Oh noes! Wigan Mike goes to court!

See also : Aryan Strike Farce, Malatesta, libcom.org, June 12, 2010.



“Cor” and “blimey”, ‘Wigan Mike’, one of my favourite bonehead commentators (“Nice[,] friendly, Nationalists [sic], gets on with everyone”), is in court in Liverpool, accused of publishing stoopid shit online. Mike has been a member and supporter of or on the periphery of a range of different fascist and neo-Nazi groups, including the BNP, the ‘British People’s Party’, the ‘British Freedom Fighters’ and of course the ‘Aryan Strike Force’:

Soliciting murder accused pair are ‘proud neo-Nazis’
June 11, 2010

Two men spread racist messages with a goal of encouraging the “eradication of ethnic minorities from Britain”, a court has heard.

Michael Heaton, 42, of Manchester, and Trevor Hannington, 58, of south Wales, are accused at Liverpool Crown Court of urging people to kill Jewish people…

On the charges against Mike, The Daily Telegraph (Neo-Nazis ‘urged eradication of all ethnic minorities’ on Aryan Strike Force website, June 11, 2010) has further deets:

…The prosecutor said Heaton made more than 3,000 posts on the ASF website between January and June 2008, before he had a “bust-up” with the organisation and created his own, The British Freedom Fighters.

The website changed its name to Legion 88 and then Wolfpack, before it was closed down.

Mr Edis explained that the number 8 refers to the eighth letter in the alphabet, H. So 88 stands for HH, as in Heil Hitler, a common greeting for neo-Nazis.

Both men used a number of monikers when they posted their comments on the website. Heaton called himself Wigan Mike, and then later Lenny. Hannington gave himself the names Fist, Lee 88 and Paul.

The prosecutor said: “These are the descriptions they gave themselves. It’s how they wish to be named.”

In addition to phantasising about a Fourth Reich, Wigan Mike has also apparently been involved in the ongoing antics of the E, E, EDL. A video of the E, E, EDL rallying in November last year in Wrexham… in er, Wales… LOL… supposedly shows Mike wearing a hoodie (0:11). He also went to an E, E, EDL rally in July 2009.

Whether or not Best Facebook Friends Forever Mike is found guilty as charged, his case and that of his co-defendant naturally brings to mind the earlier trial, and many tribulations, of Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, aka ‘The Heretical Two’, “the first Britons to be convicted of inciting racial hatred online” (see : nutzis are W E I R D : Sheppard & Whittle Go to Jail, July 11, 2009).

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8 Responses to Oh noes! Wigan Mike goes to court!

  1. countrywideBFF says:

    dont belive all you read

  2. @ndy says:

    i dont belive all you read

  3. Andrew says:

    Wow what a witty comeback – so witty in fact, it makes no sense…

    Anyway, on behalf of big capital, big labour, the mass media, Hollywood, the US govt, the EU, the UN, and all the forces of globalisation – I would like to thank you, “@ndy”, for your tireless efforts on behalf of mass immigration, open borders and multiculturalism. This is a big part of our agenda, and we thank you for your unflagging support.

    Thank you also for your valiant efforts to silence and suppress all those who stand in our way and foolishly try to speak up against us. We rely on your efforts and those of other “progressives” like you. And you don’t even want or expect any share in our spoils! “@ndy”, we love you, and all your fellow useful idiots…

    Please keep up the good work!

    PS – anarchy – or should I say “@narchy” – LOL! That’s hilarious! We love your sense of humour!

  4. PMSL says:

    Life’s a bitch. Enjoy your time in jail bonehead.

  5. PMSL says:

    And may all the rest of the boneheads rot in prison too haha.

  6. PMSL says:

    Stood immediately to Heaton’s left is LIAM PINKMAN aka PINO. Another bonehead yob, soon to be jailed, one would hope haha.

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