Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And Named. By Morons.

    BEDEMIR: Exactly! So, logically…
    VILLAGER #1: If… she… weighs… the same as a duck… she’s made of wood.
    BEDEMIR: And therefore…?
    VILLAGER #1: A witch!
    CROWD: A witch!

Oh dear.

Dr James Saleam — prominent Lebanese-Australian, former member of the ‘National Socialist Party of Australia’ (1970s) and leader of neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘National Action’ (1980s), convicted criminal (for fraud, in 1988, and for organising, in 1989, a shotgun assault upon the home of the ANC representative to Australasia), and current leader of the ‘Australia First Party’ — has some exciting news.*

Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And Named
October 8, 2010


Several people on this Forum should have an interest in the identity of the primary person who writes as “Andy” on the Slackbastard blogsite.

He is revealed as one Andrew Sadauskas of Melbourne.

Other information sites, newsletters and [f]orums – may carry this information tonight.

Internet searches are only half of the investigative method with such individuals. I was advised tonight that the more regular investigative tools will come into play to provide a more elaborate picture not only of this one person, but the Antifa in general.

I trust the moderator will allow this one post through (given its relevance) despite the usual policy of not debating Antifa etc on this board.

Source :

This is not the first time local nutzis have laid claim to knowing the identity of the author of this blog. Indeed, the source for Dr Saleam’s announcement, a blog named ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (WLT), has previously ‘outed’ and ‘named’ the author as being ‘Andrew Moran’. The (principal) author of WLT has previously been identified as being a man from rural Queensland named Jim Perren. Jim briefly came to the attention of The Australian in 2005 (Greg Roberts, Race-hate campaigner unmasked, August 22, 2005), but is otherwise known for being a former member of the now-defunct neo-Nazi ‘White Pride Coalition Australia’ and a current member of the Australia First Party.

On October 16, 2009 (‘@ndy alone and out in the cold. Anti Fa Crocodile Tears’), Jim wrote that I was an art dealer. “For the past four years @ndy, who we have to assume is Andrew Moran Art Dealer in Melbourne (apologies to Mr. Moran if we are wrong)…” On May 15, 2009 (‘Here it is the evil video Support Brendon’), Jim wrote “Yes @ndy Fight Dem Back Victorian founder AKA jew boy Andrew Moran here it is you racist Jewish scum”. On December 29, 2008 (‘Zog Attacks @ndy Slackbastard. Yeah right!’), he wrote “Yes folks because of persistent accusations from this site that Andrew Moran AKA @ndy is nothing but a Zionist spy old @ndy has…” (blah blah blah); on September 25, 2008 (‘Whitelaw Towers: Anarchist @ndy the Government Informer.’), he wrote “Sorta puts @ndy aka Andrew Moran aka slackbastard in a bit of a jam?”.

Further references to ‘Andrew Moran’ are made on blog entries dated January 25, 2010; September 29, May 21 and May 14, 2009; December 19, 10 and 8 and September 15, 2008; and December 12, November 2 and July 2, 2007.

On September 28, 2009 — a little over a year ago — Jim wrote, in reference to the presence of protesters at that year’s Sydney Forum:

…Seems someone forgot to call them? Or did they? Well Andrew Moran AKA @ndy (yes folks we can confirm that is his real name) had sent one of his little recruits along on Saturday [m]orning…

Of course, that was then, and this is now, and fascist memories being what they are — Holocaust? What’s a Holocaust? — slackbastard’s previous ‘outing’, and the confidence with which it was proclaimed, has been completely forgotten. And now our amateur detective has announced to his neo-Nazi kameraden, fellow members of the Australia First Party, and the wide world of racist kooks, that I am in fact ‘Andrew Sadauskas’.


Naturally, I’ve tried to contact Andrew, but never having met with or spoken to him, and knowing nothing about him other than what Jim Perren has managed to assemble via Google, I’ve not to this point been successful. Sadly, given the obvious desperation with which Jim & Co. have cobbled together their cock-and-bull story — and the murderous joy with which the supposed ‘news’ has been greeted — it may be some time before the sh*t-for-brains at the Australia First Party/Whitelaw Towers, Stormfront, and whichever other “information sites, newsletters and forums” carry this junk realise their stoopid.

