International solidarity with Serbian anarchists

Since their arrests on September 3, a number of protests and rallies have taken place around the world in solidarity with the five Serbian anarchists — Ratibor Trivunac (28), Tadej Kurepa (24), Ivan Vulović (24), Sanja Đokić (19) and Nikola Mitrović (29) — being framed by Serbian authorities for an attack upon the Greek Embassy in Belgrade on August 25. The five have been accused of the crime of “international terrorism” for the attack, which involved the spraying of some graffiti and some very minor damage to the building (as a result of a Molotov cocktail), and which was claimed on behalf of a previously-unknown group called “Crni Ilija” (“Black Sun”).

The most recent solidarity action took place in Thessaloniki:

Protest at Serbian consulate in Thessaloniki linked to Belgrade attack
September 18, 2009

A small group of local anti-state activists demonstrated on Wednesday outside the Serbian consulate in the northern port city of Thessaloniki in solidarity to six people arrested late last month in Belgrade on charges of vandalising the Greek embassy building in the Serbian capital.

Up to five suspects threw firebombs at the Greek embassy in Belgrade on the evening of Aug. 25, causing minor damages to the building.

The action, allegedly undertaken by a self-styled Serbian anarchist group, called “Crni Ilija” [“Black Sun”], was linked to the continued incarceration of a man in a Greek jail on charges stemming from the ruinous urban riots in Athens last December.

The latter was on a hunger strike at the time before being released on bail.

According to reports, several of the protesters later met with Serbian consul Milan Dimitrievic, handing him a resolution.

Other protest actions have taken place in Bratislava, Czech Republic (September 7); Ljubljana, Slovenia (September 10), London, England, Sydney, Australia, Vienna, Austria and Warsaw, Poland (September 11); Zagreb, Poland (September 14); Moscow and Kiev, Russia (September 15); Athens, Greece, Denver, United States and Hamburg, Germany (September 16); and Berlin and The Hague (September 18).

Further actions are planned.

The ‘Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative’ (ASI) has also recently launched an appeal for financial support:

September 17, 2009

On 04.09.2009, following the decision of the investigating judge of the District Court in Belgrade, the groups of six anarchists who were arrested 3rd of September 2009 were sentenced to detention measures up to thirty days. The charge states that the suspects, on 25th of August, about three o’clock in the morning, initially wrote the graffiti on the facade, and then threw two “molotov cocktails” at the building of the Greek Embassy in “Francuska” street in Belgrade.

Wanting to brutally deal with it’s hardest critics, the state acts, through it’s mechanisms of repression, with utterly banal logic. Those who have explicitly expressed their libertarian beliefs are mapped as the only suspects. The case ends with their imprisonment and gives a false picture to the general public about state’s expediency.

Due to the unusual course of action of the police and prosecution in this case, the arrested are suspected of having committed a crime of international terrorism. That act, in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia, is treated in the same group with the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes against the civilian population, organizing and encouraging to commit genocide and war crimes, the conduct of aggressive war, etc. Due to the legal weight of such characterization, the costs of the representation so far during the process have exceeded 10,000 euros.

For this purpose, the account was opened to help the arrested anarchists, which is listed at the bottom of this page. In addition, there is a phone number and e-mail that you can get additional information about the state of the arrested as well as the condition of the collected funds.

We hope that the freedom-loving individuals and organizations will get involved in this humanitarian fundraising action, and help the arrested anarchists to manage to prove their innocence.


Instructions for the donation of money:

Account with institution:

Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 64

Beneficiarz customer:

IBAN RS35265050000016043150

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