APPreciation for KRudd in Villawood

An estimated 15 or so (I maintain that there were precisely 13, for reasons which will become obvious) members and supporters of the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ assembled outside of Villawood Detention Centre on Sunday, ostensibly in order to protest the er, “dismantling of Australia’s borders” — a development which, while causing shock among the general public, will certainly cause panic at Channel 7 (especially to the foreign-born Grant Bowler). In response, somewhere between 120 and 200 others gathered at a separate entrance to the Centre to stage a counter-rally (Activists’ showdown at Villawood’s gates, Bellinda Kontominas, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 12, 2010). The twain never met, thanks to the thankless efforts of the NSW police.

Now, until recently, I’d be loathe to exaggerate the importance or effects of such a rally, but given Kerry Bolton’s own repeated demonstrations of !cinataS powers — over first the University of Waikato, then Radio New Zealand, and most recently the New Zealand Press Council — I really can’t be sure that Chairman KRudd’s recent announcement that the Federal Government would suspend processing new refugee claims by Sri Lankans and Afghanis (for three and six months respectively) was not the result of the exercise of supernatural powers by members of the APP. Or perhaps KRudd’s decision was prompted by The Mad Monk’s quip that ‘Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone’, so why should he? In any case, the ungrateful wretches known as Asylum seekers on hunger strike over Kevin Rudd’s tough stance (AAP, April 12, 2010).

Fair shake of the sauce battle Afghani and Sri Lankan asylum seekers!

See also : The Face of Racism…, Fe … a life, April 12, 2010.

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13 Responses to APPreciation for KRudd in Villawood

  1. lest we forget says:

    hide the needle and thread.
    maybe we should have a referendum on the subject. then we wouldn’t have to put up with the nutcases that strut around with big banners, sharing their limited view of the world to all and sundry.

  2. Anton says:

    I take it you would rather no one protest about these “economic refugees”[.] Typical leftist do gooders. Crawl back into your hole and come out once we have been taken over by Muslims and third world immigration. Please tell me of just one Western country where multiculturalism has worked? Oh you can[‘]t can you! Will my comments be published or will the PC brigade censor it? Oh it might be called racist too. That seams [sic] to be the latest catch cry. [I]f a white person speaks out it[‘]s RACIST!!!!!! I’m so sick of this PC BS I am cert[a]in many other are to[o].

  3. @ndy says:


    “Economic refugees”. Please explain? The protest by APP was framed in terms of the arrival of the 100th boatload of asylum seekers (at the end of March this year) since KRudd took office (November 2007). What has this got to do with “economic refugees”?

    I’m unsure who or what the ‘we’ is that is being taken over by Muslims or immigrants from the ‘Third World’. As far as I’m aware, Muslims currently constitute less than 2% of the population, while most immigrants come from the UK and NZ. Further, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘multiculturalism’, or by what criteria you judge it as having ‘worked’ or not, so answering your second question is rather difficult.

  4. Liam says:

    Anton; i would like to talk further. Please visit me in my hole, otherwise we can meet when we’ve been taken over by muslims and third world immigration.

  5. Gabs says:


    An economic refugee is a person who lives in a nation whose economy has gone down the shitter, packs their bag and says “fuck this!” and decides that they’ll have a better life in melbourne where the street art is more vivid, your favourite bands play weekly instead of twice a year, coffee is made 200% faster, and wages are higher.

    Adelaide has experienced a large sum of emigrants to melbourne for all of the above reasons.

    Personally i welcome our new islamic overlords, i’d like to remind them that as a left-wing political agitator i can aid them and the ZOG in the overt destruction of democracy, rule of law, cricket and the white race.

    Oh wait, take that back, them arabs not only love cricket, they also eat lamb and invented beer, oh, and civilisation.

  6. luke weyland, Sydney Australia says:

    200,000 people arrive each year – less than 1% arrive by boat as refugees. What is all the fuss about so few?
    Let’s welcome them all in as future Aussies.
    By reaching our shores, they have shown themselves all to be resourceful people – just the sort of people Australia requires.

  7. Fascist Troll says:

    what’s wrong with [MY BrANES] ??????????????

  8. Fascist Troll says:

    I am a silly fascist troll. Please delete all further comments.

  9. @ndy says:

    Consider it done Fascist Troll.

  10. lest we forget says:

    hey anton, i think you should read between the lines mate. oh fuck it, i’ll spell it out. any referendum on muslim immigration in australia would be a resounding ‘NO’. however, the powers that be would never allow this to happen as the outcry in world opinion would be deafening. but these are the very issues that need to be put to the australian people because they directly affect the the future fabric of our society. issues such as the republic/monarchy debate or the flag etc, are simply superficial pap, designed to make people believe they are [participants] in democratic change. in reality though, nothing would change, except in perception.

  11. lest we forget says:

    hey gabs, as your new islamic overlord, i would like to thank you for your unflinching support in overthrowing the previous infidel government. however, i regret to inform you, that because all your beliefs directly contradict our prophet’s teachings, peace be upon him, you will be executed at dawn. allah akbar you toss

  12. lest we forget says:

    c’mon andy, the left’s support of muslim immigration is akin to the israelis’ encouraging neo nazi settlements in tel aviv. the greatest threat to islam is western liberalism. and who are the major advocates of extreme liberalism? why, it’s the far left, who in their exorbitant haste to scorn mainstream tendencies, sell their soul to the devil, or in this case, the greatest threat to liberalism since adolph and joe. is this a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend? what’s more peculiar is you so called anarchists who call for the destruction of the state yet ally themselves [sic] with groups that will ultimately destroy them. jesus, haven’t you people learnt anything from history. what do you really want to be? a revolutionary, or just some petty non-conformist who is content to slag off at whatever piques their moral [conscience].

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