So: to reiterate, the author of this blog is not Andrew Sadauskas. A future post will dissect Perren’s claims, and also shine a little further light onto the disturbed minds which have joined in his chorus.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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40 Responses to Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And Named. By Morons.

  1. Jamie-R says:

    It’s all exciting stuff. I, for one, prefer the dark mysterious man standing in the shadows. I even believe that the real @ndy supports the Crows and only poses as a Collingwood Army adherent.

  2. Big (A)//Little (a) says:

    What fucktards they are.

    Oh and Jim Saleam…I’m still yet to see when your victorious Racial Holy War will ever come into fruition? Got news for you mate, isn’t gonna happen so I guess you and the rest of your minions can just hang out in the bunker playing fort in between circle jerks sessions, you pack of fucking wankers!

  3. (A)dam says:

    “It’s all exciting stuff. I, for one, prefer the dark mysterious man standing in the shadows. I even believe that the real @ndy supports the Crows and only poses as a Collingwood Army adherent.”

    i agree jamie, i have on many an occasion spoken to this “andy” person and they have far too many teeth for a collingwood supporter to not make it into the news papers.

    also since this is not the first time and surely not the last time that the identity has supposedly been unearthed i have to ask the right wing knuckleheads that troll this forum, have you ever considered that andy isn’t the author’s real name? or that even if it were the real name that it is not short for andrew but andrea? … or more to the point let’s say that they are called andrew and are male … that maybe just maybe tooling around the interwebs looking for someone called andrew who lives in melbourne (which could also not be true) that thinks nazis are fucking retarded is maybe not the most reliable investigative method?

    seriously though thanks for keeping the interwebs funny.

  4. inglourious_basterd says:

    Looks like this mnemonic is a timely warning for the sad old bastards who spend their spare time when not massaging their withered members in obsessively scanning this blog hoping for a glimpse of their beloved.

    Causes of premature senile dementia = DEEP SHIT

    D = Deficiency B12

    E = Epilepsy

    E = Endocrine (myxoedema)

    P = Parkinsonism

    S = Syphilis (General Paresis of Insane – GPI)

    H = Huntington’s disease

    I = Injury to the head

    T = Brain Tumour

    So which of these conditions are Jammy and his wizened catamites going to own up to?

    I also have it on good authority that RAHOWA is the noise a three week old corpse emits when it releases its toxic gases.

  5. Andrew S says:

    Yes, I confess: I do contribute to a Stamp Collecting magazine. But I’m certainly no Slackbastard (or slack bastard for that matter).

    As for me being this guy:

    Here’s a recent pic of me, judge for yourself:

    I think my “Collingwood smile” and (lack of) dental record speaks for itself.

  6. Andrew S says:

    @Jamie-R unfortunately I’m neither dark nor particularly mysterious :/

  7. @ndy says:

    The guy in that first photo, afaik, is from Sydney. Or was. He had a blog, which is now closed. The event at which the photo was taken — some grog blog thing — took place in like, 2005 or 2004 or something… Anyway, I’m gonna blog again esp inre Jim’s post, but keep in mind that some of these guys are thick as pigshit, so it may take a while before the reality sinks in. And if it doesn’t… Well. Then I’m gonna get on the phone to ZOG, hire me a black helicopter, and hover over their houses blasting Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em ’til they surrender.

    Or maybe Chumbawamba?

  8. @ndy says:

    And one to go on with…

  9. (A)dam says:

    oh and after seeing the photo of andrew S i must say he is definately not slack bastard, i know this cause i know both “andrews”

    andrew S, what up mother fucker? i haven’t seen you in ages … i’m gonna see if i can find you on book face

    also just for the record

    and andrew feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but when we used to hang you were a commie (as i was sadly) and last time i saw you you were a greens member and not that likely to be running an anarchist blog

  10. anonymous says:

    “Naturally, I’ve tried to contact Andrew, but never having met with or spoken to him, and knowing nothing about him other than what Jim Perren has managed to assemble via Google, I’ve not to this point been successful.”

