La Revolución de Octubre 1934 (José Muñoz Congost)


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Asturian October 1934 revolution Exilio Libertario, a Melbourne-based group of Spanish anarchist exiles, have published in PDF format a booklet in Spanish written by compañero José Muñoz Congost.

[La Revolución de Octubre 1934 (José Muñoz Congost)]

See also : The Asturian Commune of 1934, José Luis Mulas Hernandez, Kate Sharpley Library.

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2 Responses to La Revolución de Octubre 1934 (José Muñoz Congost)

  1. Butt Darling says:

    Failure in 34 meant the North had to be written off in 36. So how exactly did it fail?

    Left-fascist lies sure don’t help, see…

    Trotskyist lies on anarchism: Felix Morrow on Spain

    “…Morrow states that ‘The backbone of the struggle was broken…when the refusal of the CNT railroad workers to strike enabled the government to transport goods and troops’ (12). Yet in Asturias (the only area where major troop transportation was needed) the main government attack was from a seaborne landing of Foreign Legion and Moroccan troops – against the port and CNT stronghold (15,000 affiliates) of Gijon. Despite CNT pleas the Socialists refused arms, Gjon fell after a bloody struggle, and became the main base for the crushing of the entire region. This Socialist and Communist sabotage of Anarchist resistance was repeated in the Civil War, less than two years later…”

  2. Somebody who hates nazis and loves migrants says:


    Thanks Andy for your blog and FB page against nazi scum. NO PASARAN!

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