Vive Clement Meric

A French teenage antifascist named Clement Meric was murdered by boneheads in Paris on Wednesday night. The boneheads are reported to be members of the neo-Nazi group JNR (Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires (Nationalist Revolutionary Youth)). JNR has been around for some time now — having once upon a time been confronted by redskins — and has a long history of fascist vigilantism. Its leader is a fella by the name of Serge Ayoub aka ‘Batskin’. (Like the leader of the Australia First Party, Dr James Saleam, Ayoub — born in 1964 to middle class parents — is of Lebanese descent.) The murder of Meric takes place only a few weeks after a fascist intellectual blew his own bRanes out in a church (see : Goodbye Monsieur Venner, Hello French Hammerskins!, May 22, 2013) and during a period when the extreme right National Front is doing rather well in the polls.

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  1. LeftInternationalist says:

    The NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) put out this statement on the murder:

    “Clément, a young anti-fascist activist, was beaten to death yesterday in Paris by a radical far-right group, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youth.

    We affirm our indignation, our anger, our solidarity with his family and his comrades after this attack. This type of groupuscule has felt encouraged in their violent actions after the demonstrations against gay marriage, the “French Spring”, the growing audience for the National Front and the far right as a whole. Similar attacks have occurred in Lyons, Touloues and Poitiers. These groups have targets: progressive activists, trade-unionists, their organisations and more broadly all those who want a political alternative to this society of exploitation.

    The democratic and progressive movement must realise the need to mobilize, to stand together on the broadest base possible in order to stop their ability to do harm, to drive back their ideology.

    The NPA calls for support for all the solidarity rallies taking place in Paris today: 5pm at the metro station Havre Caumartin and 6.30pm at Saint-Michel.

    Montreuil 6 June 2013”

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