Angry Tory Anderson : Gunnin’ 4 A Seat in Greenway?


Twelve months ago, Angry Anderson was a National. Now — suddenly — it appears he’s a Liberal. And gunnin’ for a seat in Greenway. Even better, Angry’s NEW! political confidante is Peter ‘Children Overboard’ Reith:

After a failed tilt to run for the Nationals in the south coast seat of Gilmore, Mr Anderson said a friendship that developed with former Howard Government minister Peter Reith during SBS’s Go Back To Where You Came From had become the driving force for his switch of parties this week and ambition to take on Labor MP Michelle Rowland.

Mr Reith and Mr Anderson have spoken every few days since the show was filmed in March and Mr Reith had become Mr Anderson’s defacto political advisor.


Should the Liberals accept Gary’s nomination as a working-class Tory? Can Angry steal Rowdy’s seat from his house on the northern beaches? Will Greenway succumb to the angry charms of Mr Anderson? Might the Conservatives rule the West?

PS. Remember: revenge is a dish best served cold!
PPS. We rule! OK! (Death to all you commie scum!)

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