antifa notes (january 15, 2019) : Fraser ‘Final Solution’ Anning & Simon Hickey, ‘The Nazi Sparky’

Fraser ‘Final Solution’ Anning

Anti-fascist research group ‘The White Rose Society’ has published an exposé on federal Senator Fraser ‘Final Solution’ Anning and his many links to local neo-Nazis and other far-right activists.

See : Fraser Anning’s Neo-Nazi connections.

Included in the exposé is reference to a range of familiar characters, most especially Andrew Wilson (Patriotic Youth League/Volksfront/Klub Nation/Klub Naziya/Public Information Forum).

See also : The Nationals Party express concern over new Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, Lucas Baird, The Australian Financial Review, January 11, 2019 | Cronulla 2.0? : Racist assembly @ St Kilda Beach, Saturday, January 5, 2019 | Neo-Nazi infiltration of the Young Nationals in NSW, October 11, 2018.

Simon Hickey, ‘The Nazi Sparky’

In February 2017, it was reported that Simon Hickey of ‘Smerff Electrical’ in Brisbane had sponsored leading neo-Nazi website ‘The Daily Stormer’:

A Queensland tradie has emerged as the sole corporate sponsor of one of the world’s most popular neo-Nazi websites, drawing condemnation from a Jewish civil rights organisation.

Simon John Hickey, a Brisbane electrician and airconditioner installer whose business logo appears to feature Pepe the Frog, a meme that has become popular with the alt-right, wearing an SS uniform and standing in front of Auschwitz, wouldn’t answer questions posed by Fairfax Media …

See : The Brisbane tradie sponsoring a prominent neo-Nazi website, Jorge Branco, The Brisbane Times, February 28, 2017.

In November last year, Hickey was fined $10,000 (plus costs) in the Holland Park Magistrates Court in an action brought by the Office of Fair Trading ‘for acting as an unlicensed security equipment installer’. Further:

The court heard Mr Hickey was uncooperative throughout the investigation and repeatedly showed abusive and discriminatory behaviour towards investigators.

In January 2018, the Richlands Magistrates Court convicted and sentenced Mr Hickey to six months’ imprisonment, with the term of imprisonment suspended after serving seven days, for the unlawful stalking of an OFT inspector involved in the investigation of the unlicensed security work.

Yesterday (January 14), in Brisbane, the Fair Work Commission rendered a verdict in the case a former employee of Hickey’s brought against him for unfair dismissal.

Conclusion in relation to compensation

[110] After considering the matters required by s. 392 of the Act, I have decided to award Mr Lamacq the amount of $11,400.00 being twelve weeks’ ordinary wages, to be taxed according to law. The amount is to be paid within 21 days of the date of release of this Decision and an Order to that effect will issue with this Decision.

The ruling makes for interesting reading. Highlights include:

[30] Mr Hickey also tendered a written employment contract said to have been signed by Mr Lamacq on 17 September 2017. Mr Hickey said that he did not remember signing the contract and that the signature on it was not like his signature. The contract makes for interesting reading. In relation to wages it states at 5.1:

“You will be paid Weekly at the rate of $15 per hour. If you are unhappy with your wage, you can fuck off. Nobody is forcing you to work here.”

[36] [Hickey:] … Here’s the number for fair work Australia 13 13 94. Do you know how many calls they get per day? Boo Hoo this cunt fired me and he wasn’t paying me leave loading 12% or some shit. Do you know what these cunts do about it? Nothing unless it’s a company worth prosecuting. They know they’ll get nothing from me and even if they could get me for something what would it be?

Nazis eh?

Bonus! Clive Palmer

Fabulously-wealthy blabbermouth Clive Palmer is continuing to carry on like a pork chop, and aiming to return to the federal parliament this year. To that end, he’s been chucking up billboards ripe for redecoration, spamming text messages and has now launched a mobile gaming app called ‘Clive Palmer, Humble Meme Merchant’. It’s replete with AltRight messaging, and is dissected by Jordan McSwiney in this thread, which is recommended-reading.

