#UnitedPatriotsFront fails to rise in #Melbourne. Again.


Well, that was embarrassing.

For reasons best known to himself, Blair Cottrell, the neo-Nazi fuehrer of the fascist grouplet the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF), decided a few days ago that it would be a really good idea to hold a rally at Parliament House and a march from there to the Premier’s office in Treasury Place.

Because the Premier, Daniel Andrews, described them as semi-literate and hateful bigots.

Several hundred anti-fascists and anti-racists made sure that things didn’t go quite according to the Master Race’s silly plan, however, and the 30-40 UPF members and supporters who stupidly thought they could swan about town on Saturday were soon disabused of the notion, being prevented from assembling at either Parliament or Treasury Place and instead being eventually confined to Macarthur Street — before going home with their tails between their legs.

In summary, the UPF’s shit soufflé simply failed to rise.


Finally, The Age‘s John Elder claims that the UPF contingent was 150: this is false, as photos and video of the UPF rally demonstrates. Further, there was no ‘clash’; police effectively kept the tiny mob of flagwits well away from anti-fascists. In any case: United Patriots Front and No Room for Racism clash in central Melbourne, The Age, November 28, 2015.

See also : No arrests as ‘patriots’ and anti-racism protesters run rival rallies in Melbourne, 7 News (AAP), November 28, 2015 | #UnitedPatriotsFront sent packing in Richmond (May 31, 2015).


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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13 Responses to #UnitedPatriotsFront fails to rise in #Melbourne. Again.

  1. Peter says:

    I guess they all came in the one car. Saving on petrol at least.

  2. Gregg says:

    at least UPF can drive and not rely on public transport to get around on their centrelink benefits like to [sic] brainwashed and indoctrinated left wing uni students

  3. alavishlife says:

    Like all those over 60s on the climate march huh Gregg?

  4. lola says:

    So going to university is a left wing ideology? Well that would explain why we’re more intelligent than you.

  5. Colin Mallett says:

    Seems that electoral base a certain would be fuhrer is trying to build has shrunk somewhat.
    Articulation beyond Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi may be required to crawl out of the rut.
    We await the next small installment Uni Student cards at the ready.

  6. DrewfromOz says:

    I dunno Gregg…how many of the UPF fellers have a DUI under their belts…? 😉
    I mean, if you want to start playing stereotypes…

  7. KMK says:

    What you mean to imply is that UPF members are too sub-moronic to read a tram timetable, I’m sure.

  8. Derek, Who Drives To Centrelink and Gets the Tram Home Drunk and High says:

    Hi Gregg, what a brilliant argument. Now, tell me exactly how public transport use is a form of indoctrinated, brainwashed behaviour? From a strictly utilitarian perspective, it makes better sense to use public transport in situations where a car would be inconvenient. It’s cheaper, something which you don’t have to be poor to appreciate, and it’s often quicker. Both good reasons to get the bus to the ISD memorial orgy.

  9. Taco McTaco's says:

    So Blair Cottrell plays at a footy club called Tyabb. Was reading an article about the club and saw this line!

    “Tyabb Football Club including names like, Hose, Smidla, Mickelson, Pickersgill, Hallal. For those who were around when these boys won the 2000 GF, i encourage you to come down and support them once again!”

    Once you see it you will have a giggle! I wonder if Blair knows that the football club was supported by Halal I mean Hallal!

  10. psyberimp says:

    Unfortunately Gregg I couldn’t be at yesterday’s counter mobilization against your beloved UPF nazis because I had to work in my blue collar warehouse job doing picking with my blue collar workmates who may not be platformists, anarchists, or socialists but they do share my hatred of fascism and racism. I assume you go to doctors when you are sick and guess what Gregg they went to university. Most Nazis need legal advice at one point in their life because of the hate crimes they carry out, and guess what Gregg lawyers went to university.

    I went to Melton with four other comrades, 3 of us were unionized workers. Some of your nazi buddies may be workers but fascism is not a working class ideology because it is the antithesis of universal and international working class solidarity against the global multi national corporations and capitalist system. No nations and no borders. Capitalism thrives on racism to divide the working class along the lines of race and nation. Under capitalism corporations can travel freely around the world whereas people fleeing tyranny and oppression are stopped at the borders and turned away. Muslims and refugees aren’t responsible for class exploitation, capitalism is.

    Fascist groups are the bully boy (they are overwhelmingly male) thugs of capital. The ruling class will resort to fascism when capitalism is in deep crisis. Any group that expresses white supremacy, and hatred of lgtbi people is not working class in ideology. The UPF don’t campaign for public ownership of assets, trade unions, better public transportation etc, all things that benefit workers. In fact your elitist attitude towards public transportation just shows how reactionary you really are Gregg. You obviously do not give a damn about climate change, or improving our mass transit system to benefit all who cannot afford to drive.

    As for that flagwit who didn’t know why he was marching…the word moron comes to mind. I think he was the same douche bag I saw in Melton being yelled at by a local at the pub which sent him timidly retreating to the bus stop. One should have to apply for a license to use a megaphone because the UPF are not fit to use them. Sooky lala Cottrell you whining dolt. You will always lose in Melbourne…get used to it. If you spew race hate you will be countered. Even king moron Androvski doesn’t come to your rallies any more.

  11. psyberimp says:

    In 2007 Geelong smashed Richmond by 150 points but John Elder said it was a tight tussle where the sides were evenly matched and they couldn’t be separated when the final siren blew. Richmond always lose to Geelong. Yesterday the left routed the UPF yet John Elder called it a draw. The day the UPF beat us will be the day Richmond beat Geelong…it ain’t going to happen.

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