New Facebook fan page : Nazis 1 /// slackbastard 0

[Update : My reports of neo-Nazi victory may have been premature, as Facebook has now decided in its wisdom to uphold my appeal against the banning of my Facebook page … Interesting times.]

Another brief note: nazis et al have successfully campaigned to have my Facebook page closed down. They’ve succeeded in doing so by reporting various photos I’ve published on the page. These include: a) a photo published on the Islamophobia Register Australia Facebook page documenting nazi graffiti at a Perth mosque; b) a photo of veteran neo-Nazi Ross ‘The Skull’ May attending an anti-Muslim protest in Penrith and; c) a screenshot of a Stormfront user celebrating neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer‘s racist campaign against Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane.

Finally, please note that some anon nazi has already published another ‘Slackbastard2’ page here []. The real replacement is here [].


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  1. My advice is that Slackbastard should be more obvious and explicit in condemning the Fascist activities that he is documenting. Some over-worked moderator in Facebook’s complaints room can’t be relied on to read for context and think carefully.

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