Squadron 88 + The Skull = lulz

“Hi, I’m Squadron 88. You may remember me from such media headlines as ‘Wake up white Australia’: Anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Sydney and Right to be a bigot comments have emboldened racists …”


Oh dear: good old Squadron 88 have a new spokesperson: Ross ‘The Skull’ May. The silly old bugger has a message … or had. After having been bitchslapped on the Stormfront forum by Peter Campbell (“Whitelawtowers”), the bonehead/s of Squadron 88 (“truewhitewarrior”) have thought better of publishing a promo video on YouTube. Titled ▶ SQUADRON 88. SKULLISM EP.1 DARKIE PATROL. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d_pAdpJ5Ps) the very short promo vid declares that The Skull & Squadron 88 will be setting up ‘darkie patrols’ in Sydney to apprehend black men before they rape white women.

Or words to that effect.

Why Squadron 88 has now elected to place The Skull at the centre of their propaganda efforts is a bit of a mystery, but presumably the fact that The Skull is already a well-known figure — halps. But who is ‘The Skull’? May has been around for some time. Here he is with his fuehrer, Jim Saleam, at an Australian Nazi Party mini-Nuremberg rally in the early 1970s:


Again in January 2005:


Again in December 2006, halping Dr Jim Saleam hand out Australia First propaganda in Cronulla:


And again in 2009, entering the now-defunct annual fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum:


Otherwise, The Skull may be found at most Australia First Party events in Sydney, and constitutes a fitting sidekick for Dr Jim’s moustache.

Bonus Ralph!

Ralph Cerminara, the self-proclaimed President of the always-outrageous Australian Defence League, has gotten some media attention recently, first for declaring his intention to burn down mosques, harass Muslim women on the street and plan another Cronulla (Australian man warns of another Cronulla riot after being bashed for filming Muslim women, news.com.au, September 9, 2014) and secondly for his sterling military record (Ralph Cerminara, soldier who warned of another Cronulla riot, is a fraud, according to military impostors website, Matt Young, news.com.au, September 12, 2014). Note that the previous self-declared President of the ADL was a whinging Pom named Martin Brennan. In 2011 Brennan was deported to E-E-England as an illegal immigrant.

Wankers, the lot of ’em.

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11 Responses to Squadron 88 + The Skull = lulz

  1. patrick says:

    according to the squad88 spokesman on stormfront, squad88 will be putting out a video, possibly this coming friday.
    Yeah, no doubt it will be controversial and possibly boring as hell. I doubt the vid will contain anything that these little hitler lovers have not already said millions of times. For some unknown reason these little hitler lovers think that having Ross as a spokesman adds credibility to their crew, in reality all that anyone will see is yet another old lunatic talking shit again

  2. James Rowe says:

    Great story … Love the meme. It certainly underscores what a joke the far right fascists are in Australia – that such a perpetual underling desperate for a cause remains ‘a figurehead’ for a ‘movement’. So fitting

  3. peter turton says:

    I prefer Mr Skull to Mr Ali Baba Saleam because his uniform is much nicer, he’s taller and looks more aryan. The other bloke just doesn’t look quite right and his name, such a ridiculous name for an aryan!

  4. david smith says:

    I’m bored and visiting from the U.K and my friend has just shown me your site. Is this real or just some kind of send up? Is that man’s name really Saleam?

  5. Bill Walker says:

    Wow real acid trip stuff. Come on and let us in on the joke, we’re clueless Englishmen and are trying to work out the joke? Do you blokes at Slackbastard really have a fuhrer? named Saleam?

  6. bill walker says:

    We just voted and Mr Skull can be your fuhrer but the other bloke looks asiatic. Maybe you can change his name to fuhrer Wu or something instead of Saleam. We’re just trying to help you chaps look a bit more credible.

  7. peter turton says:

    Sorry folks, we just voted and Mr Skull gets to keep his outfit but the Chinese guy has to be recast in an Imperial Guard uniform. We Brits just can’t leave you colonials unsupervised.

  8. @ndy says:

    Yes, Saleam is his name. For further insight see:


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  10. Glenn says:

    I’m after a photo that was in the media early ’70s of my school teacher landing one on the Skull’s chin when he tried to burn the flag, his comb over flying would be awesome to find, Peter Macallum was a great teacher.

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