KKK in Victoria? Uh-huh…

Former KKKlown turned fun-da-mentalist Xtian Johnny Lee Clary — FROM BURNING THE CROSS TO PREACHING THE CROSS! — is touring Australia again (March–May) and once again making spurious claims. In fact, precisely the same claims he made during his last tour in 2009. Thus Clary strikes the same alarmist bell about 1) KKKlowns recruiting school children and 2) a non-existent National Front.

Former top clan [sic] leader claims jobs fall adds to rise of KKK in Victoria
Mitchell Toy
Sunday Herald Sun
March 11, 2012

JOB losses are contributing to a growing white supremacist movement in Victoria, according to a former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Rev Johnny Lee Clary, who rose through the ranks of the Klan in the US before renouncing racism and turning to God, said hate groups were active in Melbourne and across the country seeking to recruit white youths.

Ahead of his speaking tour this week, Rev Clary said the group National Front, active in Melbourne, resembled the KKK.

“I have spoken to kids in schools who have told me they have been approached to join these groups,” he said, adding that economic turmoil was a driver for a growing white supremacist movement worldwide, including in Australia.

“When the economy gets bad and people lose their jobs, they need someone to blame for that.

“Hitler didn’t come to power when everyone had money and a home. He came to power when everyone was poor and feeling badly treated.”

In reality, the KKK is, and remains, an extremely marginal presence in Australia. In January, a few racist morans played dress-up in an attempt to intimidate members of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (no doubt emboldened by the media hysteria surrounding Joolya’s shoe) and a year or three ago two loons in Melbourne declared themselves to be the ‘Christian National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’ to no great effect. Both were interviewed by Carl D Thompson (aka the National Socialist Movement in Australia) whose Internet broadcasts are promoted on VNN and meet with the enthusiastic applause of former ALP candidate Peter Watson.

As for the National Front, there was once an Australian version of the NF, based in Melbourne. But that was, like, over 30 years ago.

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