Mr. Magic

“She said rap attack, man, not heart attack.”
“Oh you mean she’s alright then, right?”
“Of course man, you never heard of a Mr. Magic rap attack? Where’s this guy from?”

John Rivas : March 15, 1956–October 2, 2009. From One Peoples Project. For Briggs, Keith & Vents:

Unless they know their history, young heads are not going to know who this brother was, but other than the creators of hip hop themselves, Mr. Magic is the most important figure in the history of Hip Hop. In fact we will not be stretching it at all to say Mr. Magic was as big a loss in music this year as Michael Jackson or Les Paul was. Mr. Magic was a late night DJ on 107.5 WBLS-FM. He was the first and for a long time the only DJ to play hip hop on his radio show, and were it not for him, it was highly likely that rap music would have been nothing more than a passing fad in the early 80s club scene. His death from a heart attack was announced Friday morning, and tributes have been pouring in, which is nothing new for him, since rappers have been giving him props for over 20 years. As well they should. It was because of him that they exist.The VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009 airs on Oct. 13. They will pay tribute.

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