    I know I’m completely over-estimating the morons but *just in case* you probably shouldn’t contact people who they accuse of being you…

  11. weez says:

    C’mon, Jamahl, how long is it going to take for you fucktards to figure out that I am @ndy?

    I’m also Spartacus.

    And Banksy.

  12. PAT says:

    Time will tell all. I feel sorry for Andrew S coping the brunt and anger of so many this Blog has defamed.

  13. The Mad Arab says:

    “Dr James Saleam’s National Socialist Party of Australia’ (1970s) and leader of neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘National Action’ (1980s), convicted criminal (for fraud, in 1988, and for organising, in 1989, a shotgun assault…”

    “…and the murderous joy with which the supposed ‘news’ has been greeted…”

    So, business as usual for the Mad Arab and his pet monkeys?

  14. Andrew S says:

    Indeed I am the (ex-Res) Green you used to hang around about a decade ago. And aside from having run with Dr. Joe at the last Federal election and helping him put together his talkback show I think you’d be able to verify the fact that I’m very much an outsider as far as the Anarchist Left in Melbourne is concerned.

    Anyway, aside from coming home to find out that I’m apparently Slackbastard, I’m doing surprisingly well…

  15. what does Saleam mean with “more regular investigative tools”? … bugs? … or does he own a crystal ball?

  16. @ndy says:


    Saleam doesn’t like bugs.

  17. (A)dam says:

    Entdinglichung… i think it goes something like this,

    Saleam: heil hitler

    Random on melbourne st: piss off douche bag

    Saleam: whats your name?

    Random on melbourne st: carl

    Saleam: ok then

    2 mins later

    Saleam: heil hitler

    Random on melbourne st: get a life nazi twat

    Saleam: whats your name?

    Random on melbourne st: andy

    Saleam: SLACKBASTARD *points finger

    and scene

  18. (A)dam says:

    i think i found your real identity andy

    you’ve clearly infiltrated the libs as a distraction, but you gave your zionist leanings away with representing the seat of “goldstein”

  19. Piltdown says:

    Isnt @ndy married to Jennifer Byrne.

  20. Lumpen says:

    From a Veuve-Clicquot sipping jewish art dealer to a Greens supporter who helps out at a left-wing community radio station. How the mighty have fallen.

    Remember when Reverend Pat heard a guy named Andy worked in a shop so he went there to confront him? Good times.

    And who can forget the time the fash attacked a meeting of sexual assault survivors in order to prevent a completely unrelated blog from republishing things they put into the public domain? The comedy doesn’t stop.

    Speaking of defamation, is it true Jim Perren writes his blog by tapping his keyboard with frozen shafts of his own excrement while singing Redgum hits and cry-wanking to pictures of fallen Anzacs? My sources, which are far more extensive than Google (i.e. Yahoo and Ask Jeeves), say that this is 100% correct.

    More seriously, track record and credibility don’t seem to play a role in the Far Right, otherwise Dr Saleam’s 30 years of complete failure to build and, let’s face it, capitalise on extant racism in Australia would be a topic of regular discussion, although surrounding yourself with a collection of odd human specimens by virtue of an inheritance would be just as interesting to talk about.

    I wonder if Dr Sail ‘Em, who is totally not Lebanese, and Detective Perren will a) feel at all embarrassed and b) issue any sort of apology? I doubt it, but it would be funny to ask them.

  21. Piltdown says:

    “writes his blog by tapping his keyboard with frozen shafts of his own excrement while singing”

    Phrase is so stolen.

  22. inglourious_basterd says:

    I’m Spartacus.

    Told you all for ages but you never believe me.

    I’m taking my sweaty loincloth and going home. 😉

  23. @ndy says:


    Perren blames The Jew for everything, including — and perhaps especially — his own mistakes. So too, Dr Saleam.

