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Support Antifa! is an ace new site with a grouse aim:

‘Support Antifa!’ has been set up to help provide financial assistance to anti-fascist groups and individuals in need. 100% of all funds raised by ‘Support Antifa!’ will go directly to aid those who fight against fascism. We believe in mutual support and mutual solidarity and, more importantly, we believe in putting our money where our collective mouth is.

In Germany, the boneheads who attacked a group of actors ‘cos they was dressed like punky lefties (they’d actually been appearing in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!) have gone on trial:

THEATER GROUP ASSAULT CASE : German Neo-Nazi Confesses to Brutal Attack
Spiegel Online
October 9, 2007

Four German neo-Nazis have gone on trial charged with assault for beating up a group of actors in the eastern town of Halberstadt in June. The case has prompted heavy criticism of the police and has once again highlighted the problem of far-right violence in eastern Germany…

The theater group had just finished a performance of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the nearby town of Quedlinburg and one of the actors had a punk hairstyle in keeping with his role. Their apparent “left-wing appearance” appears to have been enough to provoke the neo-Nazis they came across while walking through Halberstadt at around three o’clock in the morning.

Eight men — most of them in black clothes and with shorn heads — ambushed them, punching them and kicking them on the ground. They kept on kicking the victims even while they were lying on the ground, bleeding and sobbing. “They kicked their heads as if they were footballs,” one witness told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt, where Halbersstadt is located, has the highest number of far-right assaults in Germany on a per capita basis — 4.49 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The assault was witnessed by a number of people — doormen, taxi drivers, passers-by. None of them called the police. The only emergency call on record was made by one of the victims.

Pffft, like Gary Birmy says: “I’m not getting involved in someone else’s bullshit.”

Speaking of bullshit, the Hammerskins’ 20th anniversary celebrations spring to mind. And the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism & Fascism has issued a press release, thanking the boneheads for being… well… boneheads. (Note that the Hammerskins, predictably, claim that the event was an unmitigated triumph, and that being rumbled by the mighty power of the Elks was all part of the plan…)

“Hammerskin Nation” Neo-Nazi Event Gets Cut Short

Thanks to their eyes and ears in Portland and beyond, anti-fascists were able to release information about the location of a white supremacist gathering held on Saturday, October 6 in the greater Portland area, leading to the cancellation of its venue. White supremacists associated with the Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi organization, had rented the Sherwood Elks Lodge (22770 SW Elwert Rd., Sherwood, OR) under false pretexts, for use in its twentieth-anniversary celebration, scheduled for October 5 – 7. Around three hours after receiving information about the true nature of the event being held on their premises, the Elks Club pulled the Saturday venue, denying use of their space to fascist organizers. Approximately 70 – 100 hardcore white supremacists were at the venue at the time of cancellation…

And finally, in very late-breaking news, in Belarus, a group of 50 or so organised a demo outside of the Russian Embassy in Minsk on the afternoon of Saturday, August 7, in solidarity with Russian antifa. The action was illegal, and brief, lasting no more than five minutes and involving the unveiling of an antifa banner and carrying the portraits of four antifa murdered in Russia (Timur Kacharava, Alexander Ryukhin, Stanislav Korepanov* and Ilya Borodaenko). Police soon attended the demo, and upon arrival immediately called OMON (riot police). Four antifa were arrested, and all were sentenced to 3 days imprisonment before a kangaroo court…

    * Russian antifa activist, Stanislav Korepanov, 18, died in hospital on March 31, 2007, having been attacked a few days earlier by an armed gang of neo-Nazis. The attack on Stanislav was preceded by another attack on January 14, 2007 on vegan animal rights activist, Ivan Yelin, who was surrounded and attacked by ten neo-Nazis in St. Petersburg after having taken part in a weekly “Food not Bombs” peace rally. Ivan suffered 21 stab wounds and was rushed to hospital… Following on from the knife attack on Ivan, on February 4, a small bomb exploded in Vladimirskaya Square in St. Petersburg, near to where Food Not Bombs organise their weekly protests. The bomb was hidden in a kiosk selling flowers. Luckily the bomb only damaged the kiosk and did not injure anyone. Further attacks against antifa took place in July in St Petersburg, when a 16 year old on his way to an antifa benefit was assaulted by a group of 8–10 men, and then again when a group of 20 neo-Nazis assaulted a FNB group and injured a 13 year old boy.

    Russian neo-Nazis have a record of using knives and explosives to target Russian activists. On December 22, 2006 a number of police were injured whilst trying to defuse a device, set to murder antifa activists in Moscow. In August 2006, eleven people were killed in Moscow when a neo-Nazi bomb exploded in Cherkisovski marketplace.

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