Creative hatred for gays

The latest issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report (Winter 2010, No.140) has just been published. The lead article examines FBI stats and reports that in the US ‘Gays Remain Minority Most Targeted by Hate Crimes’. It also re-examines the Creativity religion in ‘Neo-Nazi Creativity Movement Is Back’.

Eventually, in 2007, one group of former WCOTC members formed an alternative organization called the Creativity Alliance. The Creativity Alliance viewed Klassen as its founder, to be sure, but eschewed the goal of a future race war and also decided that “it is in the best interests of Creativity for us to adopt a policy of non-participation in the ‘White Power’ social scene.” Still, the Creativity Alliance, which remains active today with eight chapters in seven states, does not seem far removed from its origins. One article on its website rants about “niggers” and “the hideous Jews” and ends with “White man fight!”

The Creativity Alliance’s declaration of non-participation in the movement — whatever that may really suggest — does not mean that more active Creators have gone away. On the contrary, they are showing definite signs of life.

A tiny movement, in Australia, the cult is split three ways between: a) old school Creator Patrick O’Sullivan in Melbourne; b) members of the Creativity Alliance (CA) in Geelong (Victoria), Adelaide (South Australia) and Queensland and; c) a bloke in Sydney (NSW). Until recently, the bloke in Sydney was a member of the CA but got kicked out because he’s also a member of another neo-Nazi group named Volksfront (VF) Australia. The other Alliance members support VF’s rivals in Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins.


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  1. Infidel says:

    Nah, that VF bloke in NSW and the Creativity Alliance are still pals and they work together. They are mature enough to agree to disagree. It is only Paddy that is the ODD one out.

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