    Actually, it’s an old story, and quite a sad one.

    Excerpt from Leviathan by John Birmingham, about a bunch of violent nutters in the ’80s, including a deserving case who comes to a sticky end:

    National Action unexpectedly found itself called upon to explain its position. The party’s slack-jawed mouthpiece denied they were in any way racist. They didn’t believe in the superiority of one race over another. They simply believed that the Anglo-Celtic culture of Australia should not be endangered. As more people noted what they were saying the party’s internal bulletin announced that the time had come for taking it to the streets.

    Student unions noted an escalating number of bashings of Asian students after dark, both on campus and in the clutch of inner city suburbs around the neo-Nazis’ favourite watering holes. There was a shift not just in the frequency of political violence, but also in its intensity and focus. The targets began to change. The party bulletin featured a regular column in which critics of the party would find their name, phone number and address published with an invitation to the ‘curious and adventurous’ to dish out a little nationalist justice. Journalists such as Gerard Henderson, Andrew Olle and Adele Horin who covered the immigration debate or related topics in an unsatisfactory manner began to receive phone calls and death threats late at night. Academics and unionists found their car tyres slashed and graffiti daubed on their houses. Greenpeace and Community Aid Abroad shops were broken into and looted.

    Violent overthrow of the dominant paradigm doesn’t come cheap, however, so in early 1984 the party leadership cooked up a scam to rip off the GIO and raise money to buy all the firebombs, balaclavas and nail-studded clubs they would need to make people understand the righteousness of their cause. A woman who rented a room at National Action’s headquarters came home one day to find the place ransacked, her jewellery gone and party fuhrer James Saleam shaking his head…

    National Action began working its way down the enemies list, widening their attacks from vulnerable students and the occasional journalist to gays, lesbians, Aboriginal, peace and anti-apartheid groups, academics, liberal congregations such as the Pitt Street Uniting Church, the Anti-discrimination Board, union activists and, somewhat recklessly, a couple of Special Branch cops who had been assigned to their case. Terrorising the wives and families of heavily armed secret police­men was not the Nazis’ first step on the happy staircase to success. After National Action raided the meeting of a gay migration lobby group the hammer came down.

    Having suffered through months of harassment the gays were ready for a fight. Their resistance seemed to unnerve the storm troopers and a handful of hysterical pansies and angry dykes proceeded to bitch slap them out of the room. Special Branch quickly obtained a search warrant and charged over to a house in Petersham used as an alternative headquarters by National Action. They found a tape recording and photographs of the raid. Most of those who took part were arrested and charged. The cases were heard in Glebe local court and attended by observers from a resistance group called Community Alert Against Racism and Violence.

    ‘It was unbelievably pathetic,’ said CAARAV’s Betty Hounslow. ‘Shane Rosier, one of their big men, was just this really pathetic bloke in his late forties who was, you know, a bit chubby. He wore these brown trousers that kept riding up the back and an old yukko-looking brown cardigan. They found a lot of weapons in his house… coshs, chains, and studded balls. And his story to the magistrate was that the weapons were part of his collection. He’d always been interested in weapons, he said. His grandfather was a famous gun collector. He and his dad had always wanted to have a gun collection just like old Granddad’s, but they’d never had enough money to collect guns so they had to collect cheaper, working-class weapons. And this was why he had all these things. He said the tape of the raid was left on his doorstep one morning. Like a little abandoned baby.’

    The pressure told and the Nazis turned on each other as deeply repressed suspicions and rivalries burst through to the surface. Everybody seemed to accuse everyone else of being police spies and sexual deviants. The final slide into ignoble collapse was marked by the gunshot murder of Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith in National Action’s headquarters at Tempe a few years later. It was an almost perfect example of the hapless farce which so often attended the adventures of Sydney’s neo-Nazi elite in the 1980s. Bovver, twenty-five years old and already weighing 108 kilos thanks to the three or four stubbies of beer he’d consume for breakfast each morning, was shot eight times with a sawn-off .22 rifle by Perry Whitehouse, ten years his senior but less than half his size, during a drunken, confused and basically pointless argument. When Whitehouse blew him away, Bovver was wearing a singlet bearing the message: Say No To The New Gun Control Laws.

