Inside the bRanes of Larry Pickering (via @sexenheimer)

Larry Who? Apparently, some bloke what does cartoons and hatesss the nasssty Joolya (Jew Liar amirite?). Anyway, he has some very interesting views on race and stuff. NB. There is no legislation to cover blue moustaches.


The bleating Jews who actually believe they are God’s people are still combing the world looking for war-crime culprits. There are now more “searchers” than potential culprits.

The silent Chinese got on with business after the Japanese slaughtered twice as many of them as did Germans Jews and four times as many as did Germans Russians and as many as did Russians Russians…(thanks to Stalin).

There are more people being butchered to death right now in the Congo than there were Jews butchered.

Of course the “holocaust” happened but it was one of the many episodes of war and far from the worst in terms of human life. But Jews believe they are God’s people… so they are more important.

The vanity-driven, thieving Jews did not have a country so they stole someone else’s with the West’s (and the East’s) blessing… and we wonder why we are hated.

Sure, the Jews are more industrious and inventive than the lazy Arabs. The Arabs have used receipts from the West’s addiction to oil to build crass monuments to themselves. An oil drunk Arab’s benchmark of success is to have a hundred more Rolls Royces than his cousin. The Jews have built a highly sophisticated nation from worthless rocky ground… without the aid of oil reserves, but so what? It’s not their land to succeed with.

And occupation is always a basis for endless war.

Uganda’s foul black excuse for a human, Idi Amin, kicked every Indian out of the country. Fijii [sic] wants to do the same. The Solomons and new Guinea are hotbeds of violent racism. Why is it that only white people are accused of racism? Can we have white only universities? There are black only universities. Mmmmm.

Japanese only marry Japanese and won’t let Europeans buy land. Chinese allow Filipinos into their country but only to work as housemaids or hookers. Could we do this with New Guineans?

Asians actually believe that because they don’t have hairy bodies and we do, we are closer to the apes. They don’t say that to us but they say that among themselves. To the Chinese we are known as “gwai’lo” meaning a white ghost but that is not considered a racist remark to us. Yet if you reciprocate with a “yellow something” it would be more than politically incorrect and the Chinese would be up in arms trying to get you gaoled through the implementation of their ample anti-discrimination legislation… legislation framed only for the protection of the Chinese.

An Asian calls a European-educated Asian a “banana”! Yellow on the outside but white on the inside. So, we Europeans are the racists, eh?

If a man with a blue moustache bashes you each time you leave your house, will you come to fear, avoid, hate and vilify men with blue moustaches? Quite a normal reaction if you do, yet isn’t this a form of racism or discrimination against men with blue moustaches? I think so… oh, and I forgot to mention he was black, so now it will be racial discrimination! There is no legislation to cover blue moustaches.

Aborigines are considered exploited, but were others here before them? Who was really here first? Do we know? If we did know, do we care? Should we care? Who was really anywhere first in this vast world?

If original indigenes of every country had never been defeated we would all still be living in the stone age.

Aborigines are many times more racist than we are. Australia has Aboriginee-only [sic] bars in hotels. I was once told to leave one or risk having my head kicked in. “Whities” are banned from many parts of Australia.

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6 Responses to Inside the bRanes of Larry Pickering (via @sexenheimer)

  1. Bree says:

    “Aborigines are many times more racist than we are. Australia has Aboriginee-only [sic] bars in hotels. I was once told to leave one or risk having my head kicked in. “Whities” are banned from many parts of Australia.”

    I wouldn’t waste your energy on this guy.

  2. @ndy says:

    Oh I’m not — merely noting it w wry amusement. Others are gonna have a field day w it.

  3. Bree says:

    On second thoughts . . . now I realise he is employed by ‘The Australian’ I think there is every reason to expose his racist diatribe. Ta.

  4. FairGo says:

    This guy has a cancer inside and it’s growing – I predict he will get still worse and then cark it – and his memory will be like dust. Doctor FairGo has spoken.

  5. Fidel says:

    pickering scares the bejeezus out of me, mostly because people who comment on his facebook page take the ooze that dribbles from his pen and soak it up like bubble bath (i don’t like to tell them that it may be faeces)…
    But I was wondering where you got the quotes above (is it just one rant from him or a collation of several)

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