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not really a post so much as a note to self: a SAlt member has written an article examining the public reaction to the rape and murder of jill meagher in melbourne in september. it’s a bit controversial. according to the author:

The horrible rape and murder of Brunswick woman Jill Meagher has been successfully used by the media and authorities to promote a right wing political agenda. Widespread public sympathy has been manipulated in a way that reinforces right wing prejudices, obscures class divisions and encourages identification with authority and the state. The associated mobilisations have likewise not been a positive development, despite what many on the left have argued.

in other spotterly news, SAlt (SA) has issued another thing with the things about unity.

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  1. @ndy says:

    1. Louise’s article has a number of v obv flaws but is prolly of most interest in terms of outlining the posi SAlt has taken re local campaigns (RTN) — tho’ poss also as exemplary of broader political diffs w other Leninist grps).
    2. The thing w the ‘Why I joined…’ is neat. Good for them. I hope their angry resignation letter in years to come makes ref to it too.

  2. Con Oilseed says:

    In regards to 2., it doesn’t end there but continues here:


    The criticism of thanking the cops relates to one person in control of the Reclaim the Night Sydney Road Facebook page thanking them online after the event, leading to some heavy criticism in the comments.


    (And the cops weren’t too pleased after the event.)


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