    David Greason, I was a teenage fascist, McPhee Gribble, 1994, pp.303-304:

    On 20 April 1991 — Adolf’s birthday — National Action member Perry Whitehouse gunned down fellow member Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith at the National Action headquarters. What Whitehouse didn’t know, as he closed the hand of his bullet-riddled former comrade around a knife to make it look like self-defence, was that ASIO had bugged the place, and the whole sorry affair was down on tape.

    Smith : What’s it say?
    Whitehouse: Ask him, mate. Just ask him. He’s…
    Smith : You’re the one that’s fuckin’ sayin’ this.
    Whitehouse : Just wait here. Footsteps. I’ll show what I got to say.
    Smith : All right.
    Music. Pause in conversation. Six sharp noises in succession. Distinct sound similar to a gun being fired. Crashing sounds. Music.
    Whitehouse : That’s what I got to fuckin’ say, you fuckin’ cunt.
    Another member, Gregory Jorgensen, then speaks. His words are inaudible.
    Whitehouse : I just killed the prick. You wanna know. Yeah, you wanna fuckin’ know. What’ya wanna know… to kill you too… I just shot the fuckin’ prick. Right. I just shot the cunt. Wanna know.
    Music stops.
    Whitehouse : Because he’s a fuckin’ arsehole, that’s why I shot him. Right. Do you think I’m fuckin’ scared of fuckin’ goin’ to jail. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not scared. Right. I shot the cunt dead. That’s what it’s all about boy, that’s what it’s all about, right. You ain’t got the guts to fuckin’ face up to that, you’re fuckin’ weak as piss. Right, he’s fuckin’ dead. Now we gotta get rid of that body or I’m gonna get rid of the fuckin’ body, right.
    A gasp is heard.
    Whitehouse : Shut up, ya fuckin’ prick.

    Perry John Whitehouse, 35, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 17 years and 4 months imprisonment with a non-parole period of 13 years.

  24. Big (A)//Little (a) says:

    I must admit, it is fun to watch them destroy themselves like this.

  25. @ndy says:

    Depends what you mean by ‘them’, I guess.

    In any case:

    Jim Perren has published a statement by Andrew S, a copy of which Andrew also sent me. I haven’t thought it necessary to publish it as what it basically amounts to is Andrew stating that, contrary to Perren’s idiotic assertions, he’s not ‘slackbastard’. It now appears that boofhead accepts this fact but, not unexpectedly, lacks the decency to publish an apology.

    Andrew writes, in part:

    As you are both undoubtedly aware, I do not consider myself to be an Anarchist. My entire involvement with Dr. Joe has been in helping him put together his weekly talkback radio programme on 3CR, and running on his Independent Radical Senate ticket on the grounds that I agreed with many of the positions he has put forwards (for example, establishing a new people’s bank). While I consider myself to be progressive on many issues, I am at heart a pragmatist and will work with – for example – a Liberal Party member such as Robert Clark, who is the Liberal Party MP for Box Hill. Up until very recently, I was a card carrying member of the Greens.

    So frankly, I have neither the time nor am I of the political inclination to put together a website like Slackbastard. As I mentioned in my last e-mail, I’m very much at the periphery of the Anarchist community in Melbourne, do not mix in ANTIFA circles, and do not know many people within the Anarchist community in Melbourne aside from Dr. Joe.

    On Stormfront, Dr Jim writes:


    I thank a few people here for the e-mails. Interesting how the ‘Andy’ character on Slackbastard insists he doesn’t even know Mr. Sadauskas. Odd then, how two prominent anarchists both live in the same town, know the same people in their scene, think the same thoughts and so on, but haven’t met – and one says he knows next to nothing about the other?

