Against Golden Dawn & Australia First : counter-protest in Brisbane, Friday, May 2

Above : Cover of Χρυσή Αυγή (Golden Dawn) magazine, 2007.

On Friday, May 2 members of the Brisbane branch of the Australia First Party (AF) have organised a march and rally with local supporters of the Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn (GD). The fascists intend to assemble at The Greek Club (29 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane) for a rally at 11.30am and then march on the Greek consulate (Level 36, Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane) to hold a picket between 1pm and 4pm in support of GD.

Having already held rallies in solidarity with GD in Sydney in December 2013 and February 2014, this is the first time that AF has publicly announced a protest of this sort prior to its occurrence. It therefore represents an opportunity to show AF, GD and the wider public that open expressions of support for racism, fascism and neo-Nazism will not be tolerated. (Note that AF previously attempted to disrupt the 2014 Invasion Day march in Brisbane.)

For more details on AF and their neo-Nazi cousins in GD see ‘False dawn: fascism in Greece and Australia’, overland, April 11, 2014.

[Facebook event page here.]

Above : Dr Jim Saleam, leader of AF, now and in his yoof.

See also : When the State turns Antifa, cognord, October 26, 2013 | Antonis A Ellinas, ‘The Rise of the Golden Dawn: The New Face of the Far Right in Greece’.

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4 Responses to Against Golden Dawn & Australia First : counter-protest in Brisbane, Friday, May 2

  1. [pseudonymous nazi] says:

    You’re going to counter-protest a protest in solidarity with a Greek party being held unjustly by a corrupt government? You guys seem to forget that two members of GD were slain by the left. You seem to willfully overlook the amount of violence on the left side of politics in Greece, which has been BLOODY. And you seem to believe that there is only ONE political ideology fit for the entire world and that — if I can even characterize it — is some kind of permissive, supposedly ‘progressive’ politics from the left side. You call these guys fascists and here you are organizing to try and shout down a perfectly legitimate demonstration (all-be-it unrelated to anything happening on our shores). But being as this is about Greeks wanting to retain their rich cultural heritage against the forced integration with extraneous peoples from disparate cultures you might ask yourselves if you would defend the rights of Tibetans to protect their cultural identity. If the answer is yes, how come the same doesn’t apply to Europeans? Why is that Sweden must now, under the most intolerant form of mind-washing socialist government, replace Swedish identity with an abhorrent polyglot of Africans and Arabs and sub-continentals fleeing their OWN KIND, who have no interest in Swedish identity and actively deride it. Just as ONE example. When you get to the core of the right and wrong of cultural defense therein lies the understanding of what Golden Dawn represents. It’s guys like you that need to fall in the streets. You won’t ever change. There’s no arguing with you. You simply have to fall. It’s no longer a dialogue between Whites and ‘others’, it’s a dialogue that only righteous Whites can have between each other and I do not include the likes of you lot as ‘White’, even if your skin is pale. You are most definitely ‘other’. And you better show your numbers because the far right is rising all over and YOU better take note because when the day comes there’ll be plenty of you riding the whirlwind.

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day nazi,

    First, you may not realise it, and you must imagine yourself addressing a different audience, but ‘you lot’ is actually just me.

    Secondly, yes, I’m helping to publicise a counter-protest.
    Re the prosecution of Golden Dawn, there would appear to be a prima facie case for declaring it a criminal organisation — it has a strict hierarchy, engages in criminal activity, etc — but we’ll have to wait and see what the court declares; the outcome is far from certain.
    Yes, the Greek government is corrupt.
    No, I haven’t forgotten that two GD members (Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis) were murdered in November last year — ostensibly in retaliation for the murder of Killah P.
    No, I haven’t overlooked violent acts by the left in Greece (if you search my blog you’ll find occasional references to such activity). I draw much of my information about goings-on in that part of the world from the Occupied London blog.
    No, I don’t believe that there is one political ideology etc, but I do argue from a broadly anarchist perspective.
    Yes, I do think it’s reasonable to argue that both AF and GD are fascist organisations.
    No, I don’t think GD is “about Greeks wanting to retain their rich cultural heritage against the forced integration with extraneous peoples from disparate cultures”.

    More later …

  3. @ndy says:

    The core of Golden Dawn is fascism.

  4. ablokeimet says:

    A Fascist group is a standing conspiracy to murder. Those who are in its gunsights (racial and secual minorities, Leftists, unionists and, above all, Jews) are entitled to use reasonable force in self defence.

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