Felicity Sharpe, neo-Nazism, United Patriots Front … and xyz.net.au


Oh dear.

A new website has sprung up called XYZ. It proclaims that it is ‘Restoring the balance to Australia’s media! Real news. Real issues. Real satire. It’s your XYZ.’


On June 19, XYZ published an interview with Felicity Sharpe on the subject of the May 31 United Patriots Front rally. Felicity doesn’t like ‘commies’ and neither does XYZ, so there’s certainly some common ground there. Unremarked upon, however, is the fact that Mz Sharpe is a neo-Nazi.


From Felicity Sharpe’s Facebook profile:


BONUS Bonehead!

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24 Responses to Felicity Sharpe, neo-Nazism, United Patriots Front … and xyz.net.au

  1. Kris says:

    I knew this girl through a mutual friend. When I knew her, she chastised me for saying something like “Oh my god”, asking me to say “G!d”, as using the deity’s name is offensive in Judaism and that writing the name as such is used by Jews.

    So one minute she’s zealously Jewish and now she’s a white supremacist?

  2. @ndy says:

    From what I can gather, before her embrace of neo-Nazism, Felicity did indeed claim to be Jewish (a claim she has since repudiated), as well as a Marxist, a socialist, and a feminist.

  3. Kate Kunoichi says:

    How does a person swing so far from one way to the other like this?

    Should’ve spent more time reading “Harry Potter” and learning about Muggles/Mudbloods than wasting time on Mein Kampf.

    Obviously Hitler’s ‘My Struggle’ was to actually write anything legible as his/Goebbels'(?) writing in Mein Kampf is horrendous. I borrowed it from the library in an attempt to understand Hitler’s mind processes, but from what I did manage to read, (was so badly written) there isn’t any explanations of thought processes or views, just statements, written as if fact. No wonder the right-wing fascists love him – no need for science or proof, just make stupid assertions & the insecure will follow.

    The notes at the front of Mein Kampf were excellent btw – explained the biographical inaccuracies in the text.

  4. AnarchoCommieLiberalScum says:

    I don’t mean to sound ableist but this woman obviously has some mental problems. I don’t know it but I suspect neo-Nazi hatemongers also have corresponding mental disorders.
    Could not every one of them be correctly described as either a sociopath or psychopath?
    It’s hard to tell though because brainwashing in itself can also produce similar results to such mental disorders. Maybe the truth is that the two go together hand in hand.
    I guess I am somewhat ableist though, because unlike other mental disorders I have no empathy or sympathy for such individuals and I wouldn’t even piss on them if they were on fire.

  5. Blank says:

    I’ve known of Felicity through mutual friends for several years and it seems every six months she drastically changes her belief systems and personality. I have heard her say in the past that she is autistic, and I do believe she is mentally ill in some way. We’ve had some very very strange exchanges in the past. Not that it really excuses this behaviour but she is clearly quite desperate to find some sort of movement to belong to, and I doubt whether she really believes in this Nazi stuff (or pretty much anything else she says).

    tldr: she’s not quite mentally sound and possibly doesn’t have any real Nazi convictions.

  6. AnarchoCommieLiberalScum says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how these Nazi dickheads scream about how the ABC has sullied their good Nazi name by reporting that a bunch of racist white supremacist Nazi bigots were a bunch of racist white supremacist Nazi bigots. Such blatant honesty makes their blood boil to the point where they rant and rave about “media dishonesty” all day long. They are so out of touch with reality that it is comical. But it’s not funny because such diseased minds are potentially dangerous.

  7. 1xantifa says:

    Unsure about this one. She is certainly spouting hate speech at the moment. She appears to be what-ever group-think she is currently ‘socialising’ with type. Is she a hardcore upf neo? simply a follower of ‘fashion’ if you get my drift, or as suggested above, suffering from bona-fide mental problems? There are definitely identity issues.

    Think we should tread just a bit more prudently before launching a name and shame denunciation campaign as yet. If she is mentally-ill such a name and shame would likely do more injury than simply a bruised ego. A more considered approach is required in these circumstances.

