Anarchy! Spies! Private eyes! Libraries!


Next thing you know, tricksy police and corporate whores will be infiltrating groups, sending undercovers to punk gigs (and to protests wearing Che Guevara caps), and freeing chickens.



Private spies hired by police
Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie
The Age
November 26, 2008

THE internet communications and websites of anti-war campaigners, environmentalists, animal rights activists and other protest groups are being secretly monitored by state and federal agencies.

A Melbourne private intelligence firm specialising in “open-source intelligence” has been engaged by Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and the federal Attorney-General’s Department to monitor and report on the protest movements’ use of the internet.

The monitoring, which has been secretly conducted for at least five years, includes exploring websites, online chat rooms, social networking sites, email lists and bulletin boards to gather information on planned demonstrations and other activities. Many of those monitored have not broken any laws, but it is believed information about their participation in online activities is conveyed to government agencies that also deal with terrorism…

On the other hand, the National Library of Australia has recently decided to archive — “your portal to the world of anarchy in Australia… and beyond”. “As agreed this licence permits the Library to copy your publication into the Archive and to retain that copy and provide online public access to it in perpetuity.”

What next? slackbastard?!?

    Welcome to!

    This site is your portal to the world of anarchy in Australia… and beyond. It contains:

    a Forum;

    a Reading Room with a selection of anarchist texts;

    a Regional Directory to various anarchist groups and projects around Australia, as well as links to various other libertarian sites and;

    a guide to Organising Resources. is hosted by xchange, Australia’s oldest anarchist internet presence. in the PANDORA Archive at

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