Socialism vs. 2007 Federal Election: Results

    Update Thursday May 22 2008 (final results!).

    Update Saturday December 8.

    Update Saturday December 1 : The SEP has published its own assessment of its performance at the election.

    Update Monday, November 26 : Figures constantly updated. The latest issue of the GLW is understandably quiet on the fate of its candidates; the SEP, meanwhile, has published its own version of events: “The working class will soon come into conflict with the new Labor government, directly posing the need to build its own political party. Herein lies the significance of the Socialist Equality Party’s election campaign. The SEP advanced the only independent political perspective for the working class, and fought to clarify both the current and historical role of the Australian Labor Party and the unions as the key props of bourgeois rule. We explained that Rudd Labor in no way represented a “lesser evil” to Howard and that it would rapidly emerge as even more ruthless in prosecuting the interests of corporate Australia at the direct expense of the working class.”

Yeah so Kevin07 won. But how did the Trots fare? A cynical whining rightwinger posing as an anarchist guides you through the results…

In general, the Socialist Alliance continues to have the upper hand in its struggles with its arch-rivals in the electoral arena, the members of the LaRouche cult, beating them into second-last place in almost every contest. On the other hand, despite being jam-packed with experienced socialists who’ve contributed enormous amounts of time and energy to building literally innumerable social campaigns and struggles, this revolutionary enthusiasm does not appear to be reflected at the ballot box. Meaning that The Lessons of The Bolivarian Revolution have yet to be translated into Australian terms.

House of Un-Representatives:

Blaxland, NSW: Raul Bassi got 522 votes, or 0.7% of the total, a gain of 0.2% on 2004. On the other hand, and slightly less positively, in the popularity stakes socialism remains the most unpopular political doctrine among the voters in Blaxland, Bassi polling last of eight candidates; his closest rival, Gabrielle Kent of Family First, gaining over twice as many votes.

Brisbane, QLD: The massive swings to the ALP in Queensland didn’t quite translate into massively increased votes for SA. Nevertheless, Ewan Saunders (placed first on the ballot) gained 566 votes in Brisbane, an increase from 0.4 to 0.7% of the vote since 2004. In other positive news for the Alliance, Ewan, while not proving to be quite as popular as either the Democrats or Family First, managed to absolutely trounce the CEC candidate, much to the undoubted chagrin of the cult’s followers.

Calwell, VIC: Frank Gagliotti (SEP) asked for the votes of the people of Melbourne’s outer north-western fringe, and the people responded by giving him 273. Unfortunately, 99.7% of votes went elsewhere, Frank finishing last of nine candidates.

Charlton, NSW: Terry Cook of the SEP got 404 votes, or 0.5%, which, on the bright side, is an increase of 404 votes on 2004. Terry also managed to beat David Stow of the CEC by 110 votes; which, given the fact that Lyndon LaRouche is a bona fide genius, is no small feat.

Chifley, NSW: A good result for the SEP, James Cogan getting 1,069 votes, or 1.3%. Still, at risk of being called a cynical whining rightwinger posing as an anarchist, I suspect this may have had something to do with James being placed first on the ballot.

Corio, VIC: Hmmm. Chris Johnson appears not to have fared so well, gaining just 332 votes, a decline of 0.3%, from 0.7% to 0.4%.

Cunningham, NSW: Congratulations go to Jess Moore of the SA. With 706 votes, or 0.8% of the total (a gain of 0.4), Moore has beaten John Flanagan of Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) into last place, John gaining a measly 489 votes.

Denison, TAS: Susan Austin of SA has at this stage proven to be slightly less popular than her predecessor, gaining just 494 votes, a decline of 0.1 (from 0.9 in 2004) to 0.8% of the total.

Franklin, TAS: Matt Holloway has managed to maintain the line for SA in Franklin, gaining 365 votes or 0.5% of the total, a swing of 0.0%.

Fraser, ACT: A bit of a disaster in the ACT for the SA. Farida Iqbal got just 539 votes, or 0.5% of the total, an actual reduction in support of 3/4 from a dizzying high of 2.1% in 2004.

Fremantle, WA: Dockworker Sam Wainwright of the SA has experienced a disappointing result in the struggle for the hearts and minds of voters in Fremantle in this, his first tilt at the seat. With 361 votes, or 0.5% of the total, Sam is in a remarkably similar position to SA in 2004. Less positively, Sam has proven to be a lot less popular than the Jew-hating Sue, Ms. Bateman of the One Nation Party gaining 988 votes.

Gellibrand, VIC: Ben Courtice trounced both the CEC and the Democrats, gaining a relatively massive 1,334 votes or 1.6% of the total, a gain of 0.9% on 2004. Well done Ben! (Note: this may have had something to do with Ben being placed first on the ballot…)

Grayndler, NSW: Pip Hinman did really well, gaining 1,394 votes, or 1.7% of the vote, a gain of 0.5%. Patrick O’Connor of the SEP did less well, gaining just 328 votes, or 0.4%. At this point, the Trots have trounced both the Democrats (on 1.7%) and also the CDP (1.2%).

