Shane Warne’s Freedom to hang a picture of Adolf Hitler in every United Australian classroom Party

With a federal election just around the corner, now is the time that Australia’s best and brightest political thinkers and doers really start to shine. With things like The Economy, The National Interest and Freedom always on their mind, the public is treated to a truly spectacular display of The Battle of Ideas. This is democracy manifest, and only a Cultural Marxist would claim that nothing appears more surprising to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers.

That said, yesterday I was delighted to discover that Elvis Sinosic, Cliev’s sockpuppet in Blaxland, has discovered Shane Warne’s soon. According to Sinosic, Shane Warne’s soon espouses many remarkable beliefs, including radical skepticism towards the use of vaccines.

Of course, Shane Warne’s soon is better known as Blair Cottrell: a neo-Nazi social media personality, convicted racist, arsonist and stalker. Sadly, Sinosic was unable to tag Cottrell to express thanks for his hard hitting truths because the aspiring fuehrer was banned from Twitter after joking about raping a journalist. Happily, you can easily find our brave ANZAC grooming teenyboppers on Twitter-For-Nazis (Gab) and Telegram. Of course, one of Cottrell’s YUGEST fans was not a teenybopper but the Christchurch killer, who called him ‘Emperor’ and expressed a desire to kill Cottrell’s critics. (Note that Cottrell is back in Frankston Magistrates’ Court on April 28.)

As for the anti-vaccine sentiment shared by the convicted neo-Nazi, hard-working billionaire and his gym-owning flunky, while it may have animated thousands to take to the streets in protest in recent months, it’s thus far been unable to find coherent expression at the ballot box. Despite reviving itself in South Australia in order to ride the wave of ressentiment generated by government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, as Tom Tanuki and Cam Wilson have pointed out, PHONy has failed to capitalise on the stoopid, and the movement as a whole is struggling to maintain its momentum as 2022 unfolds.

See also : Clive Palmer’s lower-house ticket is stacked with anti-vaxxers and an Elvis impersonator, Zac Crellin, The New Daily, February 22, 2022 | Neo-Nazi MMA fight clubs are spreading hate across the U.S., Karim Zedan, Bloody Elbow, March 25, 2022.

Finally, REVEALED: AMONGST US – NEO NAZI AUSTRALIA is ‘an eye-opening investigation led by 12-time Walkley Award-winner and two-time Australian journalist of the year Nick McKenzie that explores the terrifying rise of neo Nazi activity in Australia’. It was released on Stan on March 27. (Note that Tom Sewell is back in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on May 20.)

See also : “The NSN is dead! Long live the NSN!” (September 9, 2021) | 9Fairfax ~versus~ National Socialist Network (August 16, 2021).

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