    Quite aside from the ethical need to double-check that red-flag, after the ‘little old lady’ beat-up, we need to consider ‘lefties bully disabled woman’ etc that upf and co will come up with.

    Prudence could entail actions targeted at her instances of hate speech with a view to persuasion rather than coercion. Let her know, politely and tactfully, that she’s friends with some pretty skanky types. Play the ideas, given her proclivity to metamorphose, we may be barking at the breeze.

    We’ll be keeping an eye on her too. If it turns out that she isn’t disabled or if the leopard hasn’t changed her spots by say, Spring, then we would see no further need to keep the powder dry.

    Hope you understand.

    That said, thanks for the info.


    Antifa Albury Wodonga.

  8. @ndy says:

    1) I claim no particular insight into Felicity Sharpe’s mental condition. Certainly, as noted, she appears to have adopted a range of perspectives over time, and it may be that her embrace of neo-Nazism and White supremacy is simply another in a succession of such gestures. That said, the XYZ article purports to be an objective account of the events of May 31 and, moreover, XYZ promotes the article as follows:

    “Wasn’t the Richmond anti-communist rally just violent, racist, skin heads waving Nazi flags?
    Not so! Says Felicity, who attended & is speaking out on the media campaign against these everyday Australians.

    Restoring the balance to Australia’s media! XYZ”

    In other words, a person with neo-Nazi views is being asked to declare a verdict on the participation of neo-Nazis in a fascist event — with a view to rehabilitating the event and the groups and individuals who organised it as ‘everyday Australians’.

    Further, the interviewer, Claire Preston writes:

    “Their group [ie, the UPF] represented a variety of political views (and Felicity Sharpe certainly has her own views), but what I want to focus on today is how the ABC’s presentation of their rally as being just a bunch of racist, white-supremacist, Nazi bigots is far [from] the truth.”

    Of course, I suppose it’s possible that XYZ believes that interviewing a “racist, white-supremacist, Nazi bigot” about how the UPF rally couldn’t be characterised as “a racist, white-supremacist, Nazi bigot” rally qualifies as ‘satire’ — but I doubt it.

    2) I don’t think Felicity Sharpe is the issue. Rather, the issue is the fact that a publication which purports to hold the ABC to a higher standard has abysmally low standards of its own: leaving aside the (undisclosed) political commitments of the interviewee, the article is full of lies and inaccuracies.

    3) Finally, I don’t think the fact that someone may (or may not) have mental health issues disqualifies their public utterances from public scrutiny.

  9. buddyrojek says:

    I have met Felicity Sharpe at the UPF and Reclaim rallies. She admits she has a Jewish father and she admits she is a National Socialist, as she is a devout Catholic now and respects the high ideals of National Socialism (her words). Whilst autistic, she is quite rational, and just has some sensory issue when overstimulated. Apart from that she is normally functioning. I think slackbastard is a bully. And this article is being circulated in patriot groups as an example of bullying people with diverse views, for whatever reason that is.

  10. buddyrojek says:

    BTW I really tried to reach out to you slackbastard, despite our falling out. Now I realise rational compromise is not possible, so if we have to use simple slogans to rally the masses, just as the Left does, we will. I don’t think it is a good idea as our more violent citizens could hurt people, but that is collateral damage I guess. Blood is on your hands slackbastard. I tried to stop it by reaching out to you, but you don’t want peace.

  11. buddyrojek says:

    Whilst I don’t condone this, I thought you could understand what National Socialism is about, as promoted by actual National Socialists on Facebook. http : // www . national-socialism . com

  12. @ndy says:


    A few things:

    1) “BTW I really tried to reach out to you slackbastard, despite our falling out.”

    First, we’ve had no ‘falling out’ — a condition which implies some cordial relation to begin with. In reality, prior to the emergence of Reclaim Australia, I knew nothing about you — nor cared to. But you apparently decided that, such was your resentment at my outspoken opposition to Reclaim Australia (and then the splinter group United Patriots Front), you would establish a fund to reward some person who could provide you with my d0x. To that end, you made repeated, public statements on Facebook re this fund, which at last count you claimed consisted of something in the vicinity of $22,000. In this endeavour you were joined by John Oliver (President, Patriots Defence League of Australia), though he offered a more modest sum (some few thousand $).

