Huh. Google shuts down neo-Nazi blog

To the best of my knowledge, this is a first. Rather than simply attaching a ‘warning’ advising the reader that other readers believe it “contains hate content”, Google has actually shut down a blog belonging to a neo-Nazi wanker from Serbia called Goran Davidović. The wanna-be fueher last made it into the headlines when he and his mob had to scurry from antifa just a week or so ago. Which I guess means it’s back to the bunker for poor old Goran…

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Google shuts down neo-Nazi leader’s blog
15 October 2007 | 12:18 | Source: B92, Radio 021

NOVI SAD — Nacionalni Stroj leader Goran Davidović’s blog has been closed, Radio 021 has learned., owned by Google, has opted for the move after a successful campaign organized by Serbian internet users.

The Novi Sad radio said Monday that those who joined the campaigned used an option to report inappropriate blog content, explaining that their complaint came due to Davidović representing a neo-Nazi organization, advocating hatred.

Davidović, nicknamed Fuehrer by his followers, is due out of prison today, after being arrested on October 7, when participants in an antifascist rally in Novi Sad clashed with his group.

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Nazis Not Welcome In Novi Sad
October 8, 2007

…As the marchers attempted to reach their rallying point, they were met with a few bottles and stones thrown by the sorry handful of fascists who had managed to muster. Almost before the anti-fascists had a chance to retaliate, Serbian riot police moved in. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the odds, they concentrated their efforts on the nazis, arresting them and their so-called ‘Fuehrer’ (failure more like). A couple of anti-fascists were also arrested.

To be honest, the police almost certainly saved the fascists from some antifa street justice with their early intervention. The people of Novi Sad certainly seemed willing to respond in kind when the boneheads attempted to assault them, and we have no doubt who would’ve lost the argument had it continued. We send our respect and solidarity to the citizens of Novi Sad who take a stand against the fascist threat.

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