Quotations From Chairman Blair Cottrell

The content below is sourced from comments by Blair Cottrell (AKA ‘National Democratic Party of Australia’), Melbourne organiser and spokesperson for the United Patriots Front, on Facebook, YouTube and Google. Almost all of the comments have since been deleted as part of Cottrell’s efforts to erase his neo-Nazi political commitments.

See also : Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe (March 9, 2012) [Martin Jay] | The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler [Robert G.L. Waite] (November 16, 2009).

On Jews, Marxism, Jews, National Socialism, Jews, Adolf Hitler, Jews, Mein Kampf, Jews:



Zionists … I’m sick of hearing that coward word. Get some guts people and just say Jews, they are all Jews or Jewish servants. For thousands of years these Jews have been expelled and chased out of European Nations for the same shit. Napoleon and Hitler were the last to stand against them (please don’t reply to this comment with ‘muh holocaust’ bullshit, cause that is a load of crap too). I[‘]m fed up with all the tiptoe words like [I]lluminati and [Z]ionist … I’ve found that all these so-called ‘truth-seekers’ delve into free information until they hit the plateau of the real truth; that point at which they must admit that there is no [I]lluminati or [Z]ionist conspiracy, only a Jewish conspiracy. Very few people make it past that plateau, they are too pacifist and too egalitarian to accept the reality of the Jewish nature and so they become weird peace & love people who forever talk about the ‘universe’ because they failed to acknowledge the reality of racial dispositions of the Jews. There is no “new” conspiracy with an “[I]lluminati” or “Zionist” foundation, there is only Jews; the same old Jews from a thousand years ago practicing the same old shit, only now they are actually succeeding.



Has it ever occurred to your brilliant mind that Jews get more nobel [sic] prizes because Jews award the nobel [sic] prizes? You do not appreciate the profound level of influence beheld [sic] by Jewish intellectuals. The first line of your comment was interesting, the rest of it was incredible; “jews actually bring generally a good improvement in every environment they live?” Please present to me one single example justifying this statement. You will be hard pressed to find one unless you consider sodomy to be a good improvement to social life. Actually, every environment Jews have ever lived in have been the counties [sic] of other races, and they have worked collectively and actively to morally support that host country; they have introduced and normalized Communism, adultery, homosexuality, atheism (which is a good thing for you I suppose), egalitarianism resulting in bastardization and race-mixing in the host people, economic disasters with the introduction of central banks based upon debt and the list goes on. I would consider the Jews of today to be a much deadlier enemy than the violent Islamic pillagers, who just kill and maim openly and seldom attempt to infiltrate and subvert entire generations of other nations in a bid for world power.



A race once lost cannot be resurrected. And all culture of a Nation; architecture, tradition and religious-moral structure is a product of the race responsible for is [sic] creation; a nation depends on the solidarity and health of its founding race in order to maintain and advance itself. Many races did not shape Europe, and sacrifice for its cultural preservation and advancement. Europe belongs only to a handful of races responsible for its cultural superiority over the rest of the world. Negroids, Mongoloids, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, Islander natives, Aboriginals and various other tribal and wandering races had nothing to do with the cultural, traditional and religious-moral development of Europe, though today they enter into it and call it their home. They claim a special right on the grounds of ‘humanitarianism’ to reap what has been sown by thousands of years of European generations, and they are granted this right by political corruption and pacifistic weakness in the Democratic realm. If you cannot see this and the genocidal danger it poses or rather, do not want to see it then congratulations, you are just like the other 95% of common consuming masses. The news starts at 6, don’t miss it.



Ok gentlemen, here is what this video fails to explain, National Socialism and Marxism are the same in means but opposites in ends, meaning they use the same methods to achieve a completely different ambition; an opposite ambition in fact. The goal of Marxism is to eliminate Europe’s highborn; members of the nobility, royal families and aristocrats as these people represent the greatest opposition to world Jewish powers which are the governing life force behind Marxism. Marxism murders the best of the European races (their kings and aristocrats) by inciting the masses of peasantry into a hysteria of rage and then proceeds to equalize the remaining masses through ‘republican’ aims and thereby organizing them into a stock of human slavery which serves the centralized Jewish world-government. But Marxism can only ensure a lasting dominion over the Nations of Europe and their extensions (Australia, America, ect [sic].) if it convinces the members of these Nations of equality between the races. Marxism is ultimately a world-view that forces a fallacy of an idea onto the masses of these Nations that all the races of the world are equal and therefore should all live and mix together -the Jewish masters of Marxism promote this theory in massive propagandist force still today while they themselves breed only with members of their own racial group, so they may therefore remain the pure-blood masters of the world. Every other race inter-breeds gradually and loses its original identity and creative force while the Jewish race stays pure and therefore stays in control.

