Carlos, 1 year without you, 1 year with you

A documentary on a year of anti-fascist activism in Madrid, following the murder of Carlos Javier Palomino, a 16-year-old skinhead stabbed to death on a Madrid subway on November 11, 2007, allegedly by a Spanish neo-Nazi (and soldier), Josué Estébanez.

Estébanez is currently on trial. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 29 years gaol.

From the Spanish-language press (Público in Madrid), translated into bootiful Spanglish by a machine:

The ‘ friend neonazi ‘ of the supposed killer of Carlos Palomino
Henriqur Mariño
September 16, 2009

The Coordinating Antifascist one contributes a supposed proof that Josué E. of H. has links with the ultraright one

Above : Josué, with the supposed neonazi

Josué Estébanez, supposed person in charge of the death of the minor Carlos Javier Palomino, extreme right-winger might be related to the movement. This is what the Coordinating Antifascist one of Madrid supports, that it has spread a photo of the military man along with a person who, according to the organization, realizes a ” gesture of fascist connotations “.

The image shows to the accused to kill Carlos Palomino, who is being judged these days in the first section of the Provincial Hearing of Madrid, along with a male identified by the antifascist ones as Markuss, a “neonazi” of the quarter of Madrid of Orcasitas.

Josué has pushed back before the court that is a neonazi or sympathizes with the ultraright one, as he has narrated from the room Óscar López Fonseca. Also he denied that it should go to a racist march when he met in the Meter of Madrid Young pigeon, which was going to an antifascist counterdeclaration when it received a thrust that provoked the death.

Nevertheless, the Coordinating Antifascist one of Madrid insists that the person who accompanies Estébanez in the top image realizes ” a gesture of fascist connotations with three elevated fingers up “.

It would be a question, according to the organization, of the ” formula of the oath that the members of the SS were doing “. In particular, ” road surface is located with the right arm elevation and the first three fingers of the left hand pointing up, at the time that they were saying: I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor of the Reich, loyalty and value. I promise obedience up to the death to you and to the Superiors for you designated. That God helps me”.

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