Bloody Massacres, Suicide, Shocking Absence of Common Courtesy: Welcome to the Internets

James Osborne and Clive Hamilton have duly taken note of what are, to them, two of the more disturbing aspects of the Internet: the availability of graphically violent videos (Osborne) and the supposed fact that an “ugly culture of dogmatic and belligerent interventions now dominates social and political debate on the Internet” (Hamilton).

James carefully avoids mentioning which sites qualify for inclusion in his list of shock sites, but one popular site is NothingToxic: NothingToxic includes the video titled ‘Rebels Brutally Execute Soldiers in Eastern Europe’; less an example of “Russian soldiers tortured” than “Russian soldiers murdered”. James also makes references to 3Guys1Hammer (aka The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs) and Budd Dwyer, An hero.

Another execution video — and there are many — is titled ‘Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani’, available on various Russian neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites, and the White supremacist site podblanc.

‘Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani’ began circulating in August 2007, and in October, 2007, a student named Viktor Milkov, 24, “admitted to posting the video but maintained that he received it as an e-mail attachment from a stranger”. In November, a Russian court found naughty Viktor guilty “of inciting racial, religious, and national hatred”. Consequently, he received a fine.

In June 2008, one of the victims was identified as being Shamil Odamanov, 24, a labourer.

Set against a soundtrack of heavy metal music, the video opens with the title “Operation of the National-Socialist Party of Russia to Arrest and Execute Two Colonists From Dagestan and Tajikistan.” There are shots of the countryside that investigators believe is somewhere in the Kaluzhskaya region, about 75 kilometers, or 120 miles, southwest of Moscow.

“We were arrested by National-Socialists,” the two bound men mumble through their gags.

In the next scene, one of the captors, wearing camouflage and heavy black gloves, yells, “Glory to Russia!” then plunges what looks like a large knife into the neck of the man thought to be Odamanov. He is decapitated in seconds [sic].

Then the second man, whom the police have not identified, is shot in the head and crumples face-first into a shallow grave. In the final scene, two men in camouflage, wearing black masks, give Nazi salutes.

In December 2008, “The severed head of a Tajik man murdered last week in an apparent hate crime was discovered in a dumpster in western Moscow… In a disturbing twist, an obscure ultranationalist group claimed responsibility for the slaying by e-mailing a photograph of the victim’s detached head to two human rights organizations.” As I wrote at the time, and in response to an angry yuppie named Dion, who was very upset at my role in promoting a pretty unsuccessful boycott of a local fascist venue, and also angry at my claim that there were neo-Nazis in Russia:

“As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” ~ Dion, December, 2007

Yeah well, at least I haven’t decapitated someone, emailed a Russian human rights organisation with a photograph of the severed head, and given directions as to its location: a dumpster.

Still, you’ve got to laugh, don’t you? I mean, this shit’s pretty funny, yeah? And the people who fight this shit — well, they’re little better than the people who commit such acts, aren’t they?


podblanc, one of the sites which hosts the video, was founded in April 2007 in order to “help make the world a Whiter place”. “American neo-Nazi Craig Cobb runs Podblanc from Estonia, where Cobb moved in 2007 after decades of neo-Nazi activism in America with groups such as World Church of the Creator, White Revolution and the National Alliance. Podblanc features videos detailing combat handgun tactics, offers instructions in how to make Molotov cocktails and other improvised explosive devices, and explicitly celebrates and encourages “lone wolf” terrorism, up to and including hate crime murders of non-whites and Jews.”

podblanc is linked to by Australian Protectionist Party member Martin Fletcher’s Down Under Newslinks (aka ‘Australian Nationalist Resource’: “Tracking Non-White Crime and Events Affected by Immigration”); Martin has a very comprehensive library of neo-Nazi material, none of which is objectionable from the point of view of the APP. In fact, Martin is one of the APP’s forum moderators.

Closer to home, in 2006 several schoolboys — nicknamed the Teenage Kings of Werribee — produced a video of their exploits.

The Teenage Kings of Werribee are a gang of highschool IRL trolls from Australia who raped a mentally-disabled 16 year old girl, set her hair on fire, urinated on her, video recorded it and cleverly uploaded it to their MySpace as Cunt: the movie. Less notably they also egged a taxi, bullied drunks, made chlorine bombs and dropped flares on a sleeping homeless person.

Once publicised, the production of the video was accompanied by much oohing and aahing, as if to imply that this kinda behaviour is rare among teenage boys. In reality, male violence is endemic to Australian society. According to one recent survey (Women’s experiences of male violence : findings from the Australian component of the International Violence Against Women Survey, (IVAWS), Jenny Mouzos and Toni Makkai, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2004):

In the past 12 months, 10 per cent of the women surveyed reported experiencing at least one incident of physical and/or sexual violence. They were more likely to report physical violence (8%) than sexual violence (4%).

Fifty-seven per cent of the women surveyed reported experiencing at least one incident of physical violence or sexual violence over their lifetime. They were more likely to experience physical violence (48%) rather than sexual violence (34%).

The most common form of physical violence during the lifetime was threats of physical harm (33%). However these were often accompanied by actual physical violence.

Sexual touching was the most common form of sexual violence (about a quarter over their lifetime, and three per cent during the last 12 months).