Now National Socialism still indeed tried to force the world view onto the masses through propagandist methods and early indoctrination however National Socialism represents the opposite world view; the ‘Naturalist’ view, which is more of a law than a view. It operates from the standpoint that all the races are not equal but unique and ought to be preserved in their purest form. It places the cultural advancement of the species as the highest judge of right and wrong; the most culturally advanced race which in the case of the early 1900’s [sic] and long before-hand was the English, the French and Germans, these cultures were viewed by the National Socialists as the highest races of humanity with a God-given ability to create and sacrifice for the sake of creation. National Socialism also harbors the highborn of its creative racial elements; it does not wish to kills its most gifted people in order to remain in power but rather, it finds and guides them through advanced institutions of education aimed at channeling the best racial elements into the service of the advancement of the whole world race and consequently; its culture.

The simple reality is, Marxism is a socialist clique of Jewish intellectuals and finance peoples which seek to and have usurped the leadership Europe and have gathered up all the power of influence over the masses into their own hands. It is also in its disguise a world view which convinces the masses of racial and sexual equality thereby demoralizing the integrity of Nation they dominate and prolonging their subversive despotic rule over such a Nation. Marxism = Jewish world power with massive influence and the disguise of equality.
National Socialism is or was represented by the intellectuals of the German race which created a bulwark against Marxist power and instead created their own Nationalist influence over their people, essentially inoculating them against Marxist influence by teaching them about it, about race, love of the Nation, advancement of the culture ect [sic].
Marxism is Jewish world power in the pretty disguise of equality.
National Socialism is a leadership of Nationalists who try to advance their own Nation and its culture in spite of Marxism.



Honestly, I am that sick of seeing so-called ‘enlightened’ people and their comparisons between communism and national socialism; trying to make them out to be the same. Please shut up and take a week off the internet to read Mein Kampf. The basis for national socialism is race, which exists, it is real and important. The basis for communism on the other hand is a set of abstract ideals hidden within a mendacious global (yes Jewish) agenda. No more bullshit please, just read the book. If you can[‘]t understand the book, or if you can[‘]t summon the mental energy to try, stay out of politics, you were not made for it. off you go now[.]



They [Jews] will give off the impression that they are hard done by, complain and create imaginary adversity for themselves in order to pass new legislations [sic], which make it illegal to speak out against or question Jews. Such as the “global anti-semitism [sic] declaration” that the Australian Prime Minister just signed. It all contributes to their ambition of international dominion over non-Jews.

Note : PM signs global anti-Semitism declaration, Joshua Levi, The Australian Jewish News, April 26, 2013 | The London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism | This Is Not How You Fight Anti-Semitism, David Shoebridge and John Kaye, New Matilda, May 28, 2013.



lol @ the immediate and incredibly prejudiced claim that Hitler was “the most nasty and evil person in history”. the scumbags producing this film made sure to open it up with that statement probably to keep their funds rolling in.

Note: The documentary film is God & Hitler, produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network (2012).



There should be a picture of this man [Adolf Hitler] in every classroom and every school, and his book [Mein Kampf] should be issued to every student annually[.]



Scott is correct in every sense. Even if this women [sic] couldn’t call upon upon an impressive vocabulary to articulate her feelings, she is only reacting to the cosmopolitan disaster of multi-culturalism and racial diversity.

Every question of today is ultimately a question of race. Anyone who can’t see this or doesn’t want to see it can only be an unconscious Marxist, hiding under the veil of “democrat”. There is only Marxism and Nationalism. Anything is [sic] between is just a false state of political paralysis. You are either for your people or against them. And neutralism is worthy of death in a crisis such as the one we are currently in.

On women:



As a young scamp, I did a year and a half in prison because I found out someone else had sex with my girlfriend so I set his house on fire. I suppose I am not much of an intellectual[.]



