“National Anarchists” form branch at Auckland Grammar

In February 2009, a few boys from the elite Auckland Grammar Skool — for reasons best known only to themselves — went to Auckland Museum and, rather foolishly, had some photos of themselves taken while posing in front of and kissing Nazi flags. Even moar foolishly, these they then posted on ‘social networking’ site Facebook. Eight months later, the photos came to the attention of New Zealand (and international) media.

And the rest, as they say, is History.

(Perhaps the boys thought Hitler embodied the skool’s motto — ‘Through difficulties to greatness’?)

In any case, the boys later apologised to veterans at the Museum, and are now apparently rather embarrassed by their behaviour which, it seems, was simply daft (rather than malicious).

The Auckland boys’ antics remind me of the comments of another teenage boy, this one from Geelong in Victoria, who in September 2007 on the white supremacist ‘Stormfront’ forum, and upon viewing newly-discovered photographs of Nazi camp guards frolicking at Auschwitz, made a very funny joke:

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Re: New photos of Nazis having fun in the sun

They are celebrating the girls graduation from Jewish strangulation school?

Haha, jokes, haha!


In the shadow of horror, SS guardians frolic
International Herald Tribune
September 18, 2007

…The photos provide a stunning counterpoint to what up until now has been the only major source of preliberation Auschwitz photos, the so-called Auschwitz Album, a compilation of pictures taken by SS photographers in the spring of 1944 and discovered by a survivor in another camp. Those photos depict the arrival at the camp of a transport of Hungarian Jews, who at the time made up the last remaining sizable Jewish community in Europe. The Auschwitz Album, owned by Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust museum, depicts the railside selection process at Birkenau, the area where trains arrived at the camp, as SS men herded new prisoners into lines.

The comparisons between the albums are both poignant and obvious, as they juxtapose the comfortable daily lives of the guards with the horrific reality within the camp, where thousands were starving and 1.1 million died…

Note that, the same boy (now 18 and a student at Gordon TAFE) was in attendance at a gathering on Saturday, September 26 at Petersham RSL in Sydney, which played host to the ‘Sydney Forum’: an opportunity for perhaps 50 or so racists, fascists and neo-Nazis — belonging to ‘New Right’, ‘Australia First’, ‘One Nation’, ‘National Anarchists’, ‘Volksfront’ and ‘Blood and Honour’ — to meet and to organise their rather ambitious plans to cleanse Australia of non-Whites.

Less than a week later, on Friday, October 1, 2009, the NSW Humanist Society played host to another neo-Nazi gathering — a meeting of ‘Klub Naziya’ (established in 2003 by local neo-Nazis Jason Rafty and Daevid Palmer) — at the Society’s property in Chippendale.

Neither the Petersham RSL’s hosting of the ‘Sydney Forum’ nor the NSW Humanist Society’s hosting of ‘Klub Naziya’ have drawn any media attention.

Lest We Forget — arf arf.

See also : F1 boss Max Mosley has sick Nazi orgy with 5 hookers (March 31, 2008).

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  1. Paul Justo says:

    On the subject of photos here is a picture of a woman who put over 100 fascists mouldering in their graves –

    Presenting Rosa Shanina –


    More great photographs here –


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