    It looks like ‘Andy’ has been stuck like the proverbial pig. From what on-the-ground sources are saying it is not only the “far-right” (sic) who have tired of this over-inflated n[o]thing – whom I was amused to see was considered “sexy” by a visiting overseas anarchist “comrade”. Sources say too that ‘Andy’ has truly chalked up a long list of sour leftists who read his rants; perhaps he may not be so “sexy” if some of them get physical? The history of Melbourne leftism is one that certainly includes sectarian violence.

    The lash out on his blogsite at all and sundry suggests [P]rozac might help him now.

    From what I hear, there is a lot more to come as this affair rolls on.

    Which fact suggests that, while the underling acknowledges his boo-boo, the master remains joyfully — and probably willfully — ignorant. Keep in mind that this sorry excuse for a man was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 3 1/2 years jail for organising a shotgun assault upon Eddie Funde’s Sydney home in 1989; further, that shotgun pellets from the assault were found lying next to the cot in which Funde’s infant child was sleeping. The mind boggles at the moral calibre of the 500 individuals who have joined his party.

    PS. ASIO has released to slackbastard EXCLUSIVE video footage of Dr Jim’s reaktion on being told that The Great Unveiling was a phantasy of his own makings:

  26. The Mad Arab says:

    re: Saleam’s last post on SF


    He didn’t get the memo!


  27. baz says:

    We all know your real name is Andy Kershaw.

  28. Piltdown says:

    He’s fourth in line for the English throne!

  29. inglourious_basterd says:
  30. dj says:

    What we got here…is a failure of information literacy.

    These guys probably think that everyone using Twitter is an anarchist because they put @ symbols in their posts.

  31. @ndy says:

    Literacy is for Jews.

  32. (A)dam says:

    “These guys probably think that everyone using Twitter is an anarchist because they put @ symbols in their posts.”


    brilliant… only problem is the obvious hole in the joke … these cunts “thinking” … don’t see it happening

  33. Jaque says:

    If I were in the position of the ‘Slack Bastard’ blog owner, I would be very aware of what is being typed… it could lead to legal ramifications from Jim Saleam.

  34. @ndy says:

    G’day Jaque,

    If youse was the slackbastard youse would prolly ask: ‘But Jaque, the fish?’ Also: if you would like to point to any factual inaccuracies in the above post, please feel free.

    In the meantime:

  35. Jaque says:

    If it is of any concern, I have worked with Jim on a number of occasions. My name is mentioned in his new autobiography on page 187.

  36. Hobbit says:

    If WLT,Slackbastard or Australianidentityforum was to collapse,the other 2 sites would be left with little to write about. You all bitch about each other. Real(not keyboard commando`s)WN`S laugh at all 3 sites. I personally dont care who @ndy really is,yeah could be Andrea for all I know. APP carries on about anti imigration and how jim saleam is a camel jockey yet does not like it when people ask about Nick Folkes and his relationship with a sl*nt*y*,hypocritical eh. I hate both parties seeing both of them as hypocritical wankers. One led by a half breed arab,the other by a Race Traitor. Saleam is a lebo name as common as Smith in Lebanon and its a known fact that while Nick folkes is a Race Traitor,APP`s other spokesman,Darrin Hodge`s went onto a jew website looking for allies in his fight against muslims. When people hear APP`s anti immigration spiel,then see N.Folkes with an asian wh*r*,they wonder what else he is bullshitting about.When people hear AFP carry on about muslims,then see that their leader has the surname Saleam…bloody hell are you lot really that stupid that you think the ordinary person in the street cant see your bullshit. If you want people to listen to you,dump your paranoid leaders…saleam,perren and hodges have done more damage to WN in Australia than @ndy could ever hope to achieve.

  37. Lolracist says:

    @ndy, when are you going to reveal to the world your true identity – that you’re the other half of Daft Punk.

    Keep the beats comin…

  38. Abdul Rahman says:

    “Racist Jewish scum”
    Oh the sweet irony embedded in such a statement. Only a racist could utter such a combination of words and expect to be taken seriously.

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