    Secondly, you organised a campaign of mass reporting of my Facebook page with the intention of closing it down. This met with initial success — a fact about which you boasted — but happily I’ve been able to have my original page restored and I continue to use it to share things with the world I think are interesting.

    2) Last Friday/Saturday, you sent several messages to my Facebook page. The full conversation is below:


    a) Buddy Rojek (Jun 18th, 8:03am)

    Just a general announcement. The people behind my account closure (and others) using fake death certificates made a very big mistake. I just got off the phone to FB in Seattle, and their USA authorities will be working with Australian authorities to arrest them with 1. fraud, 2. [u]sing the internet to commit fraud. You people are not too bright are you? Better pass on the message to Reclaimwhat.net owners as the people behind that and its followers might need to sweat a little. LOL

    b) Buddy Rojek (Jun 18th, 6:52pm)

    We will find you.

    c) slackbastard (Jun 18th, 6:54pm)

    I think you should concentrate on finding your hat, surely?

    d) Buddy Rojek (Jun 18th, 6:57pm)

    We have the face identified and police will be arresting. Thanks for your cat face. We identified through multiple videos. Dick head!

    e) slackbastard (Jun 18th, 6:59pm)

    [img: Glorious Exposition Comrade!]

    f) Buddy Rojek (Jun 18th, 6:59pm)

    Due to your arrogance somebody will have a criminal record lol. Looks like they won’t have a career now lol

    g) Buddy Rojek (Jun 18th, 7:00pm)

    We are smarter than you, despite your hubris, we will win

    h) Buddy Rojek (Jun 19th, 4:41pm)

    Hello I need your advice. Do you think the Salafist school of Islam is havng [sic] a negative effect on Islam? I want to counter the arguments of bigots who attack Islam. How can we be seen to help most Mulsims [sic] live peacefuly [sic] in Australia? Do you think the Burka and Niqab is unnecessarily devisive [sic]?

    The issue is Salafist Islam infiltrating other sects, and bullying the people into stricter Sharia law and interpreation [sic] of Koran.

    Can we talk. I am trying to educate the Right lead by UPF and Reclaim to focus on Salafist Islam, not Islam in general. I recognise that not all Muslims are extreme. Perhaps we can meet and discuss and deal with the issues in a mature way. Perhaps we could unite on the issue. I think we need a referendum on a Sectgion [sic] 116 ammendment [sic] to allow the government to pass laws which wil jail preachers of hate using religious texts. This will stop Muslim, Christian and Jewish hate speech and incitment in placesof [sic] worship. I hope we can meet in the middle so to speak before the irrational parties lead people to civil war.

    i) slackbastard (Jun 19th, 6:30pm)

    Hello Buddy.

    “Do you think the Salafist school of Islam is [having] a negative effect on Islam?”

    Insofar as Salafism is a highly authoritarian interpretation of Islam w little popular support in the Muslim world — while also enjoying the support of the Saudi Arabian elite (Wahhabism) — yes.

    “I want to counter the arguments of bigots who attack Islam. How can we be seen to help most [Muslims] live [peacefully] in Australia? Do you think the Burka and Niqab is unnecessarily [divisive]?”

    I think being made to feel welcome is generally a product of acceptance. So, a clear statement indicating support for freedom of religion — extending to Islam and the presence of Muslims in Australia — would be one, initial step in this direction. In other words, a refusal to engage w Islamophobia. Beyond that, I think that many non-Muslim Australians have feels about the sight of a woman wearing a burka or niqab.