John August ~versus~ slackbastard

    NB. I began writing this in mid-January, put it aside, and am only now returning to it. In the interim, the NSW Humanist Society/Humanist Society of NSW held a meeting on February 14, 2010, to elect a new Committee of Management, but I’m unaware of the results of this meeting (see below), and who now constitutes the Committee. The latest edition of the Society newsletter, however, states that the person previously responsible for letting the Hall (David Duffy) has been replaced, and those wishing to hire it will be more stringently vetted in future.


As noted, John August, the President of the NSW Humanist Society/Humanist Society of NSW, has recently released a statement regarding the Society, Humanist House, and the ‘Public Information Forum’ (PIF), a fascist grouping whose meetings at the House in October and November 2009 were accompanied by protest. After detailing some recent history involving the Society’s relationship to and with the PIF (aka ‘Klub Nation’/’Klub Naziya’/’Mark Pavic Group’), as well as an attempt to introduce a statement in opposition to racism and xenophobia into the group’s Constitution, August notes that the Society’s last AGM:

…resulted in a committee which included many PIF members who had not previously attended social gatherings or committee meetings, contributed to the Humanist Viewpoints or otherwise taken an interest in the NSW Humanists. The election was itself problematic, with no scrutiny of candidates before the election, and confusion about preferential voting.

The Society zine (Humanist Viewpoints, Vol.48, No.4, October/November/December 2009) states that the:

2009 AGM was well attended and the new committee consists of John August (President), David Duffy and Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie (Vice Presidents), Victor Bien (Treasurer), Affie Adagio (Hon Sec/Editor) and Angela Drury (Assist. Sec). Ordinary committee members: Dylon Anderson, Ken Cratchley, Tony D’Angiolillo, Hugh Drewitz, Gillian Ellis, Fred Flatow, Robin Hall, Mark Pavic, Andrew Wilson, and John Wright.

The same number also welcomes the (‘White nationalist’) Australian Protectionist Party’s NSW spokesperson Darrin Hodges into the Humanist fold.


In relation to public protest at Humanist House, August has little new to add. There were two such protests — in October and November — timed to coincide with the meeting of the neo-Nazis. August reiterates the fact that he considered the protests violent (a Society member who witnessed one of the protests asserts that the protesters struck the building, and “a glass panel inside Humanist House was damaged around this time”) and therefore unwelcome, and that he remains at a loss as to the identities of those participating. August also complains that participants failed to contact the Society prior to the protests in order to communicate their concerns, and have not done so since. For their part, the neo-Nazis apparently accused August and the committee of collaborating with the protesters and, inter alia, “claimed that the police would be investigating the damage which resulted to Humanist House”. In summary: “The protester’s careless and ill-thought out actions exacerbated an already difficult and stressful situation. Great work, guys.”


Again, not a great deal of new information. August spoke to Redfern police about the protests, who expressed knowledge of the involvement of participants in other political activity (“The protesters knew that the group went by the name “Klub Nation”… and it seems had been protesting elsewhere”).


In news just to hand:

I was intrigued to note that the Humanist Society of NSW was not an exhibitor at the Global Atheist Convention, an event at which one of its Patrons, Robyn Williams, was a guest speaker.

Pam Walker has authored an article — Anti-fascist protests at Humanist House, City Hub, March 17, 2010 — which states that Mark Pavic was elected Vice President of the Society at its February 14 meeting. If correct, then the fascists have not only not been removed from the Society but, seemingly, further cemented their place within it. Which is, of course, unfortunate: moaron that subject — and August’s understanding of the political issues raised by neo-Nazi infiltration of a Humanist association — later.

In the meantime, however, readers should note other events from Australian history — from 100 or more years ago. Humanists in particular should discuss the relevance of this history with other groups in civil society.

