Sadie Graham arrested over “fantastic” BNP membership leak

BNP expects more arrests over leaked membership list
Nottingham Evening Post
December 6, 2008

Sadie Graham is an ex-BNP councillor who got the arse in December last year after a falling out with Fuehrer Griffin.

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An inspector calls…
Denise G
Lancaster Unity
December 4, 2008

Earlier this year, in a number of articles referencing the fake fascist Solidarity “trade union”, we stated that the “one big union” had a grand total of 211 members – a figure culled from founding member Tim Hawke’s email statement made to a member of the LU team in May 2007 that Solidarity then had “nearly” 100 members, and Patrick Harrington’s later claim for gains in membership that brought the total in early 2007 to 211.

We have to admit that we were wrong – completely wrong.

However, as our figures came from sources that are known for keeping only the most mercurial of relationships with The Truth, perhaps we can be forgiven the error?

As it turns out, the true figure for membership of the “fighting union” at the end of 2007 was a whopping 124, four of which appear to have “no home or authorised address”. Given the fate of membership lists belonging to fascist outfits, the allegedly homeless four may yet have cause to celebrate their untraceability – always assuming, of course, that they actually exist…

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