I’m too sexy for Denmark

Danish tourism Web ad pulled for promiscuity
Jan M. Olsen
September 15, 2009

COPENHAGEN – Denmark’s tourism agency has removed an advertisement from YouTube after complaints that it promoted promiscuity in the liberal Scandinavian country. The video clip, nearly 3 minutes long, shows a young, blond woman cradling a dark-skinned infant called “August” and saying he is the result of a brief fling with a foreign tourist. Speaking English in the video, she says she is “trying to find August’s father” through Google’s YouTube site. Danish TV2 has clarified that the scene was staged and the woman is an actress…

Editorial: Sex, lies and VisitDenmark
The Copenhagen Post
September 17, 2009

VisitDenmark’s viral video put Denmark on the tourist map – the question is whether it is a place some would now rather avoid.

Sex sells, but rising above the flotsam of common pornography on the internet requires true talent. That’s why it’s so impressive that a video of something as wholesome as a mother and child could attract over a million internet viewers with one thing on their mind.

What’s unimpressive about the now infamous VisitDenmark YouTube video is that its goal was so obvious. The bogus story of an attractive woman looking for the father of a child sired during a one night stand might have been humorous to some, and almost certainly even inspired some men to consider a swing by Denmark the next time they are in northern Europe, but in the end it could wind up giving the country an reputation it would rather do without…

Did you know that ABBA played their first live concert in Denmark in 1974?

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