Happy Birthday Mister Hitler!

Born on April 20, 1889, Mister Hitler — a monorchid — committed suicide on April 30, 1945… or did he? Dead or alive, Nazism didn’t go away, and even today racist creeps dream of a Fourth Reich; some even attempt to celebrate The Psychopathic God‘s birth (see : Smoke bomb ends Hitler birthday party).

Ah well.

A useful introduction to neo-Nazism is The Beast Reawakens (Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1997) by Martin A. Lee. The ‘Introduction’ to the book is available online here. Otherwise, a brief guide to local (Australian) neo-Nazi reich ‘n’ roll can be read elsewhere on my blog, while Czech antifa have recently produced a handy guide to ‘Rock Against Communism’ here.

‘Kill Baby Kill’ is one of several bands mentioned in the guide, and it’s worth noting that KBK toured here several years ago (2008). In order to avoid a prison term for assault, Dieter Samoy, the lead singer, committed suicide upon returning home to Belgium. I should also add that the neo-Nazi KBK is no relation to the band from Alabama. Otherwise, local nazis recently celebrated their superior status on the Gold Coast, and will Carry On Sieg Heiling in Melbourne come September.

Finally, note that various neo-Nazi groups will be marching across Europe, including the Czech Republic, on May Day — not without resistance, of course, and a massive police escort. (Although in Germany it appears that the NPD has opted to organise for April 30.) For their part, Czech antifa have organised a gathering for May Day which includes speakers such as John Holloway and bands like Heaven Shall Burn, who done wrote covered the following ditty:

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