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Aryan Strike Force : Do Not Collect $200

Huh. Two British neo-Nazis — Michael Heaton, 42 (aka ‘Wigan Mike’), and Trevor Hannington, 58 — have been convicted of inciting racial hatred after posting abusive comments on a nutzi website belonging to the ‘Aryan Strike Force’, a forum utilised … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Wigan Mike goes to court!

See also : Aryan Strike Farce, Malatesta, libcom.org, June 12, 2010. ANDY. ARE YOU ON DRUGS, OR ARE YOU TRYING TO BE FUNNY? “Cor” and “blimey”, ‘Wigan Mike’, one of my favourite bonehead commentators (“Nice[,] friendly, Nationalists [sic], gets on … Continue reading

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antifa notes (december 20, 2009)

Nazis. Silly. Old. Nazis. They’re funny! This post rips-off antifa on Eddy Morrison, the (boo hiss!) bourgeois media on Wigan Mike, and the SPLC on Arfur Kemp… Nazi drunk Eddy Morrison has engineered a split in the NF whilst simultaneously … Continue reading

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