7-Eleven : You STILL suck

UNITE set to hit 7-Eleven again – Say NO to the rip-off!

From 5pm – 6pm this Thursday October 16, UNITE will stage an action outside the 7-Eleven store at 391 Swanston Street Melbourne. This store is directly across the road from the RMIT University City Campus.

While a few 7-Eleven workers have told us that they have had slight improvements made to their wages, many more have contacted us recently to tell us about the low wages and poor conditions in their stores.

We are still receiving complaints that some 7-Eleven workers are being paid as little as $8 per hour. At the same time 7-Eleven won’t give UNITE a firm commitment to stop breaking the law.

Every time we stage an action we meet more and more workers that are being underpaid. We now have evidence of serious underpayments that extends to stores in all areas of Melbourne. We have also had contact with workers interstate.

If we are unable to sort this out with 7-Eleven head office, we will have no other option but to further involve the Workplace Ombudsman. It also goes without saying that the regular blockades and actions will continue.

(We are not going back) Don’t back pedal down a broken track
(We are not going back) I’m alright Jack is an easy trap
(We are not going back) No more need for wearing all black
(We are not going back) I’m alright Jack is an easy trap

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