#ReclaimAustralia : disrupt, dismantle, decolonise

Update : A quick guide to staying safe and being effective: all out against ‘Reclaim Australia’!, Anarchist Affinity, April 3, 2015.

From Cronulla December 2005 to Reclaim Australia April 2015 …


The Reclaim Australia (RA) rallies are taking place tomorrow in (almost) every capital city — Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney — and a number of regional and rural centres — Albury (NSW), Broken Hill (NSW), Cairns (QLD), Esperance (WA), Gold Coast (QLD), Hervey Bay (WA), Mackay (QLD), Newcastle (NSW), Rockhampton (QLD), Sunshine Coast (QLD) and Toowoomba (QLD). Note that, outside of the capitals, it’s unclear if all the planned rallies will take place — a product of the ad hoc nature of the rallies and some bickering among the various rally organisers. Meanwhile in Toowoomba, the hard-pressed patriots have been instructed not to bring along any ‘swastikers’ to their BBQ …


Michael Safi @ Teh Grauniad has written about the rallies here: Anti-Islamic group Reclaim Australia plans 16 rallies across the country (April 3, 2015). Shermon Burgess aka ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ and face of RA has form as an Australian Defence League (ADL) member. As well as singing songs about killing Muslims and burning down mosques, he even boasts of having participated in the Cronulla pogrom in December 2005:


Joining Burgess will be a range of other groups and individuals on the far right, including Mike Holt of Restore Australia (Newcastle), Danny Nalliah of Rise Up Australia (Melbourne), members of the ADL, Australia First Party, Patriots Defence League Australia, neo-Nazis and White supremacists responding to the call-out by US-based neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

There have been actions organised to oppose RA tomorrow:

Reclaim Adelaide from the Racists
Saturday April 4 10am @ Festival Plaza
Facebook event: Reclaim Adelaide from the Racists

Rally Against Racism & Bigotry
Saturday April 4 10:30am @ King George Square
Facebook event: Rally Against Racism & Bigotry /// Brisbane Counter-Protest to the neonazi-led “Reclaim Australia”

Stand Against Islamophobia! (Canberra’s Reclaim Australia Counter Protest)
Saturday April 4 11am @ National Library
Facebook event: Stand Against Islamophobia! (Canberra’s Reclaim Australia Counter Protest)

Gold Coast
Reclaim Australia Counter Rally
Saturday April 4 10am @ Evandale Park
Facebook event: Reclaim Australia Counter Rally

Anti-Rally Solidarity
Saturday April 4 11:30am @ Parliament Lawns
Facebook event: Anti Rally- SOLIDARITY!!

Rally Against Racism
Saturday April 4 midday @ Federation Square
Facebook event: Rally Against Racism

Rally Against Racism
Saturday April 4 11am @ Solidarity Park
Facebook event: Rally Against Racism

Anti-Racist Counter-Rally – Stop Islamophobia
Saturday April 4 10:30 am @ Martin Place
Facebook event: Anti-Racist Counter-Rally

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