Student charged over Russian neo-Nazi execution video

Russian authorities get involved in “someone else’s bullshit”

Student Charged Over Video
The Moscow Times
October 22, 2007

Prosecutors have charged a student with inciting ethnic hatred after he posted an execution video on the Internet.

The three-minute video, which appeared in August on several ultranationalist web sites, shows two men kneeling in the woods in front of a Nazi flag with their arms and legs bound and identified by a subtitle as “colonists from Tajikistan and Dagestan.” One of the men is shown being beheaded, and the other is shot in the head.

The video ends with two men in black masks and camouflage clothing giving Nazi salutes.

Police in Maikop, the capital of the southern republic of Adygeya, detained a student on Aug. 15. The suspect, identified by Kommersant on Saturday [?] as Viktor Milkov, 24, admitted to posting the video but maintained that he received it as an e-mail attachment from a stranger. Investigators have established that the e-mail came from a different region of the country.

Milkov, a self-described nationalist, was charged with inciting ethnic hatred, said Vasily Semyonov, the head of the Investigative Committee in the regional prosecutor’s office.

If convicted, Milkov could face up to four years in prison. A court has ordered him to remain in Maikop.

It was unclear whether authorities had made any progress in determining who made the video and, if it was authentic, who carried out the killings.

Given the more general reluctance of Russian authorities to investigate all the other violent activities associated with Russia’s burgeoning fascist movement, it’s unlikely they’ll make any progress in determining who made the video any time soon, unfortunately. As for its authenticity, if faked, it’s a remarkably accomplished one. In the meantime, non-Whites, punks and skinheads will continue being butchered by neo-Nazis. And of course, the student allegedly responsible for publishing the video can argue that doing so doesn’t necessarily mean they support its contents… does it? And anyway, the people who object to the literal butchery of individual members of groups of people neo-Nazis don’t like are just as bad as the Nazis, what happened to free speech, and anarchy is a fag.

Locally, ‘Bill’ reckons No Idea aren’t going to play any more gigs at local neo-Nazi venue The Birmy, “but will still drink and organise shows there” — which makes about as much sense as The Worst being selected to support DOA on the weekend (and which also, perhaps, helps to explain why relatively few people saw either). On the other hand, as time progresses, more people appear to be supporting the boycott of the venue, while those who continue to scab on it appear to grow more shrill.

Following Blood & Honour Australia’s and the Hammerskins departure from Fitzroy’s Birmy, the two neo-Nazi groupings have been offered shelter by Melbourne’s Croatian community; specifically, the Melbourne Croatia Social Club, located at the Melbourne Knights home ground in Sunshine. As a result, this Thursday there will be a rally outside of the headquarters of Football Federation Victoria, to demand that the Federation hold an investigation into exactly how club facilities came to be used to promote neo-Nazi organisations and beliefs of the kind that have their logical consequence in the murders in Russia.

WHEN : 12 midday, Thursday, October 25th
WHERE : Football Federation Victoria, 281 Darebin Road, Thornbury

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2 Responses to Student charged over Russian neo-Nazi execution video

  1. Steve says:

    “the two neo-Nazi groupings have been offered shelter by Melbourne’s Croatian community”

    So now you’re blackening the name of the entire Croatian community in Melbourne. How contradictory from a guy who enjoys speaking out against racism yet has no problem blackening the name of an entire ethnicity.

  2. @ndy says:

    “…specifically, the Melbourne Croatia Social Club, located at the Melbourne Knights home ground in Sunshine.”

    In other words, I did not intend to imply that the entirety of Melbourne’s Croatian community is fascist or sympathetic to fascism. That is patently untrue and a slur. By saying specifically, I meant ‘as opposed to generally’. And I don’t “enjoy” speaking out against racism so much as feel strongly enough about the subject to blog about it and to organise with others to do something else about it, albeit on a very small scale, and specifically in reference to a small number of local fascist and neo-Nazi groupings, two of which Melbourne Croatia played host to on the weekend of October 13/14.

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