Occupy Reflects (Melbourne)

Some locals have published a collection of brief essays called “Occupy Reflects’.

Download | Zine Library.

From the introduction:

On 15 October 2012 we celebrate the anniversary of Occupy Melbourne and this collection of short essays has been published to commemorate the day. This journal grew out of an event planned and facilitated by community organisers, also entitled “Occupy Melbourne Reflects,” which proved to be an incredibly fruitful and valuable experience. There was something remarkable yet uncanny about seeing the same activists but in a different (indoor) space, the same smiles, but no police, the same banter, but without the threat of violence; it was as if we finally had a chance to think. This journal, then, is a product of the success of that day, sparked by the insight that social movements need a space to reflect on what has happened. Reflection and critique are not just optional extras, but are essential parts of campaigning for social change.

See also : Reflections on S11 and AWOL (September 7, 2010).

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