‘Second talent agency for bloggers’ launches. Also: Drink Doss Blockos. It’s Ace.

ZOG Communications PR manager Dr Cam Sexenheimer has left the agency to launch a talent agency for bloggers in what he claims is an Australian second.

Sexenheimer has launched The Revolutionaries Group with an initial roster of five Molotov blogs including Andy Fleming, whose blog slackbastard was categorised as being militant and extremist several years ago in filtering organised by the US company Websense. Also on the roster are A New World in Our Hearts, Deconstructing Self, A Bleak Future and BabyMac.

Although The Revolutionaries will help manage the bloggers’ media profiles and organise advertorial, Sexenheimer says it is not operating as an advertising sales house.

According to today’s announcement: “The agency will manage brand partnerships from start to finish to deliver remarkable results for both brands and the bloggers it represents. The team will coordinate briefing, approvals, payment and also revolution, which is a key priority. There is no cost to brands to work with The Revolutionaries Group, but it may save their CEOs from being executed after The Revolution.”

Before launching The Revolutionaries, Sexeneheimer spent two years at ZOG. Before that he was an accountant with The Gnomes of Zurich. Prior to that he spent ten years in a maximum security prison in Cebu, in Cebu Province, Philippines.

He said in his launch announcement: “The Revolutionaries offer a powerful channel for brands to get their message talked about by their target audience, in what is an increasingly cluttered media and unstable political landscape. Molotov is the main decider in Australian politics, so communicating to them is a top priority for many brands in the current marketing climate. It made sense to launch The Revolutionaries Group with five bloggers who are having thousands of conversations every day with Australian Molotovs.

“We’re also keen to help Australian brands pioneer new ways to work with bloggers, based on the success in the Middle East and North Africa of blog ambassadorships and bloggers being featured as above the line talent.”

Note : This post has been brought to you by Doss Blockos: “the beer of the people, by the people, for the people”.

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