NB. The Melbourne Anarchist Club was formed on May 1, 1886 by members of the Australasian Secular Association. Anarchists played a key role in challenging Christian domination of the colonies, and in particular bourgeois opposition to participation by the working class in public life. In 1889, and the years following, anarchist and socialist agitators such as Chummy Fleming, Sam Rosa and John White participated in regular public protests demanding the opening of libraries and other civic institutions on Sundays.

Bonus History!

[Source : Radical Melbourne, Jill and Jeff Sparrow, Vulgar Press, 2001, pp.161–164.]

In 1883, The Argus published an article condemning the presence of the poor in the Public Library on Swanston Street:

A visitor to the library may test the matter first by his nose. He can smell vagrancy the moment he crosses the threshold. Using his eyes, he can see it right up and down the long hall; peering curiously about, he can find it in any of the alcoves, nicely sheltered and walled about with books. If he chooses to particularise, he may see an unmistakable specimen enter, shuffle up to a bookcase, select a volume of light literature, choose a seat, set up his elbows as supports to his head, and bend his eyes on the print. In a little while he spits. In an hour he will sleep; if he snores an attendant may disturb him; then he will read and spit again.

The Argus proposed two solutions – regulations forcing potential entrants to show a letter of introduction from a ‘respectable’ household or, failing that, the division of the building into distinct areas for different classes. By name, the library might have been ‘Public’ (or ‘Free’), but there was more than a suggestion from Melbourne’s elite that the building and its collection remained rather too good for the populace, since ‘the books . . . are handled, and soiled, and spoiled, and frequently mutilated, by creatures who would be better bestowed within Her Majesty’s gaols’.

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NSW Humanist Society 1 ‘Public Information Forum’ 0

A ‘Final statement by John August, President Humanist Society of NSW, regarding Humanist House and the PIF’ has been published on Indymedia, dated January 8, 2010. It concerns the relationship between the Society and the ‘PIF’, or ‘Public Information Forum’, a small group which has been associated with the Society for the last decade or so, and which has been the subject of some controversy given its fascist political complexion.

In brief, the Society has announced that it will no longer be making its premises in Chippendale available to the innocuous-sounding PIF. (An aside: according to Martin Walker in his The National Front (1977), citing Rodney Legg, ‘NF Directorate meetings were always held in a public house booked in the name of the Anglo-Asian Friendship Society’ — arf arf.) This decision was made at some unspecified but recent point by an Executive appointed at a Special General Meeting late last year. Otherwise, August’s statement provides his account of events within the Society over the last few months, culminating in the SGM. Of note is the fact that a large number of Sydney-based racists and fascists have joined the Society, and a proportion of these elected to the Society’s Committee. The Executive is currently organising an AGM at which a new Committee will be elected; the composition of this Committee will reflect the relative strength of the racist and fascist contingent.

Finally, on a spotterly note: “While other hirers of [Humanist House] have a public identity and often a webpage (one example is the “Spartacist” group, a previous tenant, which have a regular publication, website and entry on Wikipedia), there is no similar such information available on PIF”.

See also : Fascist infiltration of the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales’ (Inc.) (November 25, 2009) | Klub Naziya / Klub Nation / Public Information Forum / Jason Rafty… (November 15, 2009) | Neo-Nazis in Sydney // Neo-Nazis in Phoenix (November 10, 2009) | Klub Naziya in Chippendale (November 7, 2009) | Neo-Nazism ~versus~ humanism (November 4, 2009) | Is neo-Nazism humanist? (October 14, 2009).

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reform. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of earnest struggle. The conflict has been exciting, agitating, all-absorbing, and for the time being, putting all other tumults to silence. It must do this or it does nothing. If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.

This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. In the light of these ideas, Negroes will be hunted at the North and held and flogged at the South so long as they submit to those devilish outrages and make no resistance, either moral or physical. Men may not get all they pay for in this world, but they must certainly pay for all they get. If we ever get free from the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us, we must pay for their removal. We must do this by labor, by suffering, by sacrifice, and if needs be, by our lives and the lives of others.

~ Frederick Douglass, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”, August, 1857.

