From Athens to Brisbane: No to Golden Dawn! #antifa

In brief:

On Sunday evening (April 13) 60 Minutes broadcast ‘Greek Tragedy: The rise of Europe’s neo-Nazis’ on the sudden popularity of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn organisation in Greece. In cooperation with local fascists in the Australia First Party, GD in Australia has organised a rally, march and picket of the Greek consulate in Brisbane on Friday, May 2. In just four days over 150 people have indicated they may attend the protest against the Australia First and Golden Dawn parties in Brisbane (please continue to invite others to attend: the more the merrier).

On Stormfront, AF Brisbane organiser Aaron Heaps has implored nazis and assorted other fascist dregs in Brisbane to support their rally/march/picket. Tomorrow, an interview with Aaron will be broadcast on 4ZZZ radio (alongside one with an antifascist).

Yesterday, two Greek men, Dionyssis Liakopoulos, 25, and Christos Steriopoulos, 29, were sentenced to life in jail for murdering Pakistani migrant worker Shehzad Luqman, 27, in January, 2013. See : ‘2 Greek neo-Nazis on trial for murder of Pakistani’ (The Dawn, December 29, 2013):

Both accused deny being members of the neo-Nazi party and Steriopoulos has rejected “any ideological involvement in Golden Dawn” and allegedly condemns the party. Both men say they got into an argument with the victim after he blocked their path with his bicycle.

But Petros Konstandinou, of an anti-fascist movement [sic], rejected their statements, telling the press: “In cases like this, they always deny”.

“Today is International Migrants Day. I hope that the legal system will do its job and convict them,” as the case was only “the tip of the iceberg” of Golden Dawn wrong-doings.

Pakistani community representative Ashlam Tzavent claimed Golden Dawn was responsible for “six or seven murders” and “dozens of attacks” that have never been prosecuted. Human rights and immigrant defence groups have called a rally for later on Wednesday outside the Athens courtroom, where the trial opened under a heavy police presence.

This week Golden Dawn members also harassed a medical clinic in Athens, guilty of providing care for migrants:

A neo-Nazi mob affiliated to the Greek Golden Dawn party has intimidated a polyclinic of the human rights organisation Medecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) because it was providing healthcare services and medication to immigrants.

The gang of around 30 people, dressed in the far-right party’s uniforms, shouted “Blood, honour, Golden Dawn” and “Foreigners get out” outside the polyclinic in the Athens suburb of Perama, even though the facility also treats Greek patients.

See also : Impunity, excessive force and links to extremist Golden Dawn blight Greek police, Amnesty International, April 3, 2014.

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  1. [pseudonymous nazi] says:

    You’re a real tool … erm, of the state, aren’t you, Andy? You just serve the state and in this case, gobsmackingly enough you serve Channel 9. Little surprise since you’re becoming a little prominent in the mainstream. Dead set anarchism right there. Dear God. You realize there was about as much objective journalism in that ludicrous piece on Nine as you’d find in a North Korean party daily[?] Again, hype up the horror, hype up the violence but entirely ignore the murders (most likely by the state) of the two Golden Dawn members. NO effort has been made to catch them which means that murder IS condoned by the government who you’re in effect supporting with this drivel.

  2. @ndy says:

    The 60 Minutes report did not refer to the murders of GD members Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis in November last year (and I don’t believe it referred to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a GD member either?). It’s not known who killed them. As I understand it, it was a professional hit, which suggests either a state agency or, possibly, one of the remnants (or reformulations) of November 17 … or, perhaps, some other group, emerging from a newer generation of revolutionaries. Or maybe it was criminal rivals what done it: who knows? Whoever was responsible, their deaths don’t tell us a whole lot about GD (apart from the fact that, whatever delusions members may have of racial superiority, they’re far from bullet-proof). Further, the report doesn’t document GD’s long history of violence, collaboration with police, or its function as a blunt tool to repress political dissent — and the fight against austerity, state and capital …

    Hello, Dr. strangelove: the neo-nazi golden dawn and state apparatuses in greece
    Dimitris Dalakoglou
    Occupied London

    First, some much needed background: Golden Dawn (GD) is the Greek neo-Nazi party. In the parliamentary elections of 2009, they received 0.29% of the vote (circa 20,000 votes); around three years later, in the elections of 2012, they received about 7% (over 400,000 votes). Within the same period, GD grew from a grouping of a couple of offices and a couple of hundreds of members grew into a party of over fifty branches/offices and a few thousand members nationwide. Meanwhile, GD started its now infamous Greeks-only food and clothing distributions, while the rest of its usual activities – beating up, stabbing and threatening migrants, breaking their shops, etc. carried on.

    Now, to the breaking news: The leaders of the Golden Dawn were arrested in September 2013. The incident that triggered the arrests was the assassination of the antifascist musician Pavlos Fyssas in Nikaia, Athens. Fyssas was murdered by Roupakias, a local leading GD member, because he wrote and sang anti-GD hip-hop songs, according to the interview of a former GD member in a local newspaper. Police were present at the murder, allowing over twenty neo-Nazis to attack and for one of them to stab the 34-year-old antifascist to death. Police have been present at several other neo-Nazi attacks without intervening. But go one week before the assassination and you will see that when fans PAOK, a local football club, attacked the GD office in Thessaloniki, all 43 of them were arrested on the spot. In September 2012, when the antifascist motorbike patrols started in Athens, DELTA motorbike police (which has excelled in seriously injuring protesters since its foundation in 2009) attacked the antifascists, arresting, beating and later on torturing them. On the following day, police attacked those who had gathered at Athens’ courthouse to express their solidarity to the antifascists, arresting even more of them. This series of arrests brought to a temporary halt an action that was aimed at stopping what were daily racist attacks in those parts of the city. From that time on, lives of several immigrants – and now, that of one local antifascist too – have been claimed by neo-Nazis in the Athenian streets.

  3. lumpnboy says:

    Wildcat (Germany) had an interesting article in Wildcat no. 95 (Winter 2013/14), “Fascists in Greece: From the streets into parliament and back”:

  4. Nikki Sixx says:

    Ironic about Golden Dawn down under as most mainstream Aussies don’t really consider Greeks to be ‘white’. Proven in this article here :

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