NB. Vomitor

‘Evil Invaders IV’ organiser Hushy today fwded me the following statement by Brisbane band Vomitor:

The impetuosity of youth can lend itself to an over-zealous desire to shock and offend for what end up being all the wrong reasons. To be categorical we are not in any way, shape or form racist/fascist/Nazi in thinking or action.

Vomitor were scheduled to play the ‘extreme metal’ festival in Sydney on June 9 but appear to have been withdrawn from the line-up since I made reference to them in a previous post (since amended). I may return to the topic in a future post, but in the absence of any other infos, I think the band should now be taken at their word. Finally, in case there was any confusion on this point, I do not claim that Evil Invaders is a ‘racist’ event or that its organisers in any way support racism; my apologies if any material on my blog was given any other interpretation.

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