Klub Naziya / Klub Nation / Public Information Forum / Jason Rafty…

Jeering crowd blocks meeting of extreme right
Leesha McKenny
The Sydney Morning Herald
November 15, 2009

AN EXTREME right-wing group sparked anti-fascist protests after it was revealed it had been holding meetings in a Humanist Society hall in inner Sydney.

The Public Information Forum – also known as Klub Nation or Klub Naziya – was prevented from meeting on November 6 after about 50 protesters gathered at the Shepherd Street address in Chippendale.

Police were called to an earlier demonstration in October when protesters yelling “Nazis out” attempted to disrupt the meeting by banging on doors and windows.

“If they get the message that they are not welcome in Chippendale and move somewhere else we will follow them,” an online post from one protester read.

The group was banned from using the hall by the Humanist Society once before because of alleged racist associations.

David Duffy, the Humanist Society member responsible for bookings at the hall, said the group of about 30 young men had been meeting peacefully there for about eight years. He conceded the group was “right of centre” but said he did not believe it was a neo-Nazi group.

“The sort of people who attend [Mr Rafty’s] meetings would be considered conspiracy theorists to a certain extent,” he said.

“They run a series of discussion groups on political and geopolitical themes. It’s invitation-only. It’s not a thing where they advertise publicly. They don’t do any interface with the community in any way.”

An anonymous letterbox drop of the area calling on residents to “do something about” Australia’s high level of immigration coincided with last week’s protest.

Darrin Hodges from the Australian Protectionist Party said his group stopped using the hall after hearing meetings there were “getting out of hand and rowdy”.

Mr Hodges denied any knowledge of the leaflet drop in the area, but said: “[It] sounds like there’s some funny things going on around town.”

Humanist Society president John August said it had planned a review of its hall hiring policy, but would allow the group to continue meeting at the hall until a decision was made.

“I do not wish to defend any right-wing groups, but equally there is an issue of free speech and free expression,” he said. “How you reconcile those two goals is a complicated issue.”

Mr August said he was disappointed some of the protesters were prepared to resort to violence.

“I have been involved with discussions with Redfern police over this. They are very concerned. We are as much the victims in this situation as anyone,” Mr August said.

See also : Neo-Nazis in Sydney // Neo-Nazis in Phoenix (November 10, 2009) | Klub Naziya in Chippendale (November 7, 2009) | Neo-Nazism ~versus~ humanism (November 4, 2009) | Is neo-Nazism humanist? (October 14, 2009).


In April 1972, sixteen sticks of gelignite exploded in the Communist Party’s Brisbane office, lifting the floor of the building almost six centimetres off the ground. Later the same evening, three rifle shots ricocheted through the Maoist East Wind bookshop…

The next month, the terror campaign returned to Melbourne with an attempt to set the Third World bookshop alight. A week later, the East Wind bookshop in Little Londsdale Street received a fire-bomb through the front door, while Molotov cocktails hit the Radical Action Movement’s headquarters in Palmerston Street, Carlton, the China Friendship Society, and the Source bookshop in Collins Street…

Many naturally suspected the NSPA of involvement in the bookshop attacks, since the Nazis had previously clashed with the Left. In January 1971, the NSPA announced a fascist rally to be held on Melbourne’s Yarra Bank. The Left and the Jewish community organised a counter-rally. When the Nazis did not appear, thousands streamed up to their headquarters in North Carlton. The party’s leader Cass Young later complained:

“All this time we could hear a noise such as that at a football ground, getting louder. Looking outside, I saw that a huge crowd was coming down the street towards our headquarters.

Within minutes there were several thousand people, mostly reds and those of the chosen race, milling around outside. We closed all the doors and windows and I posted sentries at the back and on the roof. We hoisted the mighty flag of our race — the swastika — and the Eureka flag at the top front window. The crowd outside began throwing anything it could get its hands on: eggs, tomatoes, rocks and tins. Soon all the windows had been smashed by flying missiles.”