I disagree. I have been to prisonin [sic] Australia for 19 months all up and yes there are a lot more female prison officers than male, but everything is actually tighter because of that. Women take the job way too seriously and abuse the authority. There is a lot more fear in the whole prison system with them around, can’t say this can’t do that. It’s not what you think. It’s the same as a feminist mother running a household. The husband shuts up just to keep her happy, she runs riot and the son ends up being a strange gothic [sic] bisexual or starts doing drugs. The point is, females being appointed to leadership roles of responsibility creates general chaos but due to those make believe sexism ideas, no one does anything about it, it’s the same in prison[.]



In an ideal world, but women are not the puzzle modern times make them out to be. They are attracted to strength, so if you cherish them and pay all your attention to them they will think you’re just a little bitch and you’ll end up the cuck. To them what is strong is self-reliant, care-free and physically solid. Care less about them and even crack them around the ear every once in a while and this sort of thing never eventuates, I learned this the hard way. But beware the modern ‘careerist’ woman who doesn’t want kids and thinks she is equal to men, these women are delusional and extremely hard to handle.



Women have manipulated me using sex and emotion; demoralization, and I have manipulated them using violence and terror. We use what we have to get what we want.

On the correct handling of anti-fascists and liberals:



They get no payment. They are executed post revolution or sent to labour camps, along with all the liberal leaders. Their purpose is to prevent Nationalism, demoralize and pacify the most national elements and prepare the country for revolution via civil war. To them, what they are doing is alternative and cool, that’s the attraction.


Cottrell distinguishes between two kindsa Jews …


Those Orthodox Jews are much less dangerous than the the bergs [sic] and steins [sic] that dress like us and cut their hair like us and talk as though they were one of us; those atheistical intellectual Jews who pass themselves off as white or European and bury themselves into our financial and political realm, they are the enemy, these Orthodox Jews are just the lowborn; the lesser of their kin, they have no real power. If anything the crypto-Jews like Zuckerberg and Rothstein they want us to focus on and attack their lowborn religious kin because it intensifies the philosophical shield of anti-semitism [sic] and also helps them escape the microscope. Lowborn Orthodox Jews are like a decoy enemy which the highborn crypto-Jews will gladly sacrifice if it means the broadening and protection of their power.

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24 Responses to Quotations From Chairman Blair Cottrell

  1. ablokeimet says:

    Dates and original sources of publication for each would be of great assistance. I realise that some are obvious, but others aren’t.

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  4. steve jones says:

    I saw Blair speaking at the rally in Bendigo yesterday. He looked like Hitler on puppet strings – almost every mannerism down pat. From the epileptic shaking of his head, to the low no no no hand gestures and pregnant pauses. He’s obviously been watching footage of the Nuremberg rallies and practising in front of his mum’s mirror. The only thing missing was the ‘seig heil’ at the end … and maybe a bit of stage presence …

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  6. @ndy says:

    Yes, Cottrell is seeking to channel his hero Hitler — with mixed results. Presumably, with practice, he’ll be able to conduct a more worthy performance.

  7. ablokeimet says:

    @Andy: “Yes, Cottrell is seeking to channel his hero Hitler — with mixed results.”

    That might be his intention, but if his mob ever come to power, he’s likely to end up on the wrong end of a Night of the Long Knives.

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  10. [Anon] says:

    Look at the pictures of this guy, the tight shirts, pants he borrowed from his sister, then remember that the most important part of fascism isn’t racism, it’s unacknowledged homoeroticism.

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  13. Dave Gahan says:

    So we should take it that the anti-Islam agenda is but stage one of Cottrell’s plans?

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  15. jaseemgee says:

    I find Cottrell to be one of the more boring of the right wing nutbags. Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, they all managed to hide their own insecurities behind some sort of style or choreography that was original, be it by a funny mustache, outlandish military getup or always appearing on a horse. They brought forth some funny sort of quirk or feature that would immortalize them in history as someone we can all laugh at and remember far longer than their failed attempt at world domination. But the best thing: just as a true artist steals, we may never know who inspired Hitler to wave his arms about like a born-again Christian epileptic on crack, or who Mussolini was tipping his hat to when he decided to wear a ridiculous amount of medals, or whose shoulders Napoleon was standing on… Blair on the other hand? Hitler is his only influence, and he’ll always be the Oasis in a sea of Beatles. Poor Blair.

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  22. Bill England says:

    Given that account wasn’t actually Cottrell the question is simple: are you a liar or just a complete idiot?

  23. @ndy says:

    G’day Bill,

    The comments are genuine. Both Cottrell & I know this. He’s forced to lie about this, which is sad, but understandable.

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