Jörg Haider launches new genre of video

Damn. That was quick! Along with tearful tributes to A Great Man are less respectful documentary recreations of Herr Haider’s life and final, tragic moments on Earth.

1 ) “Jörg Haider: Was wirklich geschah”. *gulp*

2 ) This rather creepy video asks what is to be done with poor Herr Haider’s body?

3 ) Not sure about this one: either Japanese monkeys were responsible for Joerg’s assassination, or Joerg himself is (was) some kinda monkey.

4 ) A cautionary tale: “Haider: don’t hate and drive!”.

5 ) This one reminds the world of the saying: Like father, like son. “Jörg Haider: a pick [pig?] is dead”:

6 ) This video appears to show quite s h o c k i n g documentary footage of the Mossad agents responsible for Haider’s “accident” celebrating in die Straßen: “Abschied von Dr. Jörg Haider: Der Totentanz”.

7 ) “Jörg Haider: Boom shagalag!”.

8 ) This one references both Ian Stuart (Hail!) and Joerg Haider:

“we curse you all”.

Here’s one for all the scum
The objects of our furious rage
The ones that we can live without
Those who drive us fucking insane

The Nazi scum – we curse you all!
The sexist pigs – we curse you all!
The upper class – we curse you all!
Neo-liberal fucks – we curse you all!

Those were really obvious
You all hate them, at least you should
Ironically there’s plenty left
There are scum in a closer range

Bullshitting ‘friends’ – we curse you all!
Cheating motherfuckers – we curse you all!
Greedy rip-offs – we curse you all!
The hardcore elite – we curse you all!

9 ) “You’re my Haider, my Phaeton, my everything”.

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