Moaron Nick Griffin, the BNP and the APP

More absolutely “fantastic” (Nick Griffin) publicity for the British National Party!

“Fun-loving”, “romantic”, a “good listener” and a former RUC member who loves Thai

On the trail of names on leaked BNP ‘member’ list
Sunday Life (Belfast Telegraph)
November 23, 2008

A pretty blonde mum from Bangor, a lonely heart ex-RUC officer and a former fire chief are among the Northern Ireland people whose names have appeared on a leaked list belonging to the far-right British National Party. Sunday Life has been tracking down some of the 39 local people named on the alleged membership list of around 13,000 people UK wide. The BNP leadership has confirmed the list that has been spread across the internet is largely accurate, but say some non-members names had been added to create mischief. One Northern Ireland man who openly says he’s proud to be a member of the BNP is ex-RUC officer Sandy Alexander from Portstewart. The lonely heart divorcee may support the BNP’s tough anti-immigration policies, but he certainly seems to enjoy the company of foreigners having developed online friendships with a string of Thai beauties on a social network site. Ex-cop Sandy describes himself as “fun-loving”, “romantic” and a “good listener” on his Friendster site where he has posted pictures of himself posing with a machine gun, his sports car and in his old RUC uniform…

Happy Valley Tally Ho Pip Pip

Writer Juanita Carberry’s Right to remain silent
Tim Walker: Edited by Laura Roberts
The Telegraph
November 23, 2008

For many decades, Juanita Carberry kept silent about the confession that Sir Henry “Jock” Delves Broughton allegedly made to her about his murder of Lord Erroll in Kenya’s “Happy Valley”. Now, Mandrake can disclose another secret that she managed to hide: her membership of the British National Party.

“I’ve got a right to belong to any party and I joined the party to sound them out,” says the 82-year-old writer, whose name appears on the BNP membership list leaked on to the internet last week. “I do have some sympathy with them, but have never attended any of their meetings.”

Carberry, whose stepmother, Lady Carberry, was a close friend of Diana Delves Broughton, the wife of Sir Jock and lover of Lord Erroll, adds: “I am certainly not racist. A week before the American election I was going around with an Obama badge. I dispute that he is black, though. He is coloured.”

University of Cambridge upper class twit and BNP Fuehrer bringing racial hatred to The Colonies (like we needed any help)

Racial hatred fears over British visa application
November 23, 2008

The Federal Opposition says it is seeking a briefing from the Government on a visa application from the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin. Mr Griffin is reported to have accepted an invitation to speak in Australia. His visa application is being opposed by Jewish and Islamic leaders who fear his radical views on Britain’s immigration policy will incite racial hatred. The Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull says the Coalition’s immigration spokeswoman Sharman Stone has sought more information from the Government. “Certainly Mr Griffin’s views are completely and utterly abhorrent, absolutely abhorrent and his conduct in the past has, and I have been informed, resulted in him being declined a visa in the past,” he said.

Anyone looking for evidence for the espousal of racial hared could do worse than examine the contents of Australian Protectionist Party (APP) member and webmaster Martin Fletcher’s ‘Downunder Newslinks’ site. (The APP is sponsoring Griffin’s visit.) Along with his provision of a copy of the Muslim Massacre videogame, Martin provides hours of Yanqui infotainment on his ‘news’ site, including documentary videos on Barack Hussein Obama, Holocaust denial, David Duke, Stormfront and dead Nutzi Dr William Pierce (author of The Turner Diaries). Indeed, on Downunder Newslinks, The Turner Diaries, along with The Myth of the Six Million, The International Jew, Did Six Million Really Die? and The Protocols of Zion are all available to help White People interpret the Australian news.

Most recently, the APP has been referred to in connection to the dimwitted patriotik yoof belonging to the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’. According to Liam Houlihan (Sunday Herald Sun, November 23, 2008) “Videos on their websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising ‘race war'”. Videos produced and distributed by guess who? Martin Fletcher and Darrin Hodges of the APP. The soundtrack, incidentally, being provided by Skrewdriver (the World’s No.1 White Supremacist Reich ‘n’ Roll band). In September, neo-Nazis organised gigs in tribute to Ian Stuart Donaldson, the (very dead) lead shouter with Skrewdriver, and co-founder of neo-Nazi muzak network Blood & Honour in Australia (Melbourne) and the UK (Somerset).

Below: One of dozens of racist cartoons promoted by and available on Martin Fletcher’s website. The cartoons were originally produced by Tom Metzger’s US-based neo-Nazi organisation ‘White Aryan Resistance’. “In 1988, Tom and John Metzger sent their best White Aryan Resistance (WAR) recruiter to organize a Portland bonehead gang. After being trained in WAR’s methods, the gang killed an Ethiopian student. Tom Metzger praised the boneheads for doing their “civic duty.” SPLC attorneys filed a civil suit, Berhanu v. Metzger, asserting the Metzgers and WAR were as responsible for the killing as the Portland boneheads. In October 1990, a jury agreed and awarded $12.5 million in damages to the family of the victim, Mulugeta Seraw. In 1994, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review Metzger’s appeal, allowing SPLC attorneys to begin distributing funds from the sale of WAR’s assets. The principal beneficiary is Seraw’s son, Henok, who receives monthly payments from WAR’s bank account.”

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