Griffith, QLD: A disappointing result for SA in Griffith, Jim McIlroy receiving just 293 votes or 0.4%, a decline from 0.7% in 2004. The halving of the socialist vote is doubly perplexing in Jim’s case, given that he’s been politically active since opposing the Vietnam War in the 1960s, is renowned locally as a grassroots campaigner (from anti-WorstChoices to the Dr Haneef civil rights campaign), and especially as he spent 2006 in revolutionary Venezuela reporting for Green Left Weekly, as well as having authored numerous pamphlets in labour and socialist history. Are beardy blokes that unpopular?

Kingsford Smith, NSW: Another relatively good result for the SEP, Alex Safari gaining 1,096 votes, or 1.3% of the total. Unfortunately, Safari still managed to come last, his combination of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky being (slightly) less popular than the winning combination of Christianity and Democracy embodied by Marcus Campbell of the CDP.

Melbourne, VIC: This seat would not seem to be a socialist stronghold. Will Marshall of the SEP got 418 votes; Kylie McGregor of the SP 539. This renders them the two least popular candidates, less popular even than the LaRouche fanatic, Andrew Reed (586 votes — Andrew was placed first on the ballot).

Moncrieff, QLD: Another mixed result for SA in Moncrieff. Perhaps the most positive dimension to Tim Kirchler receiving 315 votes for Socialism is that this proves Socialism is more popular than Lyndon LaRouche (214 votes), and adds yet another victory to the SA in their intense rivalry with the CEC.

Newcastle, NSW: Unfortunately, despite wearing a hardhat, Geoff Payne gained a rather meagre number of votes for the SA, just 333 or 0.4% of the vote, a decline from 0.5%. Noel Holt of the SEP didn’t do quite as well as Patrick O’Connor, gaining a relatively meagre 277 votes, or 0.3%. As such, the socialist candidates in Newcastle came last.

Parramatta, NSW: Here, the SA and SEP fared better, Rachel Evans of the SA gaining 1,015 votes or 1.2%; Chris Gordon of the SEP 261 votes, or 0.3%.

Pearce, WA: Annolies Truman of the SA scored 316 votes, or 0.4% of the total; steady as she goes for the SA in Pearce.

Perth, WA: Chris Latham of the SA got 464 votes, a decline from 1.3 to 0.6%.

Swan, WA: Not a great result for Joe Lopez of the SEP: 157 votes or 0.2%. On the bright side, Joe thrashed Norman R Gay of the CEC, who received a meagre 92 votes or 0.1%.

Watson, NSW: Results obtained by Ronald Poulsen of the Communist League suggest that the inevitable historical transition from Capitalism to Communism is indeed dragging its heels. Ron got just 424 votes, or 0.5% of the total. Still, that’s an increase from 0.3. In which case, a majority Communist vote will surely be obtained by… a long, long time from now.

Wills, VIC: The rappin’ skillz, phat beats with tight cuts and incisive lyrics of Zane Alcorn, aka MC Doc Fruit, have failed to set the electorate on its head. Zane got 624 votes, or 0.7% of the total, a reduction of 0.4%. On the bright side, he still managed to soundly defeat the CEC candidate, which is something.

    Party Totals

    Socialist Alliance: 17 candidates, 9,973 votes, 0.1% (average approximately 587 votes)
    Climate Change Coalition: 7 candidates, 9,470 votes, 0.1% (ave 1,353 votes)
    Democratic Labor Party: 4 candidates, 6,018 votes, (0.0%) (ave 1,505 votes)
    Socialist Equality Party: 9 candidates, 4,283 votes (0.0%) (ave 476 votes)
    What Women Want: 4 candidates, 3,870 votes (0.0%) (ave 968 votes)
    Conservatives for Climate: 4 candidates, 3,239 votes (0.0%) (ave 810 votes)
    The Fishing Party: 2 candidates, 2,083 votes (0.0%) (ave 1,042 votes)


New South Wales

17) Socialist Alliance: 3,351 votes or 0.08%
[20) Citizens Electoral Council: 2,224 votes or 0.05%]
21) Socialist Equality Party: 2,139 votes or 0.05%
25) Group P Independents (Progressive Labour Party): 948 votes or 0.02%


17) SA: 1,941 votes or 0.08%
[22) CEC: 1,155 votes or 0.05%]

South Australia

16) SA: 770 votes or 0.08%
[19) CEC: 267 votes or 0.03%]


[12) Group I Independents: 5,695 votes or 0.18%]
17) SA: 2,535 votes or 0.08%
18) SEP: 2,403 or 0.08%
[19) CEC: 1,697 votes or 0.05%]

Western Australia

[12) Group P Independents (Graeme Campbell): 1,621 votes or 0.13%]
[15) CEC: 1,002 votes or 0.08%]
17) SA: 928 votes or 0.08%

Total SA vote: 9,525
Total SEP vote: 4,542
Total ‘anarchist’ vote: 5,695

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  1. THE SOVIET says:

    The Labour Party is a party of class traitors. Labour was the party that started deregulation and [privatisation].

  2. MCDF says:

    Fuck youse all talk alot of shit.
    Check this out ya dags:

  3. @ndy says:

    Shit eh?

    On its first foray into federal politics, the Liberty & Democracy Party (LDP) received almost twice as many votes as SA:

    Liberty and Democracy Party : 47 candidates : 17,041 votes (0.1%)
    Socialist Alliance : 17 candidates : 9,973 votes (0.1%)

    It’s like Tupac vs. Biggie Smalls eh?

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