Melbourne District By-election 2012

I’m excited!

The by-election for the Victorian State Parliament is taking place on July 21 and there are no less than SIXTEEN candidates, including anarchists, Christians, communists, consumer-rights activists and more!

The winner is almost certainly going to be Labor or — less likely — the Greens. Scandalously, the Sex Party have preferenced Labor ahead of the Greens. Then again, the Greens prefer Labor to Sex.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Only One Team In Leipzig says:

    Can O’CONNOR, Patrick match recent outstanding electoral results for workers vanguard parties such as the 80 votes received by the Communist League of New Zealand in the last election? Could we be looking at another KKE? Can you give me odds, @ndy?

  2. @ndy says:

    Oh ha ha ha Mister ‘Only One Team In Leipzig’.

    Look, if international students could vote, I’d bet the final vote tally for O’CONNOR, Patrick could easily burst through the notorious 100 vote barrier — possibly even double it. And before you begin to complain about his sartorial approach, Patrick’s failure to wear a suit and tie — while it may appear to suggest a certain shabbiness in his approach to the working class electorate of Melbourne — must be understood in its historical and social context. With regards the former:

    “We are living through a genuinely historic period… We have seen a military coup in Egypt, followed by the orchestrated election that installed a Muslim Brotherhood leader as president; in the US the Democrats lost the recall election against Wisconsin governor Scott Walker that was used to derail a mass working class struggle against attacks on public sector wages, pensions, and jobs in the mid-west state; in Canada, mass protests continued in Quebec against student tuition fee hikes and against antidemocratic repressive laws introduced to try to crush the student strike; in Europe, the Spanish banks received a €100 million bailout, a desperate move that plunged the world financial markets into further turmoil, while elections in Greece saw a pro-austerity coalition government installed to impose further savage cuts against the working class.”

    As for the social context, many voters in Melbourne are yoof, and this, more casual attire naturally strikes a chord with this cohort. Call it pandering to the masses if you like, but politics is srs business.

  3. Kieran says:

    From the official campaign website of Gerrit Hendrik SCHOREL-HLAVKA, independent candidate…

    I am, as a (CONSTITUTIONALIST) CONSULTANT to FOLEYS LAWYERS taking on the might of the Commonwealth of Australia and so the Family Court of Australia, to which I consider their unconstitutional conduct.

    With qualifications like those, how could you vote for anyone else?

  4. Kieran says:

    And I note two former Greens candidates are standing as Independents.

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  6. Raphela says:

    Sex Party for federal and state. No other party that makes more sense and less evil than the two assholes Labor and, the worst of all, Liberals.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want some crazy invisible-man in the cloud Prime Minister/party leading Australia. Neither do I like the Carbon Tax because it doesn’t make sense.

    As for Egypt, well since the Muslim candidate won as president, all Muslims support a law that allows people who are convicted of stealing or caught stealing to cut off their hand, which is an old Arab law most likely dating way before Muhammad made up his religion. And Christians over there. Peaceful Christians are getting all types of craps from the Muslims.

    I don’t believe in religion, and I understand living in such a country you have to believe in a religion otherwise you will die. But I’m thankful for living in Australia. My parents are Egyptian, and through hard-work, they earned a successful living in Melbourne with other members.

    As much as I wish, there shouldn’t be any religion in the world. And the fluoride in water, like all the other things, are causing people to believe this stupid stuff more likely.

  7. @ndy says:

    If yr concerned about religious influence over Australian politics, why not vote Secular?

    As for Egypt, well since the Muslim candidate won as president, all Muslims support a law that allows people who are convicted of stealing or caught stealing to cut off their hand, which is an old Arab law most likely dating way before Muhammad made up his religion.

    That doesn’t make sense. That is, just because Morsi has become President doesn’t mean all Muslims (in Egypt) support amputation as punishment for theft. Secondly, Morsi has not proposed changing Egyptian law to accommodate this. Thirdly, real power remains with the military. Fourthly, while support for such punishments pre-date Islam, it’s not an exclusively Arabic practice, and others cite The Bible in support.

    Yr right about the fluoride though. It’s a Communist plot.

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