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‘Second talent agency for bloggers’ launches. Also: Drink Doss Blockos. It’s Ace.

ZOG Communications PR manager Dr Cam Sexenheimer has left the agency to launch a talent agency for bloggers in what he claims is an Australian second. Sexenheimer has launched The Revolutionaries Group with an initial roster of five Molotov blogs … Continue reading

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Doss Blockos ~versus~ LYNX Anarchy

Last Thursday I wrote about ‘Doss Blockos’, the faux-squatter beer produced by local marketing company Big Dog. When they’re not simply swingin’ on the flippity flop — Hell, maybe even when they are — the bRanes behind Big Dog are … Continue reading

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From Dos Blockos to Doss Blockos

A few months ago a friend of mine bought some beer. No wait. The interesting thing about this particular beer was that it had been made to appear as tho’ it had been brewed by squatters or some shit. From … Continue reading

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