In June 1972, the NSPA tried to hold its annual conference. The fascists kept the location secret. Protesters instead marched to a triple-fronted brick veneer in St. Albans, which served both as Young’s house and the new [neo-]Nazi HQ. To resounding chants of ‘Death to the Nazis’, they tore the building apart. Surveying the wreckage of his property, Young lost some of his enthusiasm for overt displays of Nazism, and the NSPA collapsed in a bout of internecine warfare, a process nicely captured in the title of David Harcourt’s study of Australian Nazism: Everyone Wants to Be Fuehrer. ~ Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne 2 : The Enemy Within, The Vulgar Press, 2004, pp.148–150.


This post might be difficult territory for some. It is a minor labyrinth of detail. Even those amongst us with no particular interest in political ‘detective work’ and an esoteric discussion about a lot of funny persons from the political twilight, might spare a moment for reflection. Why?

Essentially, it has become obvious that the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales Inc.’ (and any other somewhat decrepit organisation with considerable assets for that matter) is now on the receiving end of electronic and paper cheers, jeers and smears, excitements and incitements, and at long last – confrontation.

Protestors rally against ultra-right group in Chippendale
Shant Fabricatorian
alternative media group
November 12, 2009

“Klub Naziya is understood to have met in the area on a monthly basis for the past few months.”

Klub Naziya has been meeting since 2003. Its principal organisers have included a range of figures on Sydney’s far right: David Palmer, Simon Laine and — currently — Jason Rafty. In addition to his role in KN, Rafty addressed the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales Inc.’ on the subject of ‘Russia Resurgent’ on October 1, 2008.

Rafty, like Palmer was (and as Dr James Saleam is currently) a member of Stormfront, an online forum for aggrieved Whites of various sorts, established by convicted terrorist Don Black. Rafty’s account has recently been expunged. However, traces of his postings may still be found. Thus, on the matter of ‘KN’, ‘JBR’ (Rafty) writes:


06-06-2007, 09:24 PM
Klub Nation is the only continuous meeting place for white Nationalists in Sydney since 2003. [W]e invite those interested in attending our meetings to reply with your expression of interest by private message. We currently have a central branch and a Hills District branch with a Greater Western branch to be initiated soon.

Klub Nation is sponsored by the PIF Inc ([P]ublic [I]nformation [F]orum) and in essence is a networking and social point for Nationalists. [W]e present a range of guest and in house speakers covering the full gamut of political-economy, and other subjects of relevance to the Nationalist milieu.

The conveners of Klub Nation seek to cast an image as a survivor’s Klub.

Urban survival against the predations of the NWO–Globalist over class is less about arms caches, compounds and tin food stock, but rather having the knowledge, network and social capital to assail and prevail over everything this insidious over class throws at us. NWO tyranny and enslavement is predicated on the atomization of Anglo-Celtic people. Any brotherhood or Klan based unity is like a silver bullet[.]

Klub Nation promotes the “viable Nationalist”: – one who isn’t crest fallen, physiologically addled, impecunious or effeminate. Remaining viable is the linchpin to survival. Like hell, we’re going to become the white trash of South East Asia.

So come along to the next meeting for a bit of good cheer and company of fellow Nationalists.

Klub Nation provides generous food and beverages. It is general etiquette and protocol that entry requires a donation



06-10-2007, 06:58 PM
Sydney has become a foreboding and alienating place where the best of our mettle and wherewithal are put to the test.

[W]e live by the mantra “Deal with reality or reality will deal with you”. [N]arcotics and consumerism will only numb you so far.

Klub Nation is a sanctuary from the hellacious environ we call Sydney today.

This coming Friday June 15th we have a presentation entitled:- “A guide to white survival in Oriental Sydney”[.]


And here Dr James Saleam (“Saleam [Saa-leem],” I say, “isn’t a very European-sounding name.” “It’s pronounced Saleam [Sail-’em],” he says, correcting me. “Saleam.”) sticks his oar in:

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