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Australian unions on the eve of May Day…

The Age reports (April 28, 2012) that there are 1.8 million union members in Australia. The report is based on the latest figures complied by the ABS: Trade union membership has generally declined since 1992. From August 1992 to August … Continue reading

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May Day in Melbourne 2012

Last December, Occupy Los Angeles proposed a General Strike on May 1 “for migrant rights, jobs for all, a moratorium on foreclosures, and peace – and to recognize housing, education and health care as human rights.” The idea has spread … Continue reading

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Notes on anarchy and May Day and more

In Russia, anarchists and/or gays are unpopular with authorities: about 50 anarchists were prevented from participating in May Day festivities in St. Petersburg, and in Moscow teh gheys had to battle cops as well as Communists. (Fascists were allowed to … Continue reading

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May Day in Melbourne 2011

May Day is May 1 is this Sunday. There’s a few things going on, to which the following is a guide. The Victorian Trades Hall Council is organising a rally and march. Assemble 12.30pm outside Trades Hall (corner Victoria and … Continue reading

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May Daze

Berlin The Capital and the May Day Riots | People & Politics: “On May 1, the whole of Germany’s eyes will be on the district of Kreuzberg, traditionally the center of the annual May Day riots. This year, left-wing activists … Continue reading

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May Day 2010

In Melbourne Tonight this May Day weekend: MAY DAY Rally in support of refugees A rally has been organised by refugee rights activists and others to protest the KRudd Government’s “Indonesian Solution”. From midday @ Trades Hall (corner of Lygon … Continue reading

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