. At the moment we are working on a full revamp of the website, from which it will be back in action, better than ever. Please bare with us while we get everything set up.

Where did you go?

It is the unfortunate reality that there are a few individuals out there that would try to deny us the freedom to share our ideas and the ability to live according to our own values. Over the past few days, this website has been victim of hackers, claiming to act under a banner of anti-Fascism. These “AntiFa” groups are active throughout the world and are known to attack activists, or anybody for that matter, that they disagree with. People have been violently bashed, families have been terrorised and homes/shops have been vandalised by these thugs, simply because of the beliefs and activities of those they target…

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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