The risk of violence was found to vary based on a number of socio-demographic characteristics. These included:

* younger women reported higher levels of physical and sexual violence than older women;
* Indigenous women reported higher levels of physical violence during [their] lifetime compared to non-Indigenous women; and
* women who were not in a current relationship reported higher levels of physical and sexual violence during the last 12 months compared to women who were in a current relationship.

Anyway, as Clive was complaining:

A few examples.

First, the results of upsetting one of Doug Smith’s mates (vox, Bulldog Spirit), Mark Bastard; another big fan of slackbastard. From the punk rawk forum Bombshell:

    Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:23 am

    @ndy you’re a fucking idiot mate and you better watch your back because when me and my mates are out and about, if we see you, ur dead

    Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:56 am

    @ndy im still going to bash you, fukn gooknigger scum

Naturally, I was kicked off the forum, and the thread was deleted.

From slackbastard:

A teenage girl from Aotearoa/New Zealand, posting from her high skool:

    ashlee♥ Sep 2nd, 2008 at 10:23 am


    you fucking niggers and fucking jews and you fucking commies fuck you all to fucking hell.

    racism will always be there, so why try to fucking prevent it. you are just as bad, making a fucking hate website…
    im a 15 year old fucking girl, and you peices [sic] of filth disgust me!
    ian stuart would kick your fucking asses to fucking hell and back, but noooooooooooo, hes fucking dead, so what the fuck! you are a bunch of pussies hating a fucking dead man!!!


    ian fucking stuart fucking donaldson is fucking amazing. ♥

    dont talk shit, you fucking niggers, go fucking worship your fucking 50cent fucking nigger rapper and that bullshit!


    ashlee♥ Sep 11th, 2008 at 7:58 am

    well @ndy, i hope you die?
    its stupid. if you make a blog about a dead man wheres the fun in that? you sit at home, all alone jerking off to your nigger shit, and writing hate blogs, kinda pathetic. geeze. if anyone deserves a bullet down there [sic] throat, it is indeed you.♥



    ashlee♥ Sep 12th, 2008 at 10:51 am

    i would rather be a precocious teenager than a [sic] old man (or how ever the fuck old you are)
    you deserve too [sic] be fillayed [sic] and have thinners thrown on you. i AM a member of the master race, and you obviously are not.


From ashlee♥’s little friend:

    Emily Nov 3rd, 2008 at 4:55 am


    @ndy, mate, you are a disgrace to the White race if you really accept the Muslims, niggers, gooks and so forth coming into our country and living in ‘harmony’ at other people’s expense by bludging and fucking popping out disgusting kids (only furthermore increasing non-White population) many times whilst White people work their arses off and don’t get as much recognition as non-White immigrants! Fuck that!


According to Clive:

The brutality of public debate on the internet is due to one fact above all — the option of anonymity. The belligerence would not be tolerated if the perpetrators’ identities were known because they would be rebuffed and criticised by those who know them. Free speech without accountability breeds dogmatism and confrontation.

Moderate opinion tends to be based on a more nuanced and thoughtful view of the world and is more inclined to consider alternative views. Yet these are precisely the contributions excluded from discussion by the bullying culture of online forums. There is little scope for the back-and-forward of debate when the normal social rules of respect and reciprocity do not apply.

Perhaps so. But anonymity is relative.

Last month, two teenage boys were tracked down after rather stupidly uploading to YouTube a video of one of them — glennspam1, aka “Kenny Glenn” of Lawton, OK (USA) — abusing a cat named “Dusty”. Unlike the mountains of nutzi BS which saturates the site, the video has been withdrawn from YouTube; like everything else on the Intertubes, it’s still available online if you search for it. It’s pretty awful — not just the abuse, but the attitude embodied in Kenny’s actions. Thus it’s not that uncommon for young boys to take delight in such things, and animals — being basically defenceless — are obviously regular targets for their sadism. Like other forms of abuse, it flourishes in secrecy. Going public, on the other hand, is stoopid — especially with cats like 4chan around…

Oh well.

At least this story has a happy ending.

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  1. professor rat says:

    Hey those examples are not a bug! They’re a FEATURE!

    And if it really is as brutal as they think it is then something Napoleon said could apply. When asked who would take care of these these hard cases it was proposed to transport [them] to French Guinea…’harder cases still’.

    My point is not to favor state intervention in any way shape or form…or is it that some sort of Brinworld is the answer. That is just self-managed repression. My point is that the net gives us the means to meaningfully self-regulate in the form of assassination markets*. and so on. There are any number of these pools running right now. So there are some Nazis and Red Fascists running around – well not for long.

    (my 2c)

    *Jim Bell’s essay has a section on car-thieves that could well be applied to ‘turn down the thermostat’ on fascists. Better to wax a Nazi than Clive the darkness.

  2. Jamie R says:

    James Osborne and Clive Hamilton have duly taken note of what are, to them, two of the more disturbing aspects of the Internet: the availability of graphically violent videos (Osborne) and the supposed fact that an “ugly culture of dogmatic and belligerent interventions now dominates social and political debate on the Internet”

    Hmm. Have they seen my news videos? I am the Yellow Brick Road. I am Mary Poppins. I am Flubber. I am Herbie the Lovebug. I am… okay, you get the point. No you don’t, but! Okay, you get the point.

  3. JohnS says:

    Russians are all n*****s.
    Don’t be fooled by the color of their skin.
    What the fuck are those motherfucking n*****s doing with swastikas and Hitler salutes?
    Fuck Russia, piss on that n***** country.

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