    I’m completely uninterested in rehabilitating RA and the UPF.

    j) Buddy Rojek (Jun 19th, 6:44pm)

    The problem is they won’t listen. I tried organising a group chat and they would not engage. I have sent a message to the Australian Muslim on FB. I do fear Sharia law, and I do feel that Salafists with Saudi finance are infiltrating Mosques and radicalising youths. Do you think if a Patriot group with more sense broke away the Left would support [it]? I could not care what people want to wear, but I do take issue with young children feeling bullied by parents to cover up etc. All I want is a fair society with no bullying from any group. I respect womens and gay rights and feel that Salafist Islam is not compatible with this. In time they will be the majority, and a referendum would be harder to implement. In my opinion if we change section 116 now, this will neutralise Salafist Islam before it indoctrinates the youth and voters of the future. Shermon, Neil, Blair, Nick Folkes, Michael Holt and T J O[‘B]rien are not listening to me ([t]he section 116 changes and Salafist Islam) And the ones that are communicating as a group still don’t understand the issues or the levels of Australian government and the constitutional powers etc. It is frustrating. I have sent a similar message to Mel Gregson, Stephen Jolly, Maine [sic] etc and you are the first to reply. I honestly don’t know what the July 18 Rallies will achieve as their [sic] is no concensus on what we want. You can’t ban Islam and you can’t ban a lot of things due to Section 116.

    k) slackbastard (Jun 19th, 8:09pm)

    Before I proceed, as we both know, over the course of the last few months you’ve repeatedly made statements online re a fund you claim to have est in order to pay someone who is in a posi to provide you w my d0x. The last time I looked, you claimed to have raised $22,000 to this end. Given this, I don’t know why you think I should give you the time of day, let alone engage seriously w yr ideas.


    3) I’m quite familiar with National Socialism, Nazism, neo-Nazism and a host of other fascist doctrines. I reject them all.

    4) I think what you crave more than anything is attention. I don’t wish to give you any as you don’t deserve it. I won’t be publishing any more of your comments or engaging in any further correspondence. I suggest you find something better to do with your time than trying to censor my views or obtain my d0x.

    Goodbye Buddy.

  13. Lugius says:

    buddyrojek, you write “bullying people with diverse views” – What rubbish. Slackbastard is making a broader point about the UPF attempting to pass itself off as a patriot group when it is clear, by the evidence presented, that the UPF is a nazi front group.

    Fascists are not patriots. Patriots love their country, their people, their culture and their history. The UPFascists hate everything about Australia; they hate the fact of 40,000 years of Indigenous culture and society, they hate the fact of history that Australia has been multicultural since 1788 and they particularly hate the history of the militant unionism of Australian labour that gave us decent working conditions in comparison with most other countries. (They’d rather Arbeitsfront.)

    Patriotism requires courage. UPF are political girlie-men who shit their nappies at the thought of 2% of the population following a religion they don’t understand. (They can’t even comprehend the Australian Constitution – what kind of patriots are they?)

    How could you be possibly take these dress-up Nazi party nambie-pambies seriously?

    buddyrojek, you write “our more violent citizens could hurt people”. Dude, relax. Thankfully the Victoria Police are there to protect the United Patriot Flower Arrangers and Film Critics from what would appear to be a likely lop-sided contest. I think you’ll find that antifa are tough lasses who like their bikes’n’footy.

    Remember, never argue with the umpire. They never change their mind.

  14. 1xantifa says:

    SB you’ve mis-understood, the argument was not that the mental-health issues bar comment on her or anyone else’s public utterances. Rather it was about the need to tread carefully so-as to avoid inflicting excessive harm on either a possibly vulnerable individual or our own cause. And adopting less confrontational tactics in the initial instance, if Sharpe was going to be named and shamed, because of those two concerns.

    If the axe you were grinding was for xyz your post didn’t quite make that explicit enough, it came across as Sharpe having deliberately misrepresented herself, hence the name and shame. The link you included goes to your report on May 31 not the offending xyz article, which added to the confusion.

    So misunderstandings all around.

    In closing,
    Is xyz a concern? Yes, We hadn’t heard of xyz until now, it bears checking out and monitoring.
    Is Sharpe’s hate speech a problem? Once again yes, and suitable action will be taken as outlined in our first response.
    The trolling posted by rojek since our first response indicate that we’re not being paranoid about being set-up for an own goal over this.


    Antifa Albury Wodonga.

  15. hal says:

    This nazi bonehead claims her side was a mix of Asians, whites, men, and women, while our side was all white male uni students and baby boomers. Funny because our side was equal men and women and far more multi cultural than their white male dominated side. There were hardly any women on the nazi side and definitely no Asians. They were just a bunch of white boneheads and nazi hipsters with stupid beards and lacquered hair. XYZ.net.au is a vile right wing web site that is prepared to promote nazi propaganda.

  16. @ndy says:


    To clarify: Felicity is not a person of any importance re local neo-Nazis. I simply thought it curious that a right-Liberal zine (xyz) should have chosen to allow her to misrepresent herself in a cack-handed attempt to discredit their common enemy: ‘communism’.

  17. jorge says:

    Felicity Sharpe is some delusional nazi hipster with an idiotic hipster hairstyle and stupid hipster glasses (which she wore at their mini Nuremberg rally). She must be stupid because if she is half Jewish why is she associating with known anti-Semites like Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson, and Mr Loco himself, the so-called Glenn “I am so Anglo Saxon I have to get it tattooed on my head, otherwise people will know that I am not really Anglo” Anderson?

    Sharpe like the other nazis are embarrassed by this half-witted swastika clad numbskull muppet, because he refuses to play the game of toning down Nazi iconography when on public display. He is a little too loco and moronic even for Burgess and co. Anderson (Androvski) is totally honest as he lacks any intellect. He has the heart and brain the size of a pea and will be totally used by smarter more savvy Nazis as a battering ram and then left to rot in a gutter. Androvski is their Ernst Rohm, the ultimate Nazi fall guy. Sharpe will also be used as fodder by these douchebag scum.

    Delusional behavior is common amongst Nazis the world over. Jim Saleam thinks that by dying his hair blond he can disown his Lebanese heritage, Van Tongeren thought firebombing Chinese restaurants would mask the fact that he was half Indonesian, Sharpe thinks that the she is no longer Jewish because she has embraced Nazi ideology, Anderson thinks he is descended from the Germanic Anglo and Saxon tribes because he has it tattooed on his numb skull, Haider in Austria promotes heterosexism yet he is gay.

    Nazis try and delude workers that they are on our side. One muppet wore a CFMEU cap yet where is this guy when it comes to union actions? White Australia is not the workers’ cause, internationalism is. Nazis are full of fear, a classic example of this was one young guy on their side who was wearing a black bomber jacket and cerise shirt. He had a lacquered hipster hairstyle and ear stretchings and he marched up to our rally all tough and macho but within minutes he was cowering behind Cottrell with slumped shoulders and a look of total embarrassment. He wasn’t expecting the power of our side.

    Sharpe reckons her side had tradies on it, well our side had unionized workers on it who are actually union members not clowns pretending to be in the CFMEU. Another joke of a character was the emaciated faced ice addict Nazi in the Zoo York cap and Converse hoodie. He was frothing from the mouth and seething with rage because we denied him a platform to peddle his hateful vile spew. 70 Nazis rallied with a collective IQ of 70. We took you on and beat you 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Game set and match left wing activists.

  18. anon says:

    Felicity isn’t 100%, if you had any emphathy, class or guts, you’d delete this post and pick on someone your own size.

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  20. Moshe ben Jehudah says:


    I knew Felicity a few years ago when she was Jewish. She says she’s taken a genome test (along the lines of 23&me) which shows up as non-jewish/white/catholic, hence the change. I think she thinks genetics are the prime determiner of what religious and political views you hold.

    She is quite severely autistic and although she is fairly independent she is also definitely non-neurotypical.

    When she was Jewish she was really into violence and killing Palestinians. This was a big part of the reason that she was asked not to keep coming to Jewish community events. (Her version of the story is that she took the red pill and quit: http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/07/from-red-to-red-pilled/#more-50548.)

    She also used to identify as a (right-)Libertarian but apparently made the switch to full-blown nazism after spending too much time on r/politics.


  21. Moshe ben Jehudah says:

    Er I think she was an Anglican when she was a Libertarian.

  22. dorotea007 says:

    Who funds XYZ?

  23. @ndy says:

    I don’t know but I imagine it’s self-funded … and would require very little $ to maintain.

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