Steak with a side of hate / Neo-nazi gets over 16 years for murder

There’s good news and there’s bad news.

First, the good news. Last weekend (April 17), scores of boneheads gathered on the Gold Coast. There they ate steak and attended a “younger persons’ music gig”, otherwise known as ‘Hammered’. While the boneheads were able to spend several hours drinking, talking and listening to songs like ‘Kill the Poofs’ and ‘Nigger Hunt’, not all was sweetness and light, as one anonymous bonehead on the B&H Australia site notes: “Unfortunately, prior to the Hammered festival, a great man that spent his life fighting for White rights in South Africa was murdered by black thugs. At this point in the night, a minute[‘]s silence was had to reflect upon Eugene Terre’Blanche of the AWB and his fight for white survival. RIP brother!”

Strangely, while tribute was paid to Eugene Terre’Blanche, no apparent notice was taken of the suicide of Belgian bonehead Dieter Samoy in January of this year. This is unusual as Samoy and his band Kill Baby Kill, under the sponsorship of B&H, toured Australia in 2008, and while in the country even managed to record some tracks with local bonehead Jesse, the vocalist for two of the bands (Death’s Head and Ravenous) who played at the fun-filled Festival.

Now, the bad news.

Neo-nazi gets over 16 years for murder
New Zealand Herald
April 29, 2010

White supremacist Shannon Brent Flewellen has been given a jail term of at least 16 years 3 months for the strangling of a South Korean tourist on the West Coast in 2003.

Flewellen, 30, says it was another West Coast white supremacist, Hayden McKenzie, who carried out the murder of the hitchhiker on a lonely road…

Flewellen confessed to Jae Hyeon Kim’s 2003 murder in the Christchurch High Court earlier this month. He stated that he had helped choke Kim and stomped on his neck until he died (White supremacist admits killing Korean tourist, Keith Lynch, The